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Who wants to join our discord server?
Digital Artist, Traditional Artist, Comic Artist, Manga Artist, Animators and others, Everyone can join!!!
Meet new fellow artist. Learn more, ask for advices, share you arts, share your artist experience, you can do commissions, art trades, art challenges and even join competitions.
We are also organizing an event for making our server logo every month so everyone has a chance to be feature!
We also have off topic channels!!! and support lounge when you are feeling down, members are all willing to help you!!

Let’s help each other and be united my fellow artists☺️
So join us now!!
🍬Welcome to our Creative Candy Store!🍬 We're a small, lgbtq+ friendly community full of beginner to expert artists who specialise in different forms of media, including:

· Photography
· Digital art
· Traditional art
· Writing
· OCs

and more!
Welcome to Artists United !! YAY!

Artists United is a wonderful server built to appeal to numerous kinds of artists alike. In this server, we grow together, bond, and help represent our bustling community.
Welcome to Just Add Colour a brand new Colouring community server.
Whether its Digital, pens, pencils, or pastels. Whatever your style this friendly adult community of colouring fans is a great place for you to make friends and share projects with other like minded people from around the world.
Hello, we would love it if you join our fun and welcoming server, where we have a very close-knit community of artists, sharing our art, inspiration, and helping out artists where they need help.
Join if you want to participate in our ongoing competition ;) all mediums and styles are welcome💕.
Hi! This is a server for Artists/illustrators and creative people to get together and share their art. A community that welcomes all! :)
Hello! (This is an 18+ only environment)

Welcome to the Intermediate and Advanced Artists server!

This server is dedicated for upcoming industry level, advanced and intermediate level artists. Digital art is the main focus of this server. However, you are welcomed to post traditional art as well. If that is your specialty.

Our standard of art in the artists has to have a good sense of fundamentals and is able to apply them, such as anatomy, perspective, colour. In whatever medium you work in.

When I say Industry level, I mean an artist that doesn't do art as a hobby. They know what they want to work to, or have a goal for their art future. For example comic artists, animators, game designers, 3D artists, writers, etc. And they work towards getting there, or are already part of an industry of their choosing. Industry is not an art style.

We also help artists who want to soar higher, reach their goals or would just like a child-free environment to talk to other artists in and share art with.

So come on in and take a look around! Perhaps stay for a while too. :^)
An Artist Community for all Beginners and Pros, Professionals and Hobbyist.

🌸 What this server is about? 🌸
⇝ A community that strives for artist interactions and art improvements. Upon joining, Kindly read the Rules and proceed to the Introduction to make yourself known to the fellow artists in the server.

🌸 What do we offer? 🌸
✦ Friendly and chill community
✦ You can chill and chat with fellow artists
✦ You can advertise your social media (Only Art Pages & Platforms)
✦ Place for you can share:
❖ Recent Artworks and WIPs
❖ Commission & Information Sheet
❖ Art Trades
❖Requests and Collaborations

And many other more!
ArtBlockCorner is a public server for artists everywhere, and we would love to have you there

read the rules and have fun!
Do you like art? Music? Poetry? What about books? Maybe all of the above?

Below is a link to Summer Side Paradise a brand new server focused on the Arts. Summer Side Paradise includes bots like dank memer, NSFW channels, voice chats, self promo spots, and channels exclusively for sharing your art, photography, videos, and other media.
Hey you! ArtLife is a casual server focused on art and other creative discussion. We get together to share art, play games and joke around with each other! Some NSFW content is permitted, so proceed at your own discretion. We hope you can join us!
Care to join us in the Sea of grass?

A Discord server for those who want to share their art or just want to have a chat with others artists. That's really all there is to our humble server.

We have:
-Art channels to show everyone your finished pieces and what you've been working on
-Various text channels for your different needs. Like Anime/Manga chat and Games chat. We even have an International chat for your use.
-Various Wild Beasts(Bots) you can use to make your experience much more enjoyable. We also have music bots and game bots to entertain you.
-Custom Emojis unique to our server, that make server interaction much more fun > w <

We'd love it, if you could settle down and enjoy the calming wind with us here in the Sea of grass.
Welcome to The Reference Archive!
This server is dedicated to collecting and posting art references! We have multiple channels for different subjects. The server isn't really a socializing one, but it has nice people none the less! RA has an intro system to prevent raiders, so you'll have to through that before arriving. Hop in if you'd like to!
We're a brand new server that is dedicated to artists! We have channels for feedback, potential collabs, and much more. If you're looking to improve your art, join a nice community, or gain a following, we highly recommend you start here! Come on by and make some artsy friends.
Hello and welcome to our humble abode!✨✨
We offer,
▪️ Special art channels for gore and NSFW.
▪️ Bots.
▪️ Auto Roles.
▪️ Art contests.
▪️ Giveaways.
꧁Hello lovelies! Hope yall well!꧂
We are a super friendly server and we welcome all artists, no matter what art you do, it could be painting, sketches, digital drawings, traditional drawings, origami and etc.


The server is like a huge family so everyone can be comfortable with saying anything about themselves or posting their art, without being judged. Our staff are super friendly and hard working. You will always see at least one staff member online at all times, so you can receive help, if it's needed, 24/7.


The server also has different events, all week, every week. From Monday to Friday, we do small events, where people can submit their art for the whole week, and at the end of the week, everyone votes on whose art is the best. While on Saturday-Sunday we do big events, where a lot of people participate in, and there are also harder challenges, on this one, the owner decides on who will win.


It is really fun to hang out with.. Oh yeah we also have a Dank memer if you wanna joke around and music bots so you could listen to music, yes we also have voice tables where you can chat with other members while drawing or
listening to music, it is pretty fun.


If you have any problems going in to the server you can always dm the owner Yuki Chan#4330
chill in this server when you want to show off your art hehe
we talk about all types of art like 3d modeling, traditional, sculpting, digital drawings, etc.
come join our server and chill, we’re welcome to everyone hehe
Just a server to show off your art, advertise your commissions, game with new people, and make new friends!
Artist's Enclave is a place for artists and art lovers alike to share, enjoy, socialize, and grow as a community through creative expression.

We aim to make a safe, comfortable environment where new artists can improve and practice, established artists can share their work and get feedback, and anyone in between can find friends and enjoy our multitude of channels and events!

Come drop in, you're always welcome in the enclave!
A server to aid artists in learning how to draw and teaching others. Novices and experts welcome. Share your art, experience, and knowledge with others!
(Toxicity is not welcome. We'd like to create a safe space for artists.)
Hi my name Level I am the owner of this server This server is for Young Digital Artists ages 13-18 No higher than that we are friendly here there is no toxicity what so ever but yea Thats all
Heyo! This is a place to just come in chill out and share your own art! You can make tons of art buddies here too and try to be as friendly as possible please thanks and stay safe friends! Hope to see you soon!