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This server is a public yiff, ERP and auction server. We have a full economy and very accepting people no matter your preference or style of RP.
¡Alto ahí!, ¿que tal si te das una pequeña vuelta por aquí? ¡Puede que te agrade!
Café con Pulgas es un pequeño y cálido servidor basado principalmente en el fandom furry.
Contamos con canales diseñados especialmente para que los artistas puedan publicar su arte para los demás, entre otras cosas como:

☆ Canales de rolplay SFW y NSFW.
☆ Sistema de rol automático, para que por ejemplo, puedas elegir tu especie.
☆ Sección NSFW con variedad de canales en los cuales puedes encontrar y publicar material explicito del género que más te guste.
☆ Bots con funciones interesantes y divertidas.
☆ Staff atento y simpático.
Stuffed Gullets is a server dedicated to the roundest, voluptuous and bouncy bloated bellies. Its a server focused on Weight-Gain, Stuffing, and just good big bellies! If you want to check us out or just chill stop on by!
Server made for cuddly peeps, furry or not, to chat and fool around in!

Made 23/06/2020, still wip, but feel free to come help expand the server!
Welcome to drayla's cave, a friendly place to use bots, rp, or just hang out with others.
Suggestions are highly appreciated ^^
Comunidade LGBT com belo gosto para nsfw de pokemon/furry, venha e se divirta conhecendo várias pessoas incríveis e nosso maravilhoso nsfw =w=
Welcome to ßlêå¢h & Çhïll

This server is an absolute shit hole as you can already tell by the text font. With that said if you have any concerns or questions please dm any of our active admins


Here at ßlêå¢h & Çhïll, we hate banning people, but there will always be some exceptions. Doing any of the following will get you banned.

Sending NSFW In non NSFW chats

Promoting other servers

Being a sensitive Bitch

If you spam I might mute you or ban you depends on how much I care

If you have been muted you should be able to still talk in #ßïg-gåê-öñl¥

We normally give out roles but if you want to change your role or just happen to not have one check out #ʀᴏʟᴇs


If for some reason you decide to stay please invite your friends and help our server grow to provide the best experience. If you have any suggestions please contact @Teri, @ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ kawaii 🍓, @Bιɾƚԋԃαყ Bσყ or any other @Bαԃɱιɳ

If you want to help us out and make this server a better place for our fellow weetards pls check out #abυʂҽ-aɳԃ-sυɠɠҽʂƚισɳʂ

Thank You And Enjoy Your Stay
Has life been getting you down lately?

Scary news stories everyday, losing vital income from COVID-19, just generally pent-up and stressed out? Then join Forest of Ferals, your one-stop shop for all things feral!

This English-speaking feral focused RP server has plenty of features to sink your teeth into. Distract yourself from the hellscape outside with:

-Multiple yiff channels to post as many wolf asses as you want
-RP channels to roll around with other degenerates
-A chill, self-aware community not afraid to make fun of itself
-Minimal moderation
-Simple, easy to follow rules
-Art channels to post your "artbominations" in
-Bi-weekly server events to keep you hangin' around

If any of that interests you, don't shy away from joining! Here, we don't lock away our strange and exotic desires; we act them out in a sprawling wonderland of sexual decadence and debauchery. It's pretty fun and we're always looking for new members to start out!

Forest of Furries. So much fun, it'll make you say "reality? I don't know her!"
Welcome to our little furry corner of the world, for hanging out ,sharing furry stuff ,and arts , feel free to browse our library of furry stuff or come for a cuddle and erp with our fellow members. Role play snuggle up with a furry or just have fun we cater to all kinks
We also have A human section if you are not a furry but still want to roleplay!
18+ only
Gerudo Sex Slaves is a sex slave auction house with some extra things to do. The server is strictly 18+. Gerudo Sex Slaves is run off of ERP and RP. Before joining, an anime or furry pfp is required. You must create a character and get it approved to be allowed anymore access to the server.
🌲Welcome to Furology!🌲
A Non Strict LGBTQ+ Server. friendly furry-centric community server. we Offer Roleplay NSFW Channels For 16 And Up And 18+,Tons Of Pawsome Emojis, active members, and more.✨

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
🌷★Daily Active Chat
🌹★18+ Section
🌸★ Roleplay Channels
🌼★ Furry bot, as well as other fun bots
🌻★ A great tight-knit community
🍃★ protection against raid
🎋★ LGBT+ Friendly server
🌿★ NSFW Section
🌺★Daily Active Voice Channels

🚫Server guarded by a simple verification process.🚫

And more! You Do Not Have To Be A Furry To Join Furology So Come On In And Have Some Fun!🏳️‍🌈

゚. F U R O L O G Y
  ・ 。

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ‧₊ ☽ ༉ ┊ ˚✩ ┊ ๑՞.
┊ ✨ ₊˚.༄ ┊
❀* ੈ♡˳ ✨

The Only Thing We Seem Too Be Missing... Is You! Join Today!
•This server content is inappropriate for children. Members have to be 18 years or older to join•

Yiff-Kai island welcomes you into a new set of life that for all the furries to live in a nice environment that’s better than ever. Furries in there so called “Yiff-Kai” behavior seems so common once you’ll run into a anthro will always have the mood to smash your insides until you pass out. The island is also a nice chill place with a nice landscape of a open forest with a large waterfall throughout the land and with small shelters.
•LGBTQ friendly
•Enjoy Vc & music
•Mange your tupper box ocs here
This server is mostly focused on ERP. Is a small server with a organized environment. We will expect for ourselves to have more channels later on in the future. Join us if you are interested to be apart of this small server. You will also need to verify your current age and year that you was born by contacting the owner or the admins who run this server.

Server Quote: “Please join us if you want to be a true Yiff-Kai! ^^”
Welcome to Q's lewd center! (18+ only)
a porn server with yiff, clop, hentai, normal porn and everything categorized so you can find your specific kink or whatever you’re in the mood for. You can also meet new friends, role play and trade nudes. All are welcome. So enjoy! 💜💜💜
Wolf's Paradise, a newcomer server that is already pretty active for its still smaller size. But we are filled with active, helpful and friendly people building the living essence of the whole community.

What do you have to pay attention to?
Stay friendly, stay calm, have fun but still be yourself! We appreciate people shaping the server with their own special way!
You have to be +16 y/o to pass our verification system.

What do we offer?
Besides the community, we have weekly events that will add points to your activity list! At the end of the month, the most active person of the month that's not a staff member will be awarded with a month of free discord nitro subscription! So, be active and gain a gift!

We have several channles to offer, but naming them all would spoil your experience on here. So, before you judge, take a look!
Welcome to the new and improved ✨Furhell NSFW and YIFF server.✨

Despite the appearance of this server I promise you were quite friendly!
What’s new?
-added a vent art and venting channel.
-Added a new roleplaying section for spice role members.
the best server for furry yiff AND you dont have to verify anything just come on in and get down to business. or you could talk and chill with us.
Join 'Fur God's Sake'! The refined and friendly furry community made for you!

- Community
- Suggestion board
- Art
- SFW & NSFW options
- Friendly

Join us! You won't regret it ;3
A Yiff server with 12 NSFW categories:
Fursuit, Furry, Scaly, Equine, MLP, Avian, Misc, Pokemon, Digimon, Nudes, Hentai, and IRL.
All with 7 subsections each:
Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Solo Male, Solo Female, Cuntboy, and Futa.
Along with a few unlockable special channels like Vore, Paws and BDSM.

Also available are 14 SFW channels; One for each category, plus selfmade art and fanfic.
We also got the basic chat channels of course.
We are furries and gamers. Everyone is friendly and active most of the time! Always looking for new people to chat with! Goal of 100 members!
🏳️‍🌈🐺Welcome to Furry Yiff Club!🐺🏳️‍🌈 This is an 18+ furry server with many fun things to do! We are a growing furry community.
Enjoy yiffing!

🔞 NSFW channels 🔞
✨ 1000+ members ✨
👑 Cool perks for nitro Boosters 👑
🍺 Giveaways 💻
💻 Our own minecraft server💻
Official NSFW Discord
⚡️lgbtq friendly
⚡️lots of porn
⚡️voice channels
⚡️self role assignment
🐶░▒▓█►─═ Hall Of Yiff ═─◄█▓▒░🐶

This server is an up and coming furry one. The goal of the server is to bring Many fandoms together to a judge free, kink shame and toxic free environment.

What this server includes:

~Tons of yiff and themed yiff
~Nsfw furry bot
~leveling system
~Friendly Members & Staff
~Many tags and colors to choose from
~Non strict rules
~Fairly Active Chat
~Level 1 Boost
~Fairly Active Voice Chats
~Friendly Atmosphere
~Active = Rewards