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Join WRLD Today for an active chat & vc with daily giveaways including weekly nitro drops etc. we would appriciate you joining as were on the way t becoming the #1 juice wrld server!! 999
Discord Server for Rattpack to talk about the rapper "Logic", talk about upcoming Albums, Mixtapes, ETC, on the biggest and most active Logic Discord Server!
☆ 𝙂𝙝𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙤 𝙋𝙤𝙚𝙩𝙧𝙮 𝙈𝙚𝙙𝙞𝙖 ☆
All Hip-Hop Mutli-Media Platform Created in 2020 by artists for artists!
Instagram: @GpmcMedia YouTube: Ghetto Poetry Media
✧│Weekly Uploads!
✧│Amazing Booster Perks!
✧│Chances For Promotion!
✧│Graffiti Writers & Talent!
✧│GPM Podcast & Media Influences!
✧│Weekly Battles, Concerts, and more!
✧│Custom Bots, Dope Emcees, and more!
Everything hip hop/rap in one server. If you’re a rapper, producer or just someone who likes discussing the genre, then this is the perfect place for you!
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this server is for all of those people who wanna chill out to some music while talkin to ur new friends.

In this sever you will find:
An active chats
Many events and giveaways
Comfortable community and friendly staff
Yoooo wassup,how you doing? This is a server where you can talk about anything! The server is chill and has 24/7 moderation by either real people or bots. Since I recently made it you can join and get a chance to get mod, admin, manager, co-owner, etc. Any support is appreciated, thank you!
A community for people who want to get better at producing. Join if you think you can help others and yourself get better, we mainly make Hip hop so if thats you come through. If you join just to self-promo you will be banned.
The first ever lol boat server! This server is growing rapidly! Be apart of the journey. We have tons of welcoming members and they are non toxic too, we have great non toxic staff as well
Hi! this is a server all about streetwear and hip hop/ rap, we welcome all people to this server, we also update you on the latest releases including clothes, trends, albums/song releases, and games, etc. and once more I welcome you to join my server with many other awesome people!!!

This is a Discord server for any Juice WRLD fan to meet other Juice WRLD fans and chat, we are chill, and give out cool roles, etc.
✧ welcome to the fan community server for rapper, HAARPER ✧


our server offers:

△ giveaways
△ unique dark aesthetic emotes
△ fun bots
△ friendly & chill staff
△ a level system
△ self-assignable roles
△ a semi-active community
△ different channels for interests + nsfw channel

come join and enjoy your stay! 🖤
Check out the official discord of For The Family! Join our community for the latest in music, hip-hop, rap, and culture! Feel free to come and share your own pieces of work or just connect with the hip-hop community!

Welcome to the Family!

Created by:
Ill cut the crap and ill tell u we are a super chill server. The server is well structured and we tend to be active! Round the clock staff and amazing service is just some of the stuff here at our server! make ur next album with easy collaboration platforms ranging from lyricists and album covers/videos to the beats and features!

Head on over and join us. We are worth your time!
We're a server dedicated to the singer & rapper Nathan Feuerstein. We have chill atmosphere and talk about all kinds off stuff. Please join and help us create a great community!
Welcome we are a new and upcoming music-making community! come have a look around. :)
🎙️ | Live Freestyles & Battles w/ Feedback
🤖 | Custom Bot
📋 | Weekly Events w/ RSVP & Local Times
🔴 | Weekly Podcast (Sundays)
💎 | Real International Talent
📚 | Knowledge Bank (Help to Improve Your Skills)
✍️ | Writtens Welcome (Freestyles & Battle)
📰 | Hip-Hop News, Videos & Discussions
🎛️ | Network & Collaborate
🖼️ | Memes / Rare Pics/Gifs/Vids

You about it?
Join up and let's get to work!!
📎 | https://discord.gg/eTGgf8y
No witaj ziomeczku.
Na serwerze znajdziesz super ludzi, otwarte głowy, zajebiste dyskusje, i wiele innych. Serwer głównie o rapie, ale każdy temat mile widziany!
Nie mamy regulaminu, jebać go, po prostu trzeba się zachowywać normalnie.
The hated crew is a discord page made for inspiring artists who wants to bring their craft to the next level. We deal with Industry Standard Corporations, Sole proprietorship Individuals, THC a brand that others envy! Become a member of THC, if you aren't being hated then you need to step up your game!

☠️ Fun helpful community
☠️ New insightful Album Drops
☠️ Community **Giveaways**
☠️ Advertise your beats
☠️ Fun community activities
☠️ Hip-Hop, Rap and positive vibes
Hip-Hop Vibes is the server to join if you are looking for a place to talk about anything Hip-Hop.

Discuss your favorite songs/artists
Whats going on in the world of hip-hop
Get recommended or recommend songs for other people
Share your music to get new listeners
Dobrodošli na Trepmaniu ,server za ljubitelje trepa i repa (stranog i našeg)
sve je jednostavno možete deliti svoje klipove,pesme i reklamirati sve što želite slobodno ! Tako da ko se bavi repom moći će da ovde promoviše svoje pesme🎯

🌊Dozvoljeno reklamiranje
🔥Dobar Staff
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A creative space for hiphop heads to interact and advance. We are growing a community of like minds and promoting a stream of ideas and projects