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The year is 2020, in an alternate timeline of our own where things progressed much differently, leading to huge scientific advances and discoveries. The most prominent of which, is the meta-human gene. This latent gene was found to be in every single person since the first man stepped foot on land, and has laid dormant for countless years unnoticed at first, but after rigorous study and experimentation the gene was found to hold extraordinary wonders, letting the person use miraculous abilities unlike any ever seen! The first human to undergo the process and experiments of discovering this gene is the fabled "Hermes" Who upon getting his powers unlocked, was able to fly and utilize and obscene amount of speed and strength. Years would go by and many others would eventually learn how to unlock their own genes using underground methods, some for good, and some not. This lead to the first instance of superheroes and super villains in the world! But not all things can last, and after 50 years of countless lives saved, new technologies formed, landscapes changed, the great Hermes fell to a villain. This villain was known simply as "Xullman" And fought with Hermes for over three days straight, the city itself shook with how much distruction they each caused, but in the end Hermes was the one to fall. Xullman's ability, was to harness and distribute the awakened gene that let people become powered. And with this, he managed to steal and accumulate enough power in order to defeat the hero.. Not even days later however, Xullman was found dead as well, but what followed was the discovery of more and more abilities being flooded into the city, until eventually the populace was 80% powered and 20% regular human. There's speculation as to if Xullman was to blame for this, but for now this is where the story begins. Will you choose to be one of the many? Be a hero? A villain? Or maybe something in between? It's all up to you, now go..

Kick some ass.

This server is brand spanking new! Come join and become OG's of the server or just drop in to share some feedback!

All are welcome, from every walk of life!
Welcome, to the world of TALES FROM AVALON!
Tales from Avalon is a custom world, taking place in a land unlike any other! On this Earth, the world is populated by certain individuals capable of manifesting genes that can be stimulated into activating their Animal Spirit and Aspect Soul. The Spirit of an Animal within them that gives them all new physical powers (without changing their Human body), and an Aspect Soul that gives them control of an element of creation! Luckily for these students, they can attend a school to learn and grow these powers; Avalon University!
But in a world with such exciting and powerful individuals, there is also an incredible danger. From resurrected monsters from ancient times to deranged students attending Avalon University- all the way up to practical god-like figures!
So join today, and craft your legend through an Era of Heroes!
~~ Tales from Avalon is a dedicated roleplay server, with: ~~
-Skilled and devoted staff to assist your every need.
-Semi-Literate to Literate player base of highly active roleplayers.
-Daily class events to get involved and RP.
-Semi-Daily plot events to develop your story.
-Avatar: The Last Airbender style Element Bending.
-The ability to play Superheroes AND villains! Custom or DC/Marvel Inspired.
-Custom and easy to understand lore.
-Working social-media function.
-Blockbuster storylines weekly.
-And SO much more!
So join today, and prepare for the story of a lifetime.
Hello there! Welcome to our server, this rp is set ten years after Endgame and takes place in the MCU ( don't worry comic book fans we still have stuff for you ).
We offer:
+A kind and welcoming community
+A wonderful roleplay server
+An open community
+A need for new staff
New, semi-literate+ roleplay with original lore and mythology! This server is looking to blend aspects of comic book heroes, Lovecraftian tales, and shōnen manga into a flexible roleplay that revolves around good writing and character development.

If this sounds interesting to you then come on down to 𝗟𝗼𝘆𝗰𝗲 𝗖𝗶𝘁𝘆.

Here we have:
≛ Semi-literate+ roleplay posts (exceeding three lines)
≛ Active, diverse staff that'll also help with brainstorming ideas
≛ Engaging, intricately written story with a rich mythos
≛ A growing storyline that new members can hop into
≛ Tight-knit and chill community
This is a DC roleplay server, everyone is welcome. The reason it’s marked as NSFW server is because of language btw so don’t worry. Also all iterations of characters are fine be it: movies, animated movies, tv shows, or any era of comics. While this server doesn’t allow OC’s, there is still a wide variety of characters to choose from.
A Marvel sister-server to our successful DC counterpart, which has been up and thriving for around a year. As this has just begun, we have a lot of your favourite characters free and for the taking. We're looking for Avengers, X-Men, the whole lot... Come and write as your favourite Marvel characters in our extended (AU) Marvel Universe server!
We're a roleplay server, set in a universe where Heroes and Villains live and fight each other in and around a big city. Aliens and characters of all ages are allowed, be they Canons or OC's. As long as your characters are not super overpowered or super edgy, you can RP as anyone. That's what we have to offer you:

❌ NO partnering with other servers.
❌ NO one-liner RP.
❌ NO super dark stories or pure ERP.
❌ NO overpowered characters, edgelords or ones that are simply unapproachable.

✔️ Available staff almost 24/7.
✔️ Limitless character submissions via google docs links, own templates or our own template .
✔️ A fair strike system that keeps regular offenders out but won't get you booted for the slightest mistake.
✔️ Occasional events.
✔️ Character prompts to develop lore and characters.
✔️ Lots of paragraph roleplay channels and settings to use.
✔️ In-character chatrooms and media channels where we use the Tupperbot.
✔️ Several threads with the same character can be going on at a time (so there's no locking whatsoever).
Welcome to Earth Sade

If you could have any power you wanted, what do you reckon you could get? How far do you think you could push that power? How much do you bet that everyone else would do the same thing in your shoes?

This is a Parahumans focused RolePlay server, based on the stories by Wildbow. We have a particular focus on creating our own unique story, focused most around the idea of creating our own lore in a familiar setting without so much of the same lore and baggage. There’s tons of room for original content and unique and interesting powers to explore.

While we may for a time to come still be under construction, we already have structure in place to help players make characters and generate their own unique content for the server. We prioritize your own self-expression and creativity beyond anything else, meaning we’re open to fill in and build as we go.

What we offer:
> An open and friendly RP environment
> Flexible and easy to understand rules
> A canvas for you to express your own ideas with minimal restraint
> Room for growth and expansion

What we look for:
> Literate, but willing to be flexible
> Third person

Its only a few simple things we look for and we hope to provide as much bang for your buck as possible. We only want your story with us to be a good one.

We're also open for staff and moderators, please feel free to ask if you're looking to mod.
Vigilant League: Reforged is a superhero roleplay server based in the fictional city of Jomsburg after a massive outbreak of human mutations. In the timeline of AV0001 after the discovery of an unknown vault which seemed to be connected to the multiverse, reports of superhuman abilities began to rise with a rapid speed. The roleplay takes place in the centre of the action, Matlock. The city most affected by the vault, only a year after the beginning of the meta-human era, multiple factions rise to fame.

Vigilant League is the hero organization assembled by the company responsible of the Vault; the heroes have sworn to protect citizens from outer world threats and meta human criminals, but are all heroes like they seem?

The server is moderated by friendly, skilled roleplayers that aim to allow you creative freedom with your character. The universe is friendly to all types of characters of any orgins and it follows both an open experience for casual roleplayers and optional story arcs to participate in and become stronger. The variety of factions allow your character to pursue their goal with the help of others, or you can be your own anti-hero, a neutral force, or a solo villain.
Welcome to Earth 30!

We are an RP server set in the realm of the webserial Worm, by author Wildbow!
If you haven't read the story don't worry. We have a great intro, and a wonderful staff!

This is a strictly OC based server, meaning no canons are available. With your 2 OC characters though, you can take the helm and do activities such as:
•Join the local Wards!
•Drink, then fight at local clubs!
•Become a rouge, and protect your city by your own means!
•Hatch evil schemes to start a gang!
•Destroy cities, and remind the world of your true evil power!
And more! The world is your oyster!...Following our rules and guide of course ;)

So please, stop on in, take a look around, and most of all... HAVE FUN!
[Based off the Webtoon unOrdinary]

Serenity takes place in a world where people are born with their own superpower, known as an ability. The strength of these abilities varies tremendously, and allow their users to accomplish amazing things.

Though this world wasn't perfect. Those with stronger abilities always sought to stand over the weak, which ultimately caused a period of chaos, and raised tensions between people of various tiers.

Some time later, Serenity High was founded. Only the best of the best were able to attend. Students were recognized for their great intelligence, as well as the level of power their abilities possessed. What events might take place at this school? That's all up to you!

What we offer:
~ A nice community and staff team to help with whatever you need!
~ A place to chill if roleplay isn't your thing!
~ A fun roleplay, with fairly frequent events!
~ A new Tier system, with a maximum level of 15.0!
If you had one power what would it be? To control fire, to control water? To fly? To go invisible? To regenerate at a fast rate? This server takes this concept and puts it into a rp. One power. That's it. If you decide not to join, then have a nice day, and good luck on finding what you are looking for!
✨Starway City, a place many come to accomplish their dreams, whether it's becoming a famous reporter, saving others from danger or world domination.✨

★A new server, so you get to have first dibs on powers

★ Emojis!!!

★ Plenty of bots, you can even request for more!

★ A fun place to hang out and chat!

★Creative freedom~

★OC's are absolutely welcome!

★LGBTQ+ friendly :D

★Always open to suggestions!

✨Remember to reach for the stars!✨

**Help Needed**
(Also if you join, please... don't leave XD)
Welcome to the CITY OF SHADOWS, aka New York, New York, the name so nice you say it twice. It is here that hundreds of thousands of people live... and it is here that a dark threat looms... a group of super-human teenagers, all of which identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, have banded together to try and unearth the secrets behind the recent spike in seemingly malicious activity.

So welcome to the City of Shadows!

We are an LGBTQ+ friendly role play server that focuses on super humans (heroes, villains, etc.), with friendly, helpful staff to help you out, and plenty of diversity for your character! So what are you waiting for? New York awaits!
Crime and Injustice is a superhero roleplay taking place in the fictional city of Ravenwood, Washington - standing over what had once been Seattle. Inspired by various pieces of media like the interactive novel series Fallen Hero and The Wayhaven Chronicles, the movie adaption of the comic series Watchmen, MARVEL's comics and others, Crime and Injustice is set in an alternate timeline where people - not always human - with superpowers briefly roamed the world in the 1980s before being outlawed and forced into the shadows until the turn of the 21st century, wherein, due to a resurgence of such beings, the laws were 'officially' struck down. Will you choose to protect the innocent, to serve the government, or to bring chaos to the world?


We're not particularly bothered about how literate you are so long as you're not an awful human being and your rp is something closer to this:
Arsenal fired off a few more rounds of his G-18s before holstering them, letting out a sigh. "Hooboy, that was... certainly somethin'." He mumbled to himself.
than this:
im gna murder u!!! raaa *instakills no dodge no miss*
Before you read the rest of this, let me just tell you right now. You need to check #how-to-join when you enter. This server has nothing to do with Marvel, DC, or any established universe like that. If you're tired of run-of-the-mill superhero servers using the same tired out villains and roleplaying the same disasters, then this is the place for you. We've got calm, friendly staff that are committed to making your time here enjoyable, in-depth original lore, interesting RP locations that aren't just different areas of New York (Phoenix and Washington D.C. to name a couple), and we're always ready to accept any feedback.

It is the year 2020 and pop culture has moved to the internet. As heroism has evolved over the decades so have the heroes and their structure. Heroism is now a career path, allowing metahumans and brave normal humans to work as heroes rather than struggling to balance heroism with a 9-5 shift. With this change and the popularizing of the internet and social media came a race for popularity.

Heroes now regularly compete to be famous. The smarter heroes picking an audience and playing to those people with their personality and costume design. The greater the acts of heroism, the farther the spread is online and the more popular the hero is. With Millennial heroes came a shift. Outright acts of heroism still performed regularly, yet mixed heavily with the idea of popularity. The popularity of a hero often directly related to their wealth and success.

Yet, amongst all the heroes vying for the public’s attention, some remain in the shadows. Hiding from the camera to do their job. Some such heroes became famous, even legendary, despite their best efforts. The Batmen of their generation, gathering fame through mystique while the Supermen gain fame through feats.

Which will you be?

•prompt check required (you won’t be able to see any of the real server until you do it)
•semi-lit roleplay (perhaps not the best for beginners)
•one on one or group rp
•more options than just heroes or villains
•tiers to reward those who stay
•be a vigilante in New York or a hero in Nightwatch across the U.S., a solo villain or a villain in the Contingency, a criminal, an antihero, a henchman, a sidekick, or even a civilian
•we prefer detailed weaknesses to powers. Any accident or “accident” that can happen will happen!
Pinnacle City, a city littered with crime and super-powered citizens. Join in as a hero, a villain or something in between and live out your true superhero fantasy.

Pinnacle city is a 24/hr, text-based superhero themed roleplaying game. We have around 100 powers for you to choose from, allowing total freedom in creating your own Superhero, Supervillain or Super Sidekick!

Pinnacle City is growing, and it needs your help!

This server is based on the table top rpg, Prowlers and Paragon.
Skyshine is an alternate history/superpower sandbox-style roleplay set in a world where the Cold War went hot. In modern San Francisco, the seat of the new US government, you will play as a Mutant, an individual with powers brought about by radiation. Contains a leveling and stat system that rewards activity, as well as a unique setting that takes inspiration from a number of things. All levels of writing welcome!

•Fun & Open Community
•Plenty of Channels - both normal and erp
•Player Housing
Not based on any existing comic/manga universe, so be as creative as you want :)
Inspiria is a bustling city located in the North East of the United States of America and is located in the state of New York. The city features tall and beautiful buildings in which many people live and enjoy themselves and alongside this are the ever-busy docks used for many things from bringing in goods as well as accepting tourists from over the pond and saying goodbye to stock headed for other countries. Aside from normal civilians there are those with unknown identities: the heroes. The beloved protectors of Inspiria are working one moment as the civilians that they protect and in the blink of an eye are fighting the dastardly villains and Mafia, among other factions, who also hide in plain sight. How will they co-exist? Who will win in the ultimate battle? Only you know.
Heroes Born

Heroes Born is a Super hero VS Super Villain RP that wishes to create an active community with everyone involved! We want the people who come in here to help in the struggle for Horton City. That is both owned by the U.S and Canada (yes its weird) But! We are generally a friendly community. Be cool, and we will be cool with you. ^-^

16+ Due to the maturity of the server
📕 Character Freedom
📕 Active Staff
📕 Friendly Owner
💎 Plenty of RP channels ^-^
💎 Open story (players make a impact on the RP)
💎 Events
⚔️ Heroes and Villain factions allowed
⚔️ Dark themes and ideas are allowed fully
⚔️ Friendly community of course.
🛡️ Fast Growing
🛡️ Fun Bots ^-^
🛡️ Friendly Staff
Super Hero Academy, the most prestigious secondary school for those with abilities. It's very hard to get in, so we expect the best from our students!

Our campus includes:
~A lunchroom with several 5 star restaurants!
~An Olympic sized swimming pool!
~Classes for the non-hero folk!
~And much more!

Join us... if you have what it takes.
Stone Side Academy!: A fun role-play server!

If you have received this message then you have been invited to Stone Side Academy! Stone Side Academy is a fun role-play server meant for those who absolutely love to role-play. This is more of a lax server, however that doesn't mean we're uncreative! We have OORP channels where you can talk to friends and create friends in this brilliant server and various IRP channels which can inspire your creativity!

This server is a role-play server of various young characters in the early 2110 who have the ability to use magic and natural powers. These characters are made by our members, you. In this academy, your main goal as a character is to learn your powers and use them to the fullest potential! Hope you have fun on this amazing server and join our school of magic, powers and superheroes!

➤ Descendants
Welcome to The Descendants! This is a role playing discord surrounding the idea of the next generation of heroes/villains/other. This can mean children of Marvel characters or even those completely unrelated with superhuman abilities. We are a Semi-Lit to Literate roleplay group, and we strive to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. We hope you enjoy your time here!