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This is a server for all APEX gamers, streamers, and youtubers! All are welcome! We have multiple channels and chats! Come join, meet new people, and invite others!
This is just a small server for playing videogames, nothing special. If you want to play with us, feel free to join.

Side note: Your name may or may not change into two nouns.
Welcome to a Polish community channel for the Anthem Game by BioWare/EA
We're a community of pc/console gamers and friends! - we've got lots of amazing people around here so come join us to play some games, watch movies or participate in events (づ◕o◕)づ
Avendo constatato che in questo mondo non esiste un discord di Killing Floor 2 ITALIANO, ne ho creato uno io. Per radunare tutti i giocatori italiani che hanno voglia di divertirsi, ammazzando zed in compagnia. Prego, la Horzine Biotech™ vi augura un buon proseguimento di giornata.
We accept all people 16+

Were a small semi-active community that also games together.
Majority of "active" people are 20+

➔Friendly staff
➔Organized and clean
➔Drama and toxic free
➔Have a LFG system for connecting with other gamers
➔Have events every week
➔SFW if you don't count our sense of humor(;
➔Tons of roles and colors to pick from
➔ bots for games and music

~Were currently not doing partnerships~
We are mostly centered around computer building but are opened to tech all around. We can provide technical support, you can show off your PC build in our #pc-showcase channel (any build is welcome), or you can just chill here. Memes are allowed. Si quieres hablar espanol hablar conmigo con tag (Katotohanan)
🖖 WITAJ! 🖖

SOL PUBLIC to serwer założony przez członków Oddziału. 🐲
Został on stworzony 4fun dla ludzi o różnych osobowościach! 😸
Na serwerze na pewno znajdziesz ludzi do gry czy wspólnego pisania. 😊
Serwer powoli się rozwija, zachęcamy do wbicia! 🤗
The 'Wolf Pack' Discord Server is a small pc gaming community based in the U.S. although we accept EU members as well. We primarily play Siege and PUBG. Our only rule is to eliminate background noise from your mic. Other than that, just be cool. Plenty of bots and ranks to help enhance the experience. Stop by and say hi.
Welcome to Fallout 76 PC, come join us and make new friends and join groups. Our Discord is for pc players of Fallout games mainly fallout 76.
You can trade,group up and more.
We also have some that roleplay in fallout 76 including myself.
Come join us and be apart of the pc community
[ Nox Nova ]

Multi-platform Gaming Community (PC/XBOX/PS4)
All Timezones welcome!
Looking for MATURE and ACTIVE gamers, and non-gamers alike!
Game specific, and server-wide giveaways!

[ Requirements ]
Be active within the community
Fluent English speaking
Be chill

Join now, and walk with us into the New Night.
We are offering a Fortnite Account generation, join the server to greeted by our easy to use programme :) Your welcome in advance :P
`All in all were a chill server. If your looking to make friends or just wanna hang out, your welcome here. We have amazing community with staff that are always ready to help. Theres always 25 ppl online. Come and check us out! We would love to have you! Everyone is equal here.` u can swear up to a degree
💝 `Very nice, mature but not boring members`
😎 `Chill Staff + Looking for more!` 😎
🎮 `Any game topics!` 🎮
📰 `Any politics topics!` 📰
✈ `Growing community` ✈
💜 `Hangout with everyone` 💜
`Memes` 😉 👍
`NSFW` 🍆 😉
`gays are welcome’ 😄
😴 `Late-Night Gaming` 😴
😄 `advertising channel` 😄
🔊 `gaming chat channels and general chat` 🔊
👍 `And way more on the way!`
🔗 🔗

Hey mates :) We're lovers of gaming and socializing together!

• Blinqer.com is our social platform for discussions <3
• Many interesting and fun bots to play around with!
• Climb the leaderboards by leveling up!
• Bunch of wild personalities to find and befriend!
• Excellent staff - we listen.
Venez rejoindre ce petit serveur ou tu pourras t'amuser parler de tout et de rien, jouer, te faire des amis :D
The Gaming Café is a small-ish server intended for bringing together people to form a good community for games and other things alike. The staff is small and nice so if you have any questions you can ping them or personally DM me with any questions and concerns, we take them to heart for the good of the server as we want to provide a good environment for anyone.

We offer:
- Dank Memes
- Some NSFW channels (a role is required to access these)
- Roleplay channels
- And some other channels, we can add some per request.
this is a very friendly server. It's mostly about fortnite and apex legends but sometimes we play other games too. And we help each other in various ways.
So if you want to play with more people then join us!!!
Polish furry server, join now!
Here is automatic ranks and all stuff for furries! Come and check!
„Elite“ ist eine Community, welche sich im Dezember 2017 als Clan unter dem Namen „Primo“ gründete! Zu der Zeit war der Clan mehr auf das allseits beliebte Fortnite konzentriert. Der Leistungsvergleich war nie unser Ziel, sondern viel mehr der Spaß und die Leidenschaft am Spiel. Das sorgte immer für eine freundliche und beinahe familiäre Gaming-Atmosphere.
Nachdem der Clan gewachsen war, hatten wir uns dazu entschlossen,
einen öffentlichen Fortnite Teamspeak zu eröffnen. Im Mai 2018 war es soweit.
Die ersten User benutzten unsere frisch erstellten Channel.
Vier Monate später war uns Fortnite nicht genung. Aufgrund unseres
Ehrgeizes und unserer Leidenschaft unsere Community zu vergrößern,
hatten wir uns dazu entschlossen, unser Konzept auf Multigaming zu erweitern. Und jetzt sind wir eine Gemeinschaft, die sich nach den Spielern richtet und weiterentwickelt. Jeder, der Spaß am Zocken und Quatschen hat, wird bei uns herzlich empfangen. Auch das Team sorgt dafür, dass diese Gemeinschaft zusammen gehalten wird, damit das Ziel zur angenehmen Atmosphere
gehalten werden kann.
Website: fortnite-elite.de
'Fifty Shades of Grace' started out as a hangout for a bunch of eccentric friends. We're a cozy hangout for random chats and get togethers in the evenings! Mostly [EU] PC gamers and MMO nomads by nature who play a variety of things - current common games are Guild Wars 2 & Overwatch amongst others! But most of the time we just chat about random, completely unrelated things...

TL;DR We just like to support and be each other's company! #goodvibes

Some fun facts:
▪️Multicultural to the max!
▪️Indiana Jones, the Caped Crusader & a Birb walk amongst us.
▪️No hierarchy because... let's face it, we're too small lol.
▪️Perfect for loners AND social butterflies (and inbetweeners), we love all!

Last but not least, you could help make this an awesome place to be at simply by joining us ;) So come say hi!
DevHelp helps developers or new coders, program.
We currently have channels for:
And more soon!

I hope to see anyone join, even if you are not a developer, you are welcome.
Hello Everyone,

We're a Siege Community looking for any members to join.
We're still very small and looking to grow so it becomes a second home for everyone, we don't mind how long you've played siege or how bad you're or how good, everyone is welcome no matter, so come along and help us grow, we cant do it without you. Thank you.
Welcome to Tech Community, a server for all things PC, Mac, mobile and much more. All rules are taken seriously so please check out the rules and have a great time on the server.
This is an up and coming Sea of Thieves server. We’re starting from square one but we have a lot of exciting things in store. Crew finders, Contests, and Events! We’re excited for you to join us and conquer the seas!