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This is a light-hearted DID/OSDD accepting server with the purpose of making friends. Those without DID are also welcome! The goal is friendship at the end of the day, and so the rules are lenient - friendship shouldn't need to be moderated too much after all.
Welcome to Dissosia Palace! This is a sfw DID/OSDD server aimed towards creating a safe and supportive safe space for traumagenic systems and supportive singlets were you can interact, make friends and learn while having fun and building connections in a welcoming and judgmental free environment ^-^

— What we offer —
♚ A safe, welcoming and non-judgmental environment
♕ Friendly and active staff
♚ Open suggestions
♕ Safe and help Chats for new and unsure alters
♚ A safe littles area! Complete with chats, events and support rooms
♕ Plenty of rooms for help, questions advice and information
♚ Lots of Self assignable roles
♕ Lgbtqia+ community safe zone
♚ Support centre were you can vent freely and seek support
♕ Art challenges, trivia nights and other fun events and activities!
♚ A System only area and channels for different types of alters!
— Basic Rules —
♚ Always be respectful towards others
♕ Be friendly and open minded! We do not accept discriminatory behaviour
♚ Always keep this a safe place for littles!
・*:.。..。.:*・.。. .。.:*・:.。..。.:*・.。. .
・*:.。..。.:*・.。. .。.:*・:.。..。.:*・.。. .
Hello there you lovely discord user! Are you interested in learning about systems or ARE a system? Awesome!! Here at the DID/OSDDiscord we provide a safe space for all traumagenic systems, and allow singlets to join and learn with us!

-Some fun stuff about us-
+ New discord made for systems
+ Only for traumagenic systems (DID/OSDD)
+ Safe and welcoming environment
+ lgbtqia+ community safe zone
+ support centre where you can vent freely
+ lots of self assignable roles
+ Friendly mods with open suggestions
+ Movie nights and other activities
+ Channels for different types of alters
+ Singlets are welcome to join!
-Basic Rules-
+ Always be kind and respectful
+ Respect other’s boundaries
+ Remember this is a safe place for littles!
A server specifically to provide a safe space and fun communities for DID and OSDD systems with headmates, alters or kins from Stephen King's IT.

❛ The Dissociative Galaxy is a place where anyone with a dissociative disorder can come to without fear, shame about who they are or what
they like. Here, all systems are welcomed. But what is a system? A person with DID or OSDD. Everyone who
would like to support systems is welcomed too! This is a server that requires you to be 13 or older to join as it
Discord's rules. We are not professionals, but we want to help everyone the best we can !~❜

◆ What would you find on our server ?
› A Support Center ~✺
› Some self assignable roles~✺
› Specific channels for each alters : Littles, Middles, Protectors, Persecutors, Fictives and Gatekeepers ~⌲
› The pk bot with a channel where you will be able to learn how to set it up ~⌘
› A place to vent ~◑
› Places for memes, books, inspirational quotes, and so much more ~
› Respectable Staff, not above the law! ~❉
› Cool bots ~⌘
› Some custom emojis

(っ◔◡◔)っ ✮ Can't wait to see you there!
A server for systems, questioning systems, and respectful singlets to join! No endos or tulpamancers allowed!
We strive to educate singlets to minimize the stigma surrounding DID/OSDD-1 while creating a fun space for systems to interact.
We have system-exclusive categories, self-assignable roles and much more!
The Void | Safety in Numbers
The Void seeks to act as a safe space for DID (& OSDD) systems, as well as a place to allow individuals not within systems to learn about DID (& OSDD) properly, rather than learning more harmful & negative stereotypes that the media loves to pander to. We have gone to every length possible to ensure the safety of systems within our discord, from the implementing of specific policies, to specific staff branches for the sake of littles (& systems as a whole), all the way to implementing a trigger blacklist to ensure nobody gets hurt.

We take this server seriously, and we will not hesitate to enforce our policies, rules, and regulations for the safety of the systems & others within our server. We have several self-roles to allow you to describe yourself, your system, and other aspects of your identity for comfort & clarity - All of which are optional.

We do not, nor will we ever, stop working with Systems to ensure they feel comfortable here.

The Void | Closing Remarks
We welcome you, systems & singles alike, to join our small server (that is growing daily!). If you need our team, please let us know.

* The Void also utilizes PluralKit to allow systems to differentiate between their alters in an easier manner.
Hello! Welcome to Systematic Chaos! A server for DID/OSDD/dissociative multiplicities and systems to feel safe and welcome. People who are interested in learning more about dissociative disorders are also totally welcome!

We have a verification system but it isn't extremely strict. It is just to keep the raiders out of the system orientated channels :)
An uncensored 21+ server for mature people with DID/DDNOS/OSDD-1. No blacklist, no endos, no bots.
Persecord is a support and social server for persecutor alters from DID/OSDD (traumagenic) systems. Our server goal is to provide a safe space for persecutors to feel unridiculed and not pushed aside, as they might do otherwise. The rules ensure bad behavior isn't encouraged and conversation is to remain as civil as it can.
We also have a no singlets and no littles rules due to the nature of the server.

◆ What do we have in our server? ◆
- Support/vent channels for persecutors
- TW and serious discussion channels (No discourse/syscouse/debate)
- Specific channels for subtypes of persecutors (sexual, physical, emotional, etc.)
- Places to share memes, discuss hobbies, etc.
🎃 🕸 Happy Spooky Season ! 👻🎃

We are a Lounge and Dating server for people with DID/OSDD that offers many ways to meet new systems, find a partner system, or just hang out!

What we have to offer .*.。.:*・
— A safe and caring environment!
— Active and friendly staff members!
— We support pluralkit and SystemTime!
— Lots of channels for everyone!
— Venting channels!
— Events and games!
— Self roles and unique buyable roles!
— We have a verification system in place to ensure the safety of our members!

This server is meant for fun and meeting new people! We are not a mental health server but we would be glad to recommend some.
This is a system server. Majority of the people on here have dissociative identity disorder (DID), Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD), or a variant of those two. This is a warning for folks who have never met a system or is a singlet. If you wish to join and learn about systems and their oddities, please enjoy your stay. Thank you for reading and have a happy happy day!!!

Come one, come all the lovely unicorns of discord!!! if you feel like you don't belong anywhere you go, this is the server for you. If you feel depressed and need a cheering uping, this is the server for you. If you're a bit of a system, this is a server for you. This server is for the lonely unicorns out there looking for positivity and love they always needed. We're a large server that's hoping to stay active for as much as possible. Come join us and have a pleasant stay!!!!!

What we offer:
🤍Friendly environment
🖤Our love and affection
🤍Active voice chatting
🧡Benevolent and caring mods
🖤A primitive, but somewhat effective support system
🤍Free compliments
🖤A safe place
☀️New friends

P.S We accept misfits from other servers. :3
Hello everybody, this is DID/OSDD UK, a server created for systems living in the UK. Alongside the daily chit-chat you can talk about your experiences with the medical system in the UK regarding mental health, tell your journey or maybe find some good advice from people who have successfully found a good doctor or treatment for their disorder. Oh and don't forget to post cute pictures of your animals.

We DON'T allow endos, tulpas or other non-trauma based "systems" since dissociative disorders are trauma-based and we would like to keep our community safe and keep misinformation away from this server.
DID/OSDD Syscord Hub is a hub that lists many different servers focused on information, socialization, and support for traumagenic systems. Server owners can list their server and communicate with each other, and interested individuals can explore many different kinds of servers focused on Dissociative Identity Disorder.
This is a small server about DID and OSDD. You can meet new people and talk in a lot of channels! We accept a lot of people!♡
➼ A lot of self assignable roles!
➼ Fun bots!
➼ You can post memes
➼ Homophobia etc. isn't allowed
➼ You can talk about your hobbies
➼ Roles whether you'd like to be pinged
➼ You can post selfies, animal pictures and more!
➼ You can suggest any type of stuff!
➼ You can have fun interactions with interesting people! <3
❥ You can help other and vent freely, people will listen <3

Invite Link
Hey there and welcome to the DID/OSDD Hangout. DID was formerly called multiple personality disorder. It is a mental illness that involves disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity and/or perception. OSDD is a dissociative disorder that serves as a catch-all category for symptom clusters that do not fit neatly within another dissociative disorder diagnosis.

✨This server uses Pluralkit!
✨Introduction Channel
✨Selfies and Pets Channel
✨Creative Area
✨LGBT+ Friendly!
✨Singlets Welcome!
The Introject Safe Space is a place where system fictives and factives can find others from their source, learn more about this world, and simply hang out with others like them! Everyone is friendly and the staff ensure chat stays safe with a list of triggers to avoid. Join for a safe space to meet other introjects and share your experiences!
hey gamers. do you have DID/OSDD? do you have a fictive of a homestuck character? then you might enjoy the brand spankin new homestuck fictive central. this is NOT a kin server please do not join if youre just a kinny and not a fictive. this is just a chill small server for homestuck fictives to hang out and chat. feel free to drop by B)
👥 Here's a server for DID and OSDD systems! Those that are questioning are also welcome!

☆ we have Pluralkit and Tupperbox
☆ assign yourself roles
☆ many channels such as resources, specific channels for certain roles/alter types, art channel, etc
☆ sfw and open to all ages
★ singlets welcome (only if they're there to learn)

× Note: There is a (simple) verification process. You will not be able to see the whole server until you are verified.

⚠️: trolls will be banned instantly.
Dɪᴅ ᴋɪᴅs

ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ a Cᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ of ᴋɪᴅs
Ranged 13-18+ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴅɪᴅ ᴏʀ ᴍᴘᴅ. Tʜɪs ɪs ᴀ ᴘʟᴀᴄe ғᴏʀ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴛᴏ make ғʀɪᴇɴᴅs ᴀɴᴅ ʜᴀɴɢᴏᴜᴛ
System Haven is a discord community aimed and giving people who are diagnosed or questioning having DID or OSDD a safe place to learn and cope.

We have self-assignable roles, categories for each alter type, venting/support channels, and safe area’s for littles and middles.

We also have a couple fun bots you can hang with!
Welcome to Alters & Friends.

We provide a safe and welcoming DID/OSDD environment for all traumagenic systems. We are a friendly and safe server for littles, support PluralKit, we are welcoming of singlets (singlets are people who do not have DID or OSDD) and LGBTQ.

How to access the server: Go to the verification channel and type /register
the bot will dm you a short application to fill out so you can join
Hello, and welcome the Safe Systems Shelter! This server provides you with a safe space to talk about your system and to other systems!

We have:
- A venting and triggering category, complete with supportive staff and members to talk to!
- A littles category, with helpers for littles and a channel for littles to mingle with other alters!
- A creativity category for your crafts!
- Friends and helpful staff!
--- More features to come as this server grows!
This server was originally going to just be for me, but then I decided to make it a public server! Any one who has DID or OSDD, or wants to learn more about either of these mental disorders, feel free to join! I have DID, but I'm not extremely knowledgeable when it comes to these things, so if I can't answer any questions, I'm really sorry.