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Premier serveur francophone d'information et d'entraide pour les personnes trans , en questionnement, et leurs proches.

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Welcome to Trap Central ^-^
We're a warm, welcoming community full of traps, femboys, and trap lovers :D
We're very LGBT friendly as well, and we have a friendly, loving team of mods and admins
We have self-assignable custom color roles as well
We hope to see you with us soon c:
A 18+ Community of femboys and femboy admirers. Everyone is welcomed! Come say hello!
🌸The largest femboy server with over 14,000 members.
🌸1,300 emojis, including four dedicated emoji severs!
🌸A private Minecraft server for community members.
🌸50+ SFW and NSFW channels.
🌸10 Voice chat rooms.
🌸Custom mentionable roles available.
🌸Advertisements channel to post your social medias.
🌸Deep community leveling and ranking system.
🌸Community currency and banking system were you can buy items and roles with earned community currency.
🌸50+ Earnable roles.
🌸50+ different Self-assignable roles to choose from.
A modestly-sized server for LGBT+ youth, feel free to come and say hi we would love to see you.
♡ Welcome to Crossdressing Girly Boys Club! Where boys can be girly too! ♡

♡ The server where you can safely express your feminine side with our wonderful community! We're a chill and friendly group of boys who like to dress up all cute and have fun! Come and have a good time with us and make friends with other cuties! ^u^ ♡
Heyo! Welcome to Trans Space!

We're one of Discord's largest trans-focused communities (with over 1,100 members!); a welcoming place where trans and other LGBTQ+ folks can chat, make new friends, get advice and more.


🏳️‍🌈 An active community
🏳️‍🌈 Discourse, drama and politics-free
🏳️‍🌈 Open environment, with everyone welcome - trans, cis or questioning!
🏳️‍🌈 Regular game nights - Jackbox, Skribbl.io and more
🏳️‍🌈 Open to all ages 13+
🏳️‍🌈 Channels for all sorts of interests - gaming, movies, anime, fashion, and more!
🏳️‍🌈 D&D campaigns to play
🏳️‍🌈 Verification system to keep users safe
🏳️‍🌈 Open feedback and suggestions
🏳️‍🌈 Channels for serious topics such as health and advice
🏳️‍🌈 Friendly staff team
🏳️‍🌈 An adorable server mascot

If you're looking for a new favourite server, a place to make friends and play games, or a place to get advice and support - we'd love to have you here!
Hello! Welcome to ❤CUTIES FOR HIRE❤!!! Are you a cutie? Wanna meet some cuties? Just wanna make friends? We have a place for everyone here!❤ We wish for you to meet friends and hangout! Please feel free to join and hangout! Or you can find that special someone! Up to you!
Welcome to TrapHeaven,
your new, friendly community for anything between
manga, anime, trans/traps, and lewds.
Hentai!~ ♡

Looking for hentai? We've got you covered! Join us and be the start of something new.


We're a new, well made and organised hentai server hoping to introduce new content to new people. Join and give or take hentai!
Age restrictions: 16 to be on server, 18 to post nsfw pictures of yourself
Welcome to Transmania. This is mainly a server for transgender people (both MTF and FTM) and feminine boys in general: traps, femboys, crossdressers, etc. However anyone is welcome, as long as you respect others and don't troll or abuse anyone. This is a community for trans people to feel welcome in and NOT a place to debate whether being trans is right or wrong or to ask "why" people are trans, and people who join for these reasons will be banned.
We are a new 18+ only trans and non-binary server! We are not NSFW focused however we do have some NSFW categories. Our focus is to bring together trans adults so they can have a more mature environment to discuss trans issues and transition!
Welcome to the Femboy Empire!

We are a welcoming community open to everyone above the age of 16 where femboys, femboy-connoisseurs, femboy-fans but really everyone can meet and befriend like-minded individuals. Feel free to chat about your interests, play games with other community members, share selfies, art or life-style tips, or roleplay. We host weekly movie nights too!

We also offer a wide variety of NSFW channels, ranging from hentai to porn and personal selfies. This is however only reserved for our 18+ members.

🎀 - Femboy Empire 🎀

🧊 - Chilling 24/7 🧊

⛔ - No language filter ⛔

🔞 - Rooms for lewd/nudes 🔞

🔈 - Voicechannels for everyone 🔈

💘 - Reaction roles 💘

(Dating, if thats what you want) 💕
AAA steht für Antihomophobe & Antitransphobe Aktion. Wir sind eine aufstrebende Community rund um das Thema LGBT. Hier kannst du dich mit Gleichgesinnten frei entfalten und Freunde finden - egal welches Geschlecht. Sei dabei, hilf mit, du bist großartig!
A chill island with femboys!! We're a fresh and active server looking for some cool people. We have 18+ channels, media channels, and some fun bots! Grab your tickets and come on over to the trap island.
Kööpa's Army is an active femboy/trap/trans server. We have a NSFW section for sharing nudes, tons of cool emojis, and a level up system! We also have general discussions mostly relating to:

>Video Games

Most of our members are LGBT but anyone is welcome so long as they are friendly and respectful.
This server is for FTM only, here is a place were you can find people to relate to, share advice and discover new tips and tricks! It is 13+ so minors are welcome into the server. Check out the bots and meet some amazing new people!!! Can't wait to see you there!
a fun lil discord community based on making friends, hanging out in vc, having fun and most importantly respect. we are tiny and looking to expand with more friends. come on along!
hey there! the transbros is a new lgbt server for FtM trans dudes and trans masculine non binary people. this server is only for AFAB people. its meant to be a safe space for us and there are plenty of other lgbt severs if you dont fit into that criteria. if you do then, i hope youll at least check us out! ✌🏻
Welcome to Sissy Space, safe place for all things sissy! Come explore your fetishes in one of our NSFW channels, warp your brain in our hypno channel, find a partner, or just make friends! You'll find everything you want here! Enjoy
A server for all LGBTQA+ folks and supporters! We're still growing, but we want to make a safe, fun place for you to hang out with others like you.
Iconic Kingdom is a new server dedicated to catering to most people, our goal is to provide a fun environment that’s safe, we hope you have fun and enjoy your stay if you join🦋
🌸🌷🌱 welcome to wlw garden, a safe space for all wlw and nblw!🌱🌷🌸

✨ for ages 14-22 only! ✨
🥀 no terfs or cishets allowed! 🥀
🌻 NO NSFW & NOT a dating server! 🌻

what we offer:
🌱 a verification system to prevent raids and ensure safety, without photo or voice!
🌸 a blacklist for triggers!
🌷 self-assignable, color, and level roles!
🌱 lots of fun channels, including individual ones for interests and hobbies!
🌸 friendly and active staff!
🌷 suggestion channels!
🌱 fun bots, QOTD, and fun activities + events in the future!
🌸 vent & support channels!
🌷 music & voice chat!

...and much more!
Hey there!
Are you trans or questioning?
Join the server! I'm in desperate need of staff, so chances are you'll get promoted pretty quickly.

Relax and meet new friends!