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Come to the Midnight Bunker to chill, talk about anime, movies, music, games or whatever. We have movie nights and contests! This is the best server to just hang out, be comfy, and have moderately serious discussions with really cool people.
The Hotties 
╰┈─➤ a fun, and active, server !

The Hotties is a active and fun community server. We love meeting new people, welcome to all ages. most of us are in EST but we have members all over.

╭──────We have a:─────────╮
╭ ・ fun community
│ ・ lgbtq+ friendly server
│ ・ reaction roles
│ ・ jackbox games
│ ・ caring and sweet staff
│ ・ movie nights
│ ・ gaming community
│ ・a sfw server
│ ・goofy member to talk to
│ ・active vcs
│ ・a leveling system
╰ ・bots to play with while you’re bored

This server is dedicated to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts series. It is a place for fans to come together to talk about the series and meet new people who share a mutual love for the Wizarding World. Hogwarts is a friendly and welcoming community. We offer self-assignable roles, a fun leveling system, roles to unlock hidden channels, and a non-toxic, active environment. We hope you enjoy your stay and —oh, please remember that the third-floor corridor on the right-hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death.
✦Welcome to Neverland ✦

»———— ✦ ————«
We are a small but active community often playing games or vibing in voice chat!
We offer
✦ reaction roles for activities
✦ levelling system
✦ fun bots to play with
✦ general chat
✦ role privileges
✦voice channels
✦ movie/game nights
✦ dank memes

»———— ✦ ————«
Come join us!
Welcome to Universe of Flash!
• We are a welcoming community. Yes, the server's name is Universe of Flash, but we have other things that you might like more, like channels about Marvel or games you love, etc.
• Voice chats and voice channels to communicate with people, listen to music, etc. Feel free to chat and have discussions with members on the server!
• We have tons of fun bots for you to use! Like Dank Memer, Rythm, MEE6 (which includes a role-leveling up system that's super easy to use), and more!
• Usually we do community events and you guys get to pick what to do, like watching movies together while chatting.

We like to expand our server's potential by frequently updating it to make it better, so if you want to suggest something, feel free to do it!]
Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.

We have a Discord Nitro GIVEAWAY every week! 🎁
👾░R░e░t░r░o░ ░A░t░m░o░s░p░h░e░r░e░👾

😎 Hangout for Movie Fans
😎 Movies, Tv Shows, Music Videos, Soundtracks
😎 Retro and new movie trailers
😎 Movie Nights
😎 Non-Spoiler and Spoiler Reviews
😎 All members are encouraged to review, critique, and discuss content under Fair Use
😎 Organized server with plenty of cool channels and categories
🤯 All Genres
🤯 Chill and Friendly Community
🤯 VC Channels and Music Player
🤯 ASMR movie related videos for those who miss going to vid store/ theater
🤯 Retro Blockbuster Employee Training videos
🤯 Much more to explore!

🍕(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Everyone is welcomed to join ♥🍕

If you're a horror movie addict like myself please check out my second server:

Slashing Into Horror
This is a whatever server you can chat you can talk you can do whatever as long as you don't break the rules we have advertising about games movies whatever you wantI know we don't have many members yet and it may be off-putting but we won't be able to grow members if no one joins so I hope to see you there 😁
The Grand Army of the Republic
We are a nice community of memers
WE Offer
•Any movie Quote channel
• Movies/Tv Show channels
• Gaming channel
• Discord server Promotion
NOTE:This is a star wars server but you can talk about anything
The best place to get executed by the Chinese emperor and his priests. Join in the cyberpunk Chinese themed server and get your thing on, whatever it is. Follow the rules and you might be on the patrol squad.
A small server for casual film fans to discuss movies. We don't have many rules and I try to create a chill environment.
Fandom. It stands for "Fanatic Domain." Which is exactly what our server for Multifandom is about!

Fandom Anarchy is a server for all sorts of fandoms, ranging from book fandoms such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Maze Runner and Percy Jackson, to show fandoms such as Doctor Who, Good Omens, Sherlock, and Supernatural. We also have channels for comic-book-movies fans such as the Marvel and the DC channels. There are even channels for anime, sitcoms, and also for cartoons.

Fαɳԃ〄ɱ Aɳαɾƈԋყ is a server with:
• 70+ fandom Channels
• 10+ genre channels
• Many miscellaneous channels
• Channels for music and art and other forms of media
• A category for literature which includes a poetry channel and a short-story channel
• 15+ bots with many bot channels

We are a friendly and fun community and we have a good moderator selection. Please join to help us broaden our community!

Thanks! :)
Heyy, Welcome to The Singing Studio Community! ⭐

We are a server focused around Music and Talent we sing host awesome events every week such as Movie's, Open Mics, Tournaments and even more.
We Have a lovely community and everyone in it is absolutely Amazing!!

We Cant wait to see you in The Singing Studio! 💙
Here we offer:
- A welcoming community!
- Meme pages!
- Anime Pages
- Movie Nights!
- Gambling dens!
- Fighting Den!
- Light Novel Discussions!
-Gaming Discussions!
- Fun Bots
- Lots of exciting events!
- Real Money Giveaways!
- Music and VC’s!
- The chance to make new friends!
And much more!
We are the most active marvel server on discord! Our community is home to many enthusiastic members that share similar comic and movie interests. Our staff has a very polite attitude towards supporting and being friendly with members. We host movie nights, movie marathons, game nights, questionnaires, giveaways, art competitions and trivia tournaments! All marvel related. We wish to see you part of our growing community and feel free to check out some of our reviews!
If you love horror, crime mystery, and scary stuff this server is the move. There's a small horror art community growing within the server. We stream scary movies, and creepy videos occasionally. Check out the creepy content in the different channels, and feel free to share your own. Here in D4RKSIDE the vibes stay spooky 💀

-Keep up to date with the newest and scariest movies
-Chat with fellow members about horror related stuff
-Share your favorites anytime
-Watch horror movies live with fellow members
We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

We are a roleplay server based around the Harry Potter Series. We not only RP, but we have classrooms based around wizarding subjects.
Chiqui's House is a server filled with fun, go from listening to music, to playing games like one word stories, or just practice your singing and instrument skills, We also have NSFW chats and have NSFW streams for people who like it. The community of Chiqui's house is very hospitable, funny, and kind, we like to joke.

-Games like, Roblox, battlefield,war thunder, Rainbow Six siege, Skribbl.io, One Word Stories, etc.

-Daily Music Sessions, and Some Karaoke nights, We listen to all kinds of music from, Japanese, to throwback songs from early 2000s to Rap etc.

-Movies, Streams of any sort, we play your favorite movies, play your favorite games, and just play random youtube videos for everyone to watch and chill.

-NSFW channels, we have a collection of bots to serve your NSFW needs, and we also have NSFW streams.

Abide by the rules and have fun in Chiqui's House!
• This server is dedicated to the production of The Edge of Midnight, a horror drama anthology series.

• Every episode is a new story, a part of a bigger picture.

• We post on YouTube.

• Join if you want to be included in the making of this series.

• Roles Available:

Voice Actor
Voice Actress
Sound Designer
Music Composer

• Impressive collection of movie star icons emojis.
Very active community that loves to talk horror and watch movies with fellow horror fans!

👻 Weekly watch parties
🎃 TMDb bot and self assigned roles
⚰️ Games, contests, and giveaways
🧟 Channels for all horror
💀 Events run by both staff and [dis]members
This history server is focused on discussion based on the academic and professional historical field. We have great resources, great discussions, and stream historical movies twice weekly.

While there are many great, casual servers, we want to build one with high-level discussion with a focus on peer-reviewed materials. Those without professional or college-level experience in the field are welcome, but are still expected to strive for the academic standard in their discussions. Hope to see you here!
The HelloGreedo Cantina is the official discord server for the Youtuber HelloGreedo. We're the primary destination for all things Star Wars and for other entertainment. This server offers Star Wars discussions, debates, memes, and more! Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or simply a lover of all film, I think you’ll enjoy the HelloGreedo Server.