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Bow before me, you’re my slave.
A long time ago, a kingdom was built from the ground up. By a totalitarian dictator he was power hungry and thirsted for that of fame and fortune, once that was obtained, it still wasn't enough. He became riddled with tumors, appearing sickly in person. He began sacrificing the weakest of the cult, referring to them as wenches. By weakest, he was disposing of the women, children, and elderly that were ill. Those that were healthy were kept alive but hopelessly degraded and often drunkenly beaten. As time progressed and the man became weaker the cult decided they would overrule him. The cult gathered together one night as the full moon held high in the sky, they lead the man to a slate rock telling him to lay upon it. Little did the man know the cult was reading into witchcraft wanting to obtain gifts of power and authority. The man now laying upon the rock closed his eyes as he was told a piercing scream echoed within the kingdoms walls the man was struck a sword to his heart. The cult members began to grow horns and other mutations sinister powers erupting and empowering them. The cult looked to the ones who killed the man bowing down before them and calling them Royals. Inside the kingdom walls, now lurk with the supernatural.

Salutations little fuckers.

The Supernatural have existed among us for a long time, but only recently have been granted the status of citizens with the same rights and privileges of the common man. Even so,integration is far from commonplace. Though many are striving for a peaceful existence there are plenty of humans and supernaturals alike who harbor deep wounds leading to continued discrimination and conflict. Many population centers are utter hellholes for supernatural residents: laws make work and travel difficult; a vicious supernatural underground causes crime to flourish; and many others are practically household servants. In other places the reverse holds true where humans are not welcome, and may be killed in sight.

In the midst of it all are towns like Waycrest which are pioneers for peace. Those of waycrest have tried hard to find ways to coexist, to rely on one another’s strengths and build a community where every individual has value. They believe that in this day and age being human has more to do with how one choses to live than it has to do with race. On the flip side there are humans out there who are in truth more inhuman than the creatures among us.

-brand new rp with opportunities for players to shape the setting and plot
- most ocs are absolutely welcome including custom species
- free-form turn-based style with consent needed for harming or killing other characters
- welcomes short-paragraph rp style and up

This server allows controversial content Icly, however Erotic-Rp and R-rated rp is not allowed.
A supernatural, original-character world taking place on an Earth where all the folklore, all the mythical and supernatural stories are true. The supernatural beings are rare and easily hidden from the normal world, either hidden away from civilization or disguised as humans in the everyday world. These beings are so well-hidden and rare that even human-seeming children occasionally rise from the crowd with supernatural blood. Some inherit the trait from an ancient ancestor's genes, while others are borne from a supernatural being and human and grow up an orphan without any realization of who they really are. These children grow up normally, humanly, save for subtle flags and signs of their difference. Despite being good kids, they tend to be..."wrong" in some way. Problematic, lack of self control, in their own heads just a bit too much. These children tend to be dismissed as simply "problem children," but the Kepler Foundation knows better.

These problem children quickly fall into the Kepler Foundation as soon as they become too much for their guardians, or their orphanage. The child is taken in and sent to the Maddox House for Troubled Children, where they learn to improve themselves, attend therapy, are given medication to lead them in the right direction. However, after suffering through being observed constantly, judged, tested on like lab rats, the children have no escape. At 18 years, they are sent to the West Wing of the house with the implication that they can finally leave, start their lives outside. When they step through that door, though, they find themselves instead in a new prison, and the real testing begins.

The Maddox House is a third-person, past-tense, literary roleplay server! We take existing supernatural/mythical human-like beings and explore human-supernatural intermingling, testing the harsh potential-realities of "what if magical beings were real?" While the characters will each be associated with a specific supernatural being, we are more focusing on the characters themselves, and the suffering that comes with being "gifted." Please feel free to join to read more in-depth explanations of the world and setup, or ask questions if you have any!
35 years ago there was a war that involved all 4 kingdoms, the Elves and Werewolves fought alongside each other while the Demons and Vampires joined forces against them, 35 years is not long at all for most these races so tensions can sometimes still be very high, the war was started when demons and vampires started cross-breeding and their offsprings were mostly uncontrollable, a mixture of demonic hatred and an endless bloodlust is not a good mix.
Scarlet slowly crossed her legs, slowly looking at the people with eyes that were a bright crimson colour. A smile curling across her red painted lips, as she looked at the people with an intensity that was almost piercing in appearance. Her voice softer than a whisper and almost like that of silk " Welcome welcome, to my realm of sin and my kingdom. I am Scarlet the creator of The Realm Of Sin, a place where sin is encouraged, where darkness rules over both day and night, where you can experience the most fun that a mortal or otherwise such as you can possibly have. This place is for the sinful, the utterly wicked and the most ravenous of people that cannot be satisfied. Those with faint hearts beware, you may just be enticed into never leaving this place, you may wish to become part of the people here, for this place of indulgence...is for those that have sinned or that wish to no longer be pure of heart or body ". Scarlet slowly stood up, gesturing for the person to come closer, as she tipped her head slightly to the side and she spoke in a voice that was filled with mirth and that had a small echoing to it " so... do you wish to continue to my little realm to ravish, be ravished and to enjoy sin to it's fullest or do you wish to leave and return back to what you know...". She gave a soft laugh that sounded almost bemused, her voice like velvet as she spoke " I simply cannot wait to see what you choose ".

{ Disclaimer: This is a erp server, mainly for erp. No underaged people please. }
It's year 2021 in the continent of Zoren on a planet practically exactly like earth, there are many species known as supernaturals. Along with the supernaturals live Mundanes, which are like humans but with expanded life-spans. {They live up to around three hundred while humans live up to around eighty.} They live side by side peacefully for the most part. However, crimes and illegal gangs often retaliate against the government and against each other. Half of the groups are good, facing up to the government to lower taxes or give the citizens more rights, while other groups are corrupt, meant for sabotaging each other and gaining power.

One of these gangs is a group called "Memento Mori" or in other words, "In memory, we die." Usually the people gathered for this group are supernatural and mundane orphans who are trained in combat to avenge their families. However occasionally that isn't the case and they are joining to avenge another cause. They are trained from young ages in different forms of combat, and once they find the one that suits them best they are sent out on missions for the "family" or the mafia as a whole. Whenever they believe they are trained well enough they are sent out for their vengeance. If they are successful, they can choose whether to stay and train "New Bloods" or new recruits, or leave and live their free lives.
Summary: Ares, God of War, has been murdered. His Roman half, Mars, has faded away. Several other Minor gods have been found dead. The council has together to perform damage control on the absence of one of their important members, but also send word to any demigods available to help them. Chiron would train them and they would have their mission. Its details?

To hunt down a demigod boy whose causing chaos to rise on the world.

Hello there! This is a Roleplay story with a story based around Greek/Roman mythology. ESRB Rating would be from T to M in rating since I do expect you all to be mature but also have fun while being in here.

Story is based around my own ideas and some from other materials used like the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, some from God of War, and few of the movies that are based around Greek or other mythologies. I do hope you join since I believe many of you will like this Roleplay server.

I am also looking for people that can be trustworthy to help me run it and know more about the technical stuff with Discord.
Darkwater Falls is a Fantasy/Drama Roleplay Server with loads to do for roleplayers of all shapes and sizes!
Darkwater Falls features:
- Dedicated Staff
- Weekly Events
- Custom and Comprehensive Lore and Story
- Literate and Active Community
And much, much more! Make sure to join today!
500 years ago a cataclysmic event in the magical world took place. Several races banded together including Vampires, Elves, and Werekin to stop the event with success at dire costs.
Now on Earth, they must learn how to survive in an alien world with alien powers. Some races flourish, some might never be the same. One thing is certain dynasties have fallen and now the demons have rising to take their stake on the new world. How will you survive in a world that can't know you exist? Live in secret. At the end of the day, just try to make it out alive.

✧Lgtb+ friendly, romances and otherwise we welcome diversity!

✧ NSFW optional! We aren't inherently an nsfw server but we have the option for those who want to partake in private channels for erp and other things.

✧ Narrative literate plot! Now some people like being involved in a plot line that moves forward and interacts with people in a more group setting and some like to pave their own path! We offer both. There is a soft plot line and character arcs to grow your characters and discover the world or you can enjoy living day to day.

✧ New and ever-expanding server! We are new but we are growing open to suggestions and want to grow into a community you as a member can call home!

Join Lykos, we're only a click away : )
Portland, Oregon.
This story takes place in an alternate timeline where Nick Burkhart is not a Grimm.
Crime is at an all new high in Portland, the streets are no longer safe for Human and Wesen alike. Strange killings have plagued the city and the Verrat have noticed a spike, several Grimms have been sighted in and around Portland and they fear this may cause panic and distress for the peoples and the Royal families. You will forge your destiny.
A new, literate horror based, summer camp roleplay! What will you do here as camper or counselor? Will you make friends or make foes? Will you investigate the beast of legend and venture into the inner forest or will you be lost in the fog, never to be seen again? The choice is yours!


Everybody's heard it by now. If you haven't, I'm sure it won't take long for you to. After all, it's how the camp gained infamy.

Why is the camp named what it is? What sort of camp would call themselves "Blood Hill" and expect to stay open very long?
Well... people - forget. Simply human error, I suppose.
But there is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb; the monsters in the wood. Most people laugh, and assume the name is because of some sort of game they play.
No. It's named for the woods.
Since the camp opened in 1912, 16 kids have vanished into the woods. Some went exploring and never came back out. Others went to look for their friends, but they, too, got taken. A few sat at the edge and simply observed, but they looked for for too long.
The parents, though -- they forget.
They keep sending kids back. The kids remember, and they beg not to go, but something prevents the parents from knowing, blocking the memories of the missing children. Nobody knows what it is.
Some say that between sundown and sun-up, you can look out into the forest, and it, too, will look back at you.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here at Blood Hill camp as you explore the exciting camp of Blood hill as either camper or counselor.

We have a few spaces left for Counselors and would be thrilled to see you all join us. Our server is small but growing quickly and we’d really appreciate a helping hand!

[P.S. We're open to partnerships]!
It was your 16th birthday, and you thought it was going to be perfect. Your perfect sweet 16 with all your friends and family, or whatever you'd like to do on your 16th birthday. Thinking this day was going to go perfect. But did it?
You were struck, with a mysterious lightning bolt, one of of the four colors, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Each different color corresponding to it's own power.
Now what are these powers?
Red- Telekinesis + Vampire like qualities
Blue- Element Control
Yellow- Time Manipulation
Green- Animal Whisperer

You recieved these powers the moment you turned 16, but you were nearly instantly taken and dragged off to some.. facility. A facility to where you can never return home. Or can you?

What will you do with these new powers? Will you learn to use them and use them for the greater good, or will you use them to attempt to escape?
That is for YOU to decide.

Start your story, join us.

NOTE- mature 18+ material throughout server in their proper channels.
Welcome to Supernatural Universe where you can choose to be any creature from CW's Supernatural. We may not have all of the creatures but we will surely add them. I have updated the server to have custom private or public roleplays! join in and have some supernatural fun!
Things aren't quite what they seem in the quaint little town of Roselake, an 18+ ERP server with a welcoming and growing community!

Come to a quiet country town that has secrets aplenty! As we said, not everyone here is what they appear to be- Most of the town's occupants hide some dark nature beneath their public facade and only the lucky few will ever learn who is who in this quiet little town!
A kingdom full made for exploration. Join the Ruin Knights or Lion Heart guild and make new friends and create new Adventures!
The Large city of Shademount with it’s many secrets and Beauties. All beings..well almost all beings live in peace here..They have many modern places such as Cafe’s, Hospitals, and so in but they also have many “Supernatural” Places.

Dragon farms, under water towns, and markets with potions and many things that can be named. There is also many small villages around but the two towns that are known by name along with the Main city are Graywater and RougeHill.

At night it’s never safe and the only ones that can seem to help are the Race that is mostly wiped out...and the remaining are held as Slaves to the richest people and they are forced to use their powers to save only the rich..These people are called shiners
And there is only about 12 (8 open slots) left In the world..Of course if the rich so choose they could breed like animals

If you are interested and or intrigued Join the server and Read more about..The last tamer

•Everyone is welcomed
•We have crude humor
•Friendly people
We are trying to grow and would love if you joined! Love Admin/Co-Owner, Bluu/Max
⌦ ———✪ School Of The Night ✪———⌫

⌬ *Imagine a meteor , a meteor that brought the fate of the sun to a stop... now, imagine place where it is constantly night, a place where the concept of time means ... well...basically nothing at all. Now, take that thought and make it into a school for supernatural children and teachers, if that idea sounds pleasing then School Of The Night is for you!* ⌬

⊠ **Things the server has are..** ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And Staff! ❤️
╞ 50+ RP Channels! ⌨️
╞ The Ability To Be Mutated Or Human! 😁
╞ A Welcoming Community! 👐
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat! 🖊✏️
╞ A Speaking VC Chat And A Music VC Chat! 🎵
╞ Alexa! (Music Bot) 🎶
*And More!*
So come! Join Today!
- - - - -

⌦ ———✪ ❤️ ✪———⌫
Welcome to the hunted

In this version of the Earth all those things you hear about in fairy tales are real. Dragons- men with the ability to burn someone with a touch, vampires-preying on the blood of anyone, angels, demons, zanna, fairy, you name it.

The real question is will you be the one to pick up a weapon and hunt down monsters to help mankind or will you be the monsters preying on the helpless, feeding to your desire.

If you feel like there is a species not already here, feel free to submit it and use your own custom species.

Need a new weapon or spell? Make one!

This world is completely revolving around you the role player.

So come on in and make an OC,

Enjoy all we have to offer:

radio_buttonFriendly community
radio_buttonPlenty of places to roleplay
radio_buttonCustom plots
radio_buttonAnd so much more

This server is based around the characters so as the server progresses we will get more and more lore to add.
~Wolves of the Aurora~
Read all

Hello! If you're reading this in hopes of joining a wolf rp server Then you got the right post!!

I have hosted this role-play in the past, and it has lasted for 4 months. (Near Thanksgiving 2017/nov17) Since a few months ago the role-play had died. BUT i am here to revive this roleplay!! This is not only just a roleplay, but also family. Here you will not only relieve yourself of real life, but you will also gain new friends. Sounds good right?

Anyways lets get on to the actual information. -

As the title suggest, This server is a wolf roleplay server. There is currently no plot at the moment, for now it's your typical wolf roleplay, with a few exceptions. WOTA Is currently looking for active roleplayers. It doesn't matter who or what you are, we will always accept you. :heart:️
Long ago, two great gods from the heavens were born, Siblings too be exact. Urie, The god of peace and creation, and Mars, The god of destruction and war. As Urie was born, with her was the birth of urion; The land of living things. This land prospered as the years went on, and urie was always praised for her blessing of life by the creatures of urion. Mars grew envious of Urie, and as the years passed, A hatred for his sister had grown. Frequently would the two argue over control for urion, Causing many natural disaster's, and deaths too occur. Eventually, Mar's had enough of Urion's faith towards urie, and sent the Lands into near extinction. Urie exiled Mars out of anger.

Urie was too weak after their fight too recover her land, So she waited many years, watching in pain as her creatures of life slowly died out. The only species that had survived were the wolves, One of the most ancient creatures in the lands of urions. These canines had adapted through the many years of harsh life, and had become wise and knowledgable. They had become the most intelligent creatures of Urion. Urie acknowledged these creatures, and in her hope bloomed once again. She blessed these creatures with food, Fertile land, And a beautiful country.
In the background, mar's watched. Seething in anger, he formed a plan in his head. Mars sent his demons down, in the form of these wolf creatures and had them infect other's with his evilness. Thus these evil wolves began murdering others. Once again throwing the land into chaos. Urie Had noticed this, and confronted mars. Once again the two faught, Mars had the advantage of his demon army and had defeated urie.

Urie, who had been defeated, Had sacraficed the rest of her power, sending it down too the lands of urion. Random wolves had been selected, and chosen too fight urie's last battle. These wolve's acquired magical powers, or unique traits that allowed them to do more than the norm. These chosen wolve's had fought off the demons, sending them hiding in the shadows for many years too come. Together these chosen wolves and fought against mars, who had decided to do the job himself now that Urie had perished. How ever, Mars had underrestimated these chosen few. With the last bit of power they had, the locked away mars forever, and with the power of unity, they had managed to revive urie, and save the land of urion.

After this long lasting war, the wolves' power's had faded, leading them back into their normal daily lives
But it is said, that the magic of urie still runs deep in the veins of the descendants of the few chosen, and that around corner,The evil of mars still lurks, looking for its next victim.
A group of villains, when you think about it... No matter the context or diversity of the group, tend to only have 2 things in mind. Money and power. This is exactly what this very group is looking to obtain with the fall of all heroes in which have chosen to fight against people like them. How will these new, growing heroes fight against such villains who have not only greater experience than them... But also numbers?

😍 Come here to roleplay as both canon characters, as well as original!!! ( First come first serve! )

😜 We have fun and games, events, and various plots in which are chosen by the roleplayers through poles!

😎 There are open staff positions!

😱 Very laid back community looking for new friends and a good time!
This server is heavily influenced by the CW show, 'Supernatural.'

The United States of America. Land of the free. Home to apple pie, baseball, Nascar, McDonald's, and reality TV. That is the world everyone knows. The world everyone can see. What if I were to tell you that you've had a blindfold on your whole life?

The world is crawling with supernatural creatures. Especially America. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls, demons, wendigos, angels. All of them exist. They wreak havoc to the unlucky ones, and hide from the fortunate. They are an unstoppable force. That was until... the hunters arrived.

Monster hunters. That's right, they exist too. The main population of hunters reside in the USA; where our story takes place. They are the pursuers. They hunt the ones who hunt others. Equipped with guns, knives, holy water, and a whole lotta skill, they protect the world from evil.

Who will you be? The hunter or the hunted?
This is a modern fantasy supernatural roleplay taken place in Redwater Village. This town dates back centuries with both unworldly beings and humans co-existing together. Of course the humans do not know a lot about the supernatural beings or that there is a school for them there being disguised as a school for the rich and troubled instead. With this town and it’s people trouble stirs deep within. What part will you play? This roleplay is a fun community for all to come and join! At lest check it out!
"Remember when you were young, and your parents warned you about the monsters lurking under your bed? Or when in Sunday school they told you of the demons, and angels that kept the world in harmony? They aren't just fairy tales, they surround you in what you thought to be a normal world. They pull the strings, they hunt in the darkness, shielded from the human eye. But not everyone can live in the light, as some must live in the darkness, to protect those who are innocent. These, are the hunters. They hunt down whatever is near, whether they know how to hunt it, or not, they put their lives out to the unknown. And trust me kid, you're gonna need more than a nightlight to keep you safe..."
-Erp is allowed,
- Active owners,
- loosely based around the world of supernatural.
-Set in an alternate universe from the main story allowing more creativity.
You've been accepted to Gaerid Board school! (GBS)
In Gaerid, you will find...
Excellent staff!
Amazingly nice scholars!
An awesome campus!
And most importantly.. you'll make friends that'll last forever! (I know, it's insanely cheesy, i cringed too..)
So come join us! We'll be expecting you. We hope you'll accept our offer.
Owner: Spook
Admins: Otaku, Gabriela, and Varian
Mods: Inori and Bucket