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Help us to find and eliminate scammers around discord!
Wanna buy something from someone but have that doubt they are scamming? Our discord will collect a list of the scammers that we will find.
Search through that list and see if their name is on there!
But if a scammers name isn't on there, then come help us improve, expose those annoying scammers, share the word!

We are also gathering popular scamming techniques to avoid getting scammed and also trusted and legit sellers so you can buy without getting scammed.
Hello! We are a group of animal jam scammers, you are NOT ALLOWED to hack/scam anyone in this server. Please don't expose there users, or share mains, don't post any personal type of info unless the users info is wanted to be posted.
Hey! Do you like Fortnite Save The World? Do you like trading? Are you a scammer? Well if so come on down here we also train people to learn how to scam for free! Join here and we’ll help you chatty scammer and learn how to scam. We also know all the best scams and we know how to make a editable trap! So come on down and let’s get started!
This marketplace has a variety of cheap items and accs, dm Lucid#5374 for bulk deals
We are a Fortnite stw trading community
we have; bots, trading, nice community and loads more
you can also advertise your own server!