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Growing server centered around communication within new communities of member variation that can be distinguished through self-assignable roles and access to premium server content via donations as little as $1 !

Server is diverse and growing, so there will be changes made from time to time in order to accommodate variety and fun.
mystical 🤠
~ a server where there's no hierarchy, everyone's opinion matters & is taken into consideration ~

~ minimal rules and moderation ~

~ chill staff and members, with achievable ranks ~

~ advertising, cursed images, pet channels all available ~

~ frick ton of events, and looking for new ideas ~

~~ a sense of community and support ~~

why not join broski ;)
we all hope to see ya around 🤠
a gardening server where you wont be banned for disagreeing with the owner or posting brainlet pictures lol
This a server for chilling and meeting new people.
We do our best to incude all and this is a new server so things will change and we'd love for you to be apart of that change.

Also this server uses a autorole system so you have to react to get your roles.
Hello! This is a small community for dog lovers and breeders alike! We have channels for all and even a general channel for talk other than our furry babies.
Here in this community we are a family and will help eachother through anything. Please take this seriously as its for dog lovers and breeders. Even if you don't own a dog you can join and just talk about dog behavior, training, dog society and so on! We have channels for any and everything!
we also listen to our members and have a channel for recommendations to help improve the server!
Hello here at the Church of Thighs we love and appreciate thighs and other cute things. We have a small but growing community of cosplayers nerds and more that are excited to make new friends. Join the church of thighs for thighs, new friends and more!
HI and welcome to Degenerates !

- On this server we are a gaming Community with Rainbow Six 6 and Fortnite being our two most played games, We feature a weekly event called Top Contributor.
- Some of our channels consist of NSFW (18+ warning) , Fortnite dedicated and Rainbow Six dedicated, with memes, general and more! We are always looking for suggestions and ways of improvement! :heartbunny~1:

We hope you come join us today! https://discord.gg/CUDf5w6
The PM counterpart to AM™
A lighthearted SFW server for animal lovers to join and discuss any topics they please as long as they follow the server rules. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
Welcome to Rainbow's Pet Camp!

<A Roleplay house server under the rule of a Goddess named Rainbow. This house allows you to live out your wildest fantasies, be it a sexualized relationship with the Neko race, or a large pool party!>

<With many channels to RP in, the possibilities are endless! Into RP, and feeling especially excited? The NSFW RP Area has all you need and more. From casual sex, to kinky poundings. We really do want the best for you.>

We offer
- NSFW / SFW RP Areas
- Self assignment roles
- Bot money
- Giveaways
- Staff Applications always open.
- Lust and candy cakes
- Rainbow's personal podcast
And so much more!

Join us, it'll be pleasurable~
The official support server for the Purity discord bot.

Purity Bot is a community focused multi-purpose bot that allows for a new and exciting way for server owners to engage their communities.

If you have an idea for the bot, come check out this support discord and leave feedback, add suggestions, and reports bugs! Love hearing from the community!
S3P/S4P is a community for what I call ‘Simers’. ‘Simers’ to me are people who create dogs on sims 3 or 4 using one of the EA bases provided and use their creations to make videos, whether it be mep parts, music videos, short stories, movies, gifts for other Simmers, Story series, just to show off or enjoy, or all or any of those things.
Now I do know that Simers can also do the same with human creations so those who do that may join too, it just has to mostly deal with the pets.
I can’t wait to meet you, and I hope you give us a chance!

-staff positions open, dm Ehhh for more info.
welcome to Littles and pets, this server is focused around ERP, but for littles, there is a little spot just for you and your daddy/mommy to sit and talk

You can buy littles here or pets, using UnbelievaBoat with the commands !work !crime and !slut
I hope we can grow this server!
This server is a place for people of all ages who share pictures of their pets.
-Self Assignable Roles
-Place to Chat with Other Members
A Fun Sever To Meet New People With The Same Interests As You!
Welcome to W O K E a place with NSFW channels, community channels, fun channels, many fun bots and commands and MUCH MORE join to be W O K E
the pet appreciation discord is a small group of people to share picturesque of our pets, and if your animal isn’t listed yet we are more than glad to add a channel for the pets we’d forgotten about! no nsfw stuff or whatever its just. appreciating other people’s pets and sharing your pets so they can also be appreciated thanks for coming to my ted talk
in this place u can either be a pet to adopt, or adopt a pet and be the owner. This Server Includes ERP Stuff, Because The Pets Have To Do Everything u Tell Them to do, Have Fun! 💓💛💚💙🧡
Are you looking for an organized place that will allow you to obsess over your pets hassle free? Well welcome to the Pet Haven! This server is a place for Pet Lovers of all kinds.

What we offer:
🖤A general chat section where you may converse and send memes WITHOUT getting hit with join and leave messages.
🖤Pet specific channels to discuss pets
🖤We're open to suggestions.
🖤We're brand new.
🖤We have Rythm bot and a sperate music and voice call.
🖤a SFW server where all are welcome.

If this ad has caught your fancy pleas join us.

(I'm also new to carl bot so uh- please ignore the welcome message is not correct. I'm working on it.)
We are a brand new server interested in gaining more members who are interested in mouse breeding, or pet mice in general.
We are a friendly community of animal lovers/owners. Come join if you like animals or need some animal advice. We hope you enjoy your time st the hyacinth!
This server is based around Pets and Animals!

Pet owners get special ranks! eg : Dog owner (if you have more then one kind of pet you get roles for them too!)
The high heavens is a server made for people who actually wanna get to know people and talk about anything there is a hellgates which is a NSFW.
This server is planning on being deleted, but we made another server not made for animals but you can still talk about animals in! Join this server and the link will be there. (we kick you off animal fanclub so we know who joined and who didnt once you join the other server)