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The Gremory House
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The Gremory House

Hey guys! We are a server where you can chill out and talk about almost anything, and get to meet new people. This is a server where you can truly be yourself and be loved for who you are. We LOVE anime and especially High School DxD! See you there!
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3 reviews
Ddraig Ddraig
Pwetty good ^^
It's a fun place there is a lot of nice people in it. It's a good place for people that like to be surrounded by people ^^. Nice job to the head of the house.
best server i ever joined to
good admins carring owner and good community
and DOGE
Sgtdizzle2 Sgtdizzle2
a good hangout
is good server and is where i spend the most of my time. staff is okay, could be better. Overall it's a nice server