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Voici le serveur rp ps4 ou tu pourras pleinement t’amuser se serveur n’est pas seulement un serveur rp mais une famille ❤️🔥
We are a new fun discord RP server, we have open staff roles, and would like to get a nice RP server.

United Kingdom RolePlay community aslo known as UKRP is the best British roleplay server out there we talk realism to the extreme with scenes involving LFB,CIV,LAS,FLP and SFC.

London Fire Brigade🚒-OPEN

London Ambulance service🚑-OPEN

Metropolitan police🚔-OPEN

Specialist Firearms Command🔫-OPEN

Civilian operations🚗-OPEN

UKRP also have a up and running CAD/MDT and numerous sub-division.Join here to start your journey.Do you have what it takes?
Are you looking for your next great GTA 5 RP server? Well, look no further than SARP! We have an abundance of features to offer all those who enter our doors, including advanced training, a legitimate ranking system, a media team, and much more! We invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to grow, prosper, and rise to the top! Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon!
SS Stealth Solutions

Here at SS (STEALTH SOLUTIONS) our team is dedicated to helping our member's and customers.

What we have to offer
Amazing CAD/MDT's
Amazing prices
Discord servers
And more to come
《Xbox's Department of Justice Roleplay 》

- Open to Merge Offers into us
- 10-99 CAD
- Roleplays almost everyday
- 70+ Members

Our LEO Departments:
SAHP - San Andreas Highway Patrol
LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
LSCSO - Los Santos County Sheriffs Office

- Civilian/Criminal
Our Civ Department is ran by a trusted and experienced Head Of Civs.
Some Key Areas Of Civ:
Security (Gruppe Sechs), Uber and Taxi, Store Clerk, Farmer; etc.

- Los Santos Fire Department
This teams aim is to bring safety and wellness to all people of San Andreas.
A Subdivision they have:
Search and Rescue

- Subdivisions
Some Subdivisions Include:
Bike Unit
Wildlife Rangers

Come on down to XDOJ where the fun comes first and so does the experience!

Nouveau serveur nous Somme à fond allez au moins jette un coup d d'œil
We are a realistic ps4 roleplay community for gta5. We have daily rp's no matter how many people are rping that are at a good time for everyone.
We are a GTA 5 rp community on PS4, we are trying to grow our small community to make it bigger and better! We have a great staff team that can always help you when you need it, also our staff team could use some new faces so if you can prove to us your worthy of it that we might add you to the staff team. We have a CAD/MDT for all of our departments. (Civ, BCSO, SAHP, Fire/EMS, and Dispatcher) So if you could come join us to help grow our community it would be gratefully be appreciated.
North Justice RP, Newer Community Heavy RP with a decent playerbase and a wonderful Community family type environment you will find our Server IP in Discord we have a very nice script and customized vehicles.
San Andreas State Roleplay is a Xbox One only community. We welcome anyone who wants to join and have run RPing!
We are a gta v xbox rp server. We patrol daily and have excellent staff
Voila AdderLife Rolplay vas ouvrir l'année prochaine un serveur gta5 RP le plus sérieux posible on cherche aussi du staff
1 Développeur
2 Administrateur
4 Modérateur
Voila nous cherchons 1 developpeur pour avoir un bon serveur fiable et bien 2 administrateur pour gérer les personnes qui ont des problèmes IG et 4 moderateur pour les problèmes discord

Voila j'espère que vous aller venir nombreux et que le serveur vous plaira
Come check us out at GOOD TIME SERVER'S we have everything for your role-playing needs
-we have ARK servers
- futuristic
- medieval

Life/Cop v Civ

Survival Realm (*with economy*)
(working progress)

-We also have meme channels and other fun channels
Un serveur GTA V Rp s'appelant Leuze Angeles !
Avec des bons joueurs, du bon rp, des staffs actifs, des staffs a l'écoute, des staffs qui font bien leur boulot et un serveur fun !
Avec une grosse liste de véhicule moddés !
Plein de métiers a disposition : LSPD, LSMS, Mécano, Concessionnaire, Vigneron, taxi, Unicorn, tabac bien sur il y aura d'autre métier plus tard quand le serveur aura du monde et aussi évoluer
Un discord de qualité et bien décoré !
Bien sur le serveur n'est pas totalement fini mais il y aura des modifications et des patch-notes souvent donc pas de panique le serveur va évoluer encore beaucoup !
Vous pouvez aussi donner des idées a donné sur le serveur en allant sur le discord dans le salon suggestion !
Bien sur tout question se fait sur le discord ;) !
Merci à vous et bon jeu sur Leuze Angeles
We are a GTA 5 XBOX-PS4 RP Server based off the show Sons Of Anarchy we have a Twitter and a YouTube we also do announced car meets
serveur RP en préparation (TOWN LIFE RP) 🚨
Venez nombreux min 14ans actif recherche de joueur staff tout quoi... 😉
Hello and welcome to LBRP PS4 GTA 5 Roleplay community!! Here we have legit roleplay, currency to buy cars, a decked CAD System, friendly staff and a ranking system!! Join now and enjoy the fun!!!
We’re a NoSleepRp US Community, if you are looking for Serious RP feel free to join us!

🏆 - Professionally Developed
🏆 - Professional Staff
🏆 - Professional active Police/EMS/Fire
🏆 - Already Established Community! (50+ active members!)
🏆 - Realistic RP
🎮 - Whitelist PD Department
🎮 - Whitelist Fire/EMS Department
🎮 - Whitelist Vanilla Unicorn
🎮 - Custom Cars
🎮 - Custom Scrips
🎮 - Custom UI designs
🎮 - Realistic Economy
🎮 - Dice Roll
🎮 - Drugs
🎮 - Controller Friendly
🎮 - 4 separate characters
🎮 - Buy/Sell Vehicles
🎮 - Vehicle Auctions
🎮 - MDT
🎮 - Civilian Owned Businesses (For Hire)
🎮 - Dedicated VPS Hosting (No Lag/ FPS Drops)
🎮 - Must have a working microphone
🎮 - Follow all server rules

A lot more features/scripts
We are a role playing community on GTA 5 based on ps4 if you like to role play we are the ones for you
you can roleplay have fun and chill with your friends and listen to music. have fun!!!