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Welcome to the Helptists Mafia. We are a very retarded mafia; that's the main thing you need to know.
We have a wide range of personalities, communities and fandoms on the server and would love for you to join us. Speaking of communities, we have branches!

Branches are how we represent The Don's alliances, feel free to join any!
Right now we have:

🏳️‍🌈Gay Branch🏳️‍🌈
🌳Tree Branch🌳
💙Mama Branch💙

Join Gay Branch to hang with the LGBTQ+ community!

Join Tree Branch because... well maybe you like plants or something? we honestly dont know why its called tree branch other than the fact that its funny.

Join Mama's Branch for cookies and fun times!

In the Helptists Mafia we have a wide variety of activities and fun you can partake in! From gaming to bots, we have it all!

Among Us
(And any games you may enjoy)

You can speak and chill with others in text and voice channels.

We have a special service for you to partake in. This is obviously optional and honestly, unless you don't value your existence don't choose it.
If hell was a discord server it would be this damn place. Party place for degenerates, outcasts, retards and for some reason femboys. Join if you dare.
Come join our community focused minecraft server! Where we welcome all kinds of people. No rules on what you can say either! as long as you just don't grief, you're good! Feel free to yell anything in voice chat! Come join your own little version of SMPLive!
Retards. A server full of insomniacs and retards.
We now have our own bot, Alexander Nox.
Come on down and socialize. Or just fuck around with the bots.
Hello there! We’re the official Naoto Sex Club. We’re pretty epic ngl 😳

We have a few things idfk we’re all retards here

- Cool people
- Cum
- Thighs
- Yes

Come join if you’re interested, if you don’t you’re gay. Thank you.
- Welcome to The Drive Thru -

♡ 150+ people
♡ Self-assignable roles
♡ Open to partner and promo is allowed
♡ Variety of channels/bots
♡ And much more..

I really hope you have a nice stay!

Owner : Seeb#0001 Feel free to DM if needed

- https://discord.gg/qqnzy3h -
we have our own community for special people, this is a democracy and we hold elections every weak for a person to become the president/prime minister.
A server where we do memes, war, guns and cancer, here is the link https://discord.gg/xZS57uXYKG
Welcome To The Vibe Hangout

❖A Place To Vibe
❖Find Friends!
❖ Amazing Users And Admins!
❖ Fun Bots!
❖ Music Bots and Channels!
❖ We're on Disboard!
❖ Talents Category!
❖ Selfies Channel!
❖ Fair rules with explanation!
Hope you consider joining!
Join if you're a chill and/or cool person, or a hot babe ;) Furries will be banned on sight.
We are a sever full of pepole ranging from tech geeks to hardcore role players we aim to have but not be too professional we are always active and were fun pepole
hi were all retards in this server so keep that in mind but we all game, we don't judge this server. is owned by Batteries Not Included (aka BNI) we record random videos together, that's besides the point. any way, hope you join and have fun!
A server where you can shitposts

we have:


People that should probably die

and much more!
join us... youll have fun.. we say stupid and funny stuff all the time