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Welcome! Looking for a safe space? Somewhere to find your soulmate? Look no further - we're small and growing, get comfy!
Welcome to Aelholt!
Aelholt was a prestigious kingdom of magic and amazing advancements, well, it was, before the incident, now, it makes no progress what so ever, the sun seemingly disappeared, but the light never changed, it's rarely night, but that doesn't matter, now there's a black circle in the sky, a clock if you will... If you don't die before it runs out, the Shade comes, drenching the land in darkness, rendering all weak, and the Soldiers of the Shade appear, terrifying beings, known to be immortal, and ruthless, they pillage and murder all who still remain, no worries though! If you died before this clock ran out of time, you'll wake up back at that morning! Memories and everything! But for those who didn't, haven't ever been seen afterwards, what happens to them? Not even God knows....

We feature an interactive medieval fantasy rpg styled role-playing universe, filled with lore and countless storylines for you to discover, or just freely roleplay and enjoy yourselves within, Aelholt hosts Pokécord, Slotbot, Mudae, and countless other fun bots! Even including every color-role imaginable, and can always add more upon request...

However currently, we are desperately looking for new active Roleplayers and ERPers to join us, as a majority are inactive or are only there to sit around and lurk...
The mansion is Most definitely not a family friendly place, I can go ahead and give you a decently sized list of what we have to offer though-
If you have any ideas or comments on how to make the server a much much better place please feel free to DM the owner! It's still a work in progress!
[Still a server in progress]

Welcome to the land of Stratos, a very unique take on the fantasy/isekai setting.

In the world of Stratos there are many different kind of races but the most common two are Humans and Bestials. Both of which are native to this land and are primary races to choose from.

An entire school was teleported to a new world where the school building itself houses many students that have transformed the school from a simple building to a now 'iron fortress' as the locals call it.

Magic is in abundance in this world as it's the very lifeblood of Stratos and all of its inhabitants, but the problem is that there's hate between the Humans and Bestials since the war that took place years ago, and with the increase of adventurers the world is becoming more and more dangerous than predetermined.

Are you a student of this school who's out for adventure or are you native to Stratos? Whatever the case may be the world is vast and at your leisure to explore
Welcome to Playboy mansion mwuah 💋

💋 Feeling horny? We gotchu

💋free nudes

💋Many of Playboy bunnies

💋Kind to all new members

💋 active vc

💋Nsfw channels and more
Wanting to unwind after a long day with a sexy whore~? How about working to help others unwind~? Well do we have a treat for you! At the Bunny Brothel we offer these and other services to our magnificent customers! We are currently looking or more wonderful customers AND employees to fill out our salacious ranks.
With a caring and attentive staff we hope to make your stay a heavenly one!
💕Welcome to Summertime Milfs Resort, an 18+ ERP server that focuses on ERPing inside of a resort based setting. There is plenty of channels and almost a daily day logging of channels, decide between being an attendant of the resort or customer that will staying around. If you're into privacy be sure to ask for a private channel so you can roleplay 1 on 1 with your partner and get credit for it.💕

🍁At arrival you can lurk around before we clear up the server or create a character and gain access and start roleplaying. Our staff will approve your bio as soon as possible.🍁

📝We have all kinds of roleplayers here so if you're into paragraphs of smut or just small sentences of lewd acts you can find your partner here. Literacy roles are given by owners while logging roleplays so you will be able to know how much your partner can write if they've roleplayed before within the server.📝

🎖️Achievements and levels are earned through roleplaying casually within the server, gaining small perks and roles for doing these special tasks. Achievements aren't mandatory but they are quite interesting to work out inside of an ERP🎖️

✔️We make sure everyone is treated equally and given respect outside of character, that means nobody will judge you for your roleplays or writing style.✔️

❌This is an ERP server not an E-Dating server so please don't ask for nudes or anything IRL related of other members and make them feel uncomfortable.❌
Hello! Welcome to DM-RP 2.0, to keep it short and sweet we are an RP Hub where you can find people to rp in dms with, we recently created a new and improved server and the old one will be deleted soon, Make sure you join and get a load of our new levelling role system!
Welcome to Asteria, where Masters/Mistresses own their very own slaves. We are a friendly welcoming community and we have lots of naughty fun! Our auctions run once a week and we have activities spread throughout the week. Work for your money (rob if you're sneaky) and buy your slaves who wait in the cages.... or maybe you're the one waiting for an Owner! Good Vibes and Good Times!~
☆ Welcome to Centauri Station. We are a STRICTLY 18+ Science-Fiction C/E/RP Server. ☆

Created from a passion for the genre and from exhaustion of the fantasy, school, supernatural and mansion roleplay settings, we proudly present our hours of work to the world.

Our features include:

☆ Deep, handmade lore that includes Races, Planets, and Factions; we also encourage people to craft their own and submit them for approval to be added to the canon of our universe.
☆ An easy-to-learn setting aboard the crime-ridden planet of Proxima Centauri-b.
☆ A custom in-server tabletop built from the ground up, which makes use of the in-server currency and items. This feature is still in development, but is being worked on actively.
☆ A plethora of Community and Hentai/Porn-related channels for your enjoyment. This includes memes, art channels, and more.
☆ A special VIP Deck for Verified users, including Selfies and Nudes.
☆ Specially-categorized E/RP Request Boards.
☆ “Custom Rooms” which allow you to RP in areas outside of our pre-made assortments.

It is the year 3020 and for one reason or another you have ventured to the planet of Proxima Centauri-b, famous for its two massive cities “El Dia” and “La Noche”. Sadly life is never as pretty as the advertisements and quickly you realize that you’ve dove head-first into a cutthroat, crime-ridden world. Become a Freelance Operative, a Corporate Bloodhound, or whatever it takes to survive in the seductively cruel world of neon lights.

☆ See you there, Space-Farer! ☆
DISCLAIMER: This is a Futanari/Female character only server. You can still have whatever profile picture you want, and your gender irl doesn't matter! ^^/

Looking to get sloppy and breeded behind the bleachers? Want to breed that hot math teacher that gave you an F? Then welcome to the Elite Futanari Academy, home of the craziest degenerates on the planet!

Why should you join our server? Glad you asked! You could we suck harder than a vacuum cleaner...in a good way, if course! We want everyone to express themselves the way they want, unleashing what they truly are. Everyone has a mask over their face, so unmask it here. Obviously, nothing too illegal! Teehee!

This school has tons of features by the way!
•An active moderation team! Built with 69 out of 10 communication!
•A special level up system!
•Reacting to roles! Tons of bots to use to increase customizating and creativity for yours truly!
•A unique dormitory system, where you and three others can band up in private rooms. Don't worry, the rooms are soundproof.
•School clubs! Even the students can make school clubs, as long it benefits our server. Talk to the mods about it, of course.
•Special holiday events!

Of course, we like to keep it simple for everyone here. So, you want to join us? Heh, it'll be the best decision you'll ever make in your life!
Welcome to SCP: New Generation, in this server you can Make your own custom SCP and or use an original one you can also play as guards and doctors! Will you join us? We are LGBTQ Friendly and welcome any and all races as well as religion we don't judge! The only people we judge are the toxic bishes >:T we are a nee server so please give us a chance and help us grow!
🥐Welcome to ☕ Furrtopia's Toasty Café 🥐 a friendly roleplay server!

18+ ONLY
Semi - Literate

A casual role play community server for fellow furries to join and make friends~!🥐

Lore: Furrtopia is a world where animals reign supreme all around the world with a small human population in the world a rare find indeed, one day a small group of animals around the area came together with the idea of opening up a ☕ Furrtopia's Toasty Café 🥐 after once opening people came in like wildfire..it became well known into the Furrtopia Area.

。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆
- Roleplay -
- Erotic Roleplay -
- NSFW -
- Artist -
- Gaming -
- Working Role Bot -
- Verification -
- Music Bots -
- Friendly Staff -
- Social -
。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆   。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

People that are here to raid will not be shown mercy
This is an erotic roleplay server where you can all mess around on a college/school setting. There is no limit on characters and such, go nuts! Only join if you are at an appropriate age for sexual material! We need more people! Please join only if you are 18 years of age or older!
Kinks 'R' Us! Is a fun and welcoming community of strictly 18+ Kinksters and Roleplayers. We accept all genders, kinks, identities, etc in our server! We also have a very bustling community full of fun and interesting people to talk to, hell we even have a kinky Minecraft server! Check us out and stay kinky!

Level 3 Discord Boost
Custom Colors for Boosters
18+ Verified Section with Nudes, VC, and Chat!
Community Events too!

Reminder - We are STRICTLY 18+
RWBYVERSE is a rp server with a dedicated story with weekly events, along with plenty of flexibility for your own OC stories and chill. Or if you don’t want to participate in the events, that’s fine too!

Plenty of location options!
RWBYVERSE has plenty of options and locations to RP/ERP in, want a bar, strip club, pool, beach? Maybe you wanna have your own city with locations we would be interested in? This place is for you!

Plenty of Bots!
Enjoy bot games? Or reaction bots? We got plenty! We have Mudae, Bongo, Mudamaid, Sigma, and more!

Chill Moderation team!
The staff is committed that everyone relaxes and has fun while feeling comfortable and safe. We’re active and making sure everything goes smoothly!

Both RP and ERP!
we have plenty of channels to ERP in as well as normal RP. Must be over 18 in order to view the NSFW content, suspicion of underage could result in a verification check.

We actually have a story with bi-weekly events! Some of which is open to community input and ideas. Join us to learn more!

Growing community!
We are a newer community that has just opened up and begun events. We're active and hoping to grow, so we'd like you to become a part of us!

So what are you waiting for? Give us a look!
2000 year’s ago Earth was bombarded with multiple asteroids causing the planet to be knocked out of its orbit, causing the oceans to rise and rapidly freeze, the oxygen rapidly fell drastically. Mankind was dying, but you didn’t die, you survived by getting onto a ship escaping the rapidly dying Earth. Everything is lost and you’ve entered a sleep chamber only waking up to the ship orbiting around a planet capable of sustaining human life. New Earth has its secrets the planet isn’t just a home for humans, it’s a home for several different species across the known and unknown galaxies both near and far. Once you’ve awoken from your slumber, your body will need to relearn to walk, get used to moving again you’ll be taken to a rehabilitation chamber to relearn everything. New Earth has many possibilities and deep secrets just waiting to be discovered. So what path do you decide? Will you be the one to do the right thing? or would you be the one who will bring destruction and chaos?
This is a small Danganronpa ERP/RP based community. Users under the age of 18 will be banned without question. Join us for a fun time!

We offer:
- Lewds
- Tons of cute emojis
- Friendly community
and much, much more. What are you waiting for? Join today!
*Convite da LW
Seja Bem-Vindo a Legendary Wars o RP / ERP medieval
lion_face -> Inumeras raças!!!
🌎 -> Terras totalmente diferentes e desconhecidas!!!
💎 -> Reliquias!!!
⚔ -> Classes
🔥 -> Habilidades que você mesmo cria!!!
🌟 -> Um bom sistema de status!!!

Espero que gostem do RP!!! ele pode acabar tendo mudanças.
"Summoners Lobby" is an 18+ nsfw server dedicated to roleplaying set in the Runeterra universe (The League of legends universe.) Oc's are allowed but it is advised that characters fit into the setting and aren't outlandish. There are enough roles to choose from, a LFP channel (looking for partner.), channels for posting sfw and nsfw art and nsfw chats for lewd chatting.

Remember to be nice and respectful to everyone upon joining. :)
Welcome to the Town of Visaway, a RP server with a flare of magic. Set at the height of the Victorian Era come and join us for a fun and exciting adventure.

~ levels with mee6
~ character homes
~ friendly community

Visaway, the town of magic. A long standing bastion of protection and understanding withing the magical realm, though hunted by those that have sought out its evils in the past.
Hello one and all to our sever made of horny and hornier. This server is a very hot ERP server made with the sole purpose of getting men off. Each time a slut had done her/his duty the customer that was served will write a review of how well the slut did. It brings a more personal vibe and lets others know who to go to. So join us, have fun, and grab a slut begging for those reviews!