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Welcome to Sellers Corner 18+
Pls read⚡️⚡️Verification is a must so if you have a problem with that 👉🚪

🔞We are an 18+ only NSFW selling server🔞

We already have quite a few verified sellers and buyers waiting for you😘😘

⭐️Simple verification process to prove that you’re 18+⭐️(Verification is a must)

✅What we offer:✅

✨Special roles for sellers to show what they offer✨
☀️Special roles for sexuality and gender roles☀️
🌟Buyers request channels where sellers can react/respond to your inquiries and perhaps fulfill your unique needs🌟
⚡️Fun bots in a bot spam channel⚡️
💥Suggestions page for you to tell us what you think will make our server better💥
☄️3 different DM roles. Ask to DM, Open DMs and Closed DMs to prevent annoying DM flooding. ☄️

💫We are currently accepting Staff Applications from anyone with our 18+ verified role💫

⚠️All you have to do is join and verify to become part of the fun⚠️

Hope to see you soon😘
This is an 17+ NSFW server and community with many features to satiate your thirst. We are a lax community with relaxed rules and a place to be thirsty without being a creep. Harmless banter and perverted jokes are welcome as long as it does not cross the line.

Our community offers

- Safe place for everyone;

-Friendly staff;

-Server dedicated bots;

-Many roles to choose from;

-E - girls;

-Verification system to avoid catfishes and underage scrubs;\u200B

-NSFW Channels;

-Many fun bots;

-Nudes channels;


- And much more.

Whether you are looking for a place to make friends or just looking to thirst over nudes, this is the server for you!
This is a server to sell and buy nudes! If you're interested in selling, hop in! If you're interested in buying, hop in!

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|🦋| - 1:1 male to female ratio
|🦋| - join for a personal stripper or esex
|🦋| - you're loved here
|🦋| - Get perks with MEE6 leveling system
|🦋| - unlimited cute egirls & eboys
|🦋| - NO RULES! You won't be bothered
|🦋| - Chill, chat, talk shit and much more!
The Official Kinky Crusade Discord Server. We are a Kinky Dating , Kinky Nude Trading, and Master/Slave , Master/Neko , DDLG, PetPlay , BDSM Server.
*18+ONLY Server!
*Non Mandatory Verification.
Subs/Pets join to find your self a Dom\Owner , Doms/Owners join to find your self some Subs/Slaves/Pets Or Join simply to Trade Nudes! We also have a hangout area for just making kinky friends or even something more .
This is an 18+ server with mega links you can share just need to verify by inviting two friends
Nothing that has to do with children
2. If you have sexual attraction to children get help and don't join
3. No Gore
These rules will stop the server from getting deleted
At 4500+ Miracle 18+ is a public 18+ nsfw server which features nudes, tease images, no tolerance for minors, porn channels, a chill & mature environment, various bots, and apart of a growing community!
❤️ Welcome Everyone! ❤️

❤️ Cirque Du Nirvana ❤️

We aim to give you all a good time and overall to have fun, hangout chill and escape! We aim to reach to your needs! ;)

What all do we give yah’?

⋆ Active Chats!
⋆ Self Roles!
⋆ NSFW Content!
⋆ 1:1 Male to Female Ratio
⋆ Verified Content!
⋆ Chill Staff!
⋆ Active Members and Staff!
⋆ Games, Poke, CAH, and others!
⋆ Art, Selfies, and Memes!
⋆ Dm Requests!

1.you need to be post nsfw every week/month
2.if you don't post than banned or kick and the banned is for ever
6.BE friendly
9. if you leave than it's still banned so we don't have to deal with you in the future
two sugar babies looking to sell nudes to anyone interested! we are also looking for a sugar daddy that we can trust and be comfortable with :)
Pub discord pour tous les jeunes cherchant à se faire plaisir !
jellyfish fields is a dating/hookups/nude trading server and anyone over 18 is welcome to join.
1̳8̳+ ̳O̳N̳L̳Y̳. ̳N̳O̳ ̳M̳I̳N̳O̳R̳S̳.
A server dedicated to foreskin.
Very small at the moment.
-Nudes available to everyone.
-Kink Friendly
-LGBTQ Friendly.
-Comfy vibe.
-Self roles.
-Slayyyter stans.
And the best part...
Join the server all about porn.
Nude selfies Women and Men
Nude Video selfies Women and Men
50+ different nude categories
Social Media Porn
Porn Bots
Porn Gifs
Daily New Brazzers and Reality kings videos.
Voice chat
🌴ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ɴᴜᴅᴇ ɪsʟᴀɴᴅ🌴



~Welcome to Arcadia~

Arcadia is many things. A place of rest, a place of safety, a place to come back to after grappling with the rigors of the world. Arcadia is an oasis in the desert, Arcadia is paradise and should you wish it, Arcadia can be where you and your friends come together to indulge in the joys of life.

This server is a community. A society; a collection of minds. And like the mind, it is always growing and evolving as do we all. It is both a fortified haven and a work in progress, and will only get better with time! It is intended to be a hub, the one place you and your friends can always return to. Things may change, and we may grow or shrink, but this place will always be what it has always been should you choose to allow it: your home........ Arcadia

18+ only!
a new server to share, trade, post nudes and watch or post porn. anyone is welcome
A place to either show off your extra skin or to simply admire uncut dicks either way all dicks are wanted
Heres a place where you can meet just about anyone of any type, get free nudes WITHOUT ID VERIFICATION, meet new people, and just be welcome to an awesome fast growing active community!
hi im katie, my other account was deleted lmao so please join this one if you want to contact me <3
💎Free Nudes💎
💜Boost level: 1. Boosts: 6.💜

This server currently is also the home to two pornstars that have their own channels and can be interacted with!!

This server is not only for nudes, you can also just have a meaningless conversation or just look at memes as in your other servers.