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New Liberty Lounge is a politics server that has discussions about the political, social and economic state of many countries of the world, we also debate religion. We have very lenient rules and a good community. All ideologies are allowed.

This server provides a free, open and democratically run space to platform academic discussion and intellectual debate in a myriad of philosophical, scientific and political discourse. Served by a staff of selected admins and advised by an elected council, we provide a space that is guided by the community.
We are a unique and engaging mock government that emulates the 3 branches of government with jobs and a custom economy system. You may run for office, start a political party, create your own business, and many other fun things.

Our community has been around for over 3 years, we welcome you to join us!
The Adorian Republic is a political discussion server and simulation of a new country in real world. Represent your party as MP, Governor, Minister, PM, President, Judge and other functions. You can also be member of the different committes, Diplomat, News Reporter, ceo. We refer to our real world events and to events we create.

We have 900+ members and growing.

We have:
🕶️ Self-assignable reaction roles

🗿 Fun events

🎲 Minigames

🔊 Voice chats

🏃‍♂️ Active community
Hello everyone. We are a small Tunisian community, consisting of bunch of Tunisians and also non tunisians (north africans, Europeans, few amaricans..ect) speaking both English, Arabic and French. We usually do bunch of activities together like listening to music, amateur chess tournaments and podcasts, we have also channels for art, food, books, history and others for serious debates/discussions (hopefully as we grow in the future, we plan on doing more). And also Every Sunday night we watch a movie together.

We are pretty much chill
So feel free to join!!

We are an extremely tightly knit server built around political debates. We have a community that is very cordial, and many of us know each other on a fairly personal level. Our server is very diligent about maintaining civil discourse and having substantive discussions. We have people of a wide variety of political persuasions, whether it be libertarians, conservatives, socialists, social democrats, communists and everything in between. We have periodic voice chat debates that are planned ahead of time that gives people time to do research, prepare sources, and form a designated group of participants that will debate, with moderators moderating the debate and asking questions. Administrative and disciplinary decisions are made democratically by our team of moderators. Additionally, we have plenty of shit posting when appropriate.
**We need more right-wingers!**
Hey there! We're the Debate Café. We welcome all ideologies and affiliations as long as you follow the rules.
We offer:
♡ A friendly community
♡ A dedicated staff team (to prevent debates becoming flame wars)
♡ Many fun self-roles and emotes
♡ A constantly evolving server
♡ All kinds of debates!
♡ A vetting/intro system to keep the nasty trolls and raiders away.
We hope to see you there! We're looking for partnerships too....
A new server with professional players, looking to game and make a community out of. We are full of friendly people who will try and help you find the best CSGO experience for everyone, we also love to debate history and just chill if gaming isn't your thing. We hope you can come and pay us a visit.
This discord hosts a community based on open discussion. Our members specialize in debating abortion, but we discuss a variety of topics.
Welcome to World Politics! We are a user-friendly, relaxed, free-speech political Discord server. We encourage you to join fellow users for political discussion and debate, or just some casual conversations and banter! We hope to expand your political knowledge, and create an enjoyable environment!

We Offer:
- Lots of roles
- Custom emojis
- Relaxed moderation
- Various organized events
A server for engaging in philosophy with other people. We have self assignable roles and several bots including a music and chess bot. We have a friendly and helpful staff and a suggestion channel if you want to request a change.
Hey, would you like a system of fair and de-centralized markets? Do you like everybody being a Worker-Owner? Busting Unfair Monopolies? Cooperatives, ESOPs, Syndicates, Family/Local Businesses and Guilds? Or just a Flexible Economic System with a Open and Friendly Community to answer your questions? Well then maybe The Hound of Distributism is for you!

A Discord for talking about all things Distributism, and fleshing it out more as a System. We have no Official Server Social/Cultural Stance, so both Right, Left, and Center are welcome! Non-Distributists Welcomed and Encouraged! (Especially Georgists, Mutualists, Localists, Agrarians, and Environmentalists) Also when you join don't forget to get your Member role which will allow you to see the rest of the server in #welcome.

1. Be respectful to others at all times, even if you disagree with them

2. No harassment! Jokes are fine but don't continually harass people

3. Follow the instructions of the admin and moderators

4. No NSFW stuff outside NSFW channels

5. No doxxing or exposing any personal information of another person

6. Stay on topic in channels. Do not derail conversations or post unrelated images, or they will be deleted

7. Show common courtesy and don’t be annoying

8. Bigotry and calls to violence will not be tolerated

Also, No relation to a certain controversial Youtuber, haha.
The Hive is a server based on political and philosophical discussion, debate and meme sharing. Our members come from many different backgrounds and have equally as many political and philosophical views. If you'd like to debate, hang out, or just game with us, feel free to join!
Partnerships are welcome.
Welcome to More Than Conquerors centered around the Bible verse Romans 8:37.

"For we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." - Romans 8:37

We are a non-denominational community centered around Christianity and interesting dialogues between non-Christians and Christians. All are welcome here regardless of their political, philosophical or religious views.

Lots of bots to interact with
Active staff and members
Bible studies and fellowship

We want you to join the Debaters' Lounge! People of all backgrounds, ideas, viewpoints, and opinions are welcome!

- Toxicity within members and staff is at an absolute minimum.

- Make yourself look unique while representing your viewpoints with the 200+ roles to choose from!

- Debate channels where you can discuss and debate politics, religion, history, philosophy, economics, and another nearly unlimited amount of topics!

- Casual channels where you can chat, share art, memes, discuss gaming, music, and all of your favourite hobbies!

- Voice channels for chatting, debating, music, gaming, and lots more.

- Level up and rise up the ranks by being more active than the rest!
Welcome to the Teenage Debating Discord! We offer a community for teenagers who want to discuss topics about anything related to politics, history, philosophy and more. We also have areas for memes, casual discussion and music.
✾ D E B A T I N G ➸ Chat. Discuss. Discover.
✾ P H I L O S O P H Y ➸ Likeminded Topics.
✾ M A N Y - R O L E S ➸ Great options to describe your ideology!
*“Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something”* - Plato
Controversy is a debating Discord targeted towards intellectuals and people open to debate and have serious meaningful conversations.
Rhetoric is a server designed for unrestricted debate, argumentation and discussion. Virtually all topics and ideologies are accepted.
Your Humble Servant is a server that engages in love and kindness without compromising truth. We strive to be servants that love one another as Christ loved us.

All denominations and religions (or lack of) are welcome here! If you want to learn more about Christianity, debate doctrine, or just hang out with good eggs, we're here for you!

- RPG and chat leveling bots!
- Vent channel, drown in our love!
- Intellectual and respectable debates
- Art channels
- Toxicity is not tolerated
This is a very active server for people of all religion affiliations to have respectful discussions and debates. All perspectives welcome!
▬▬▬▬▬░▒▓█►─═Theory and Chill═─◄█▓▒░▬▬▬▬▬
Open to most Ideologies. We do not tolerate intolerance.

We value and encourage free and intelligent discussion.

Discuss or debate politics, political theory, or just chat.

-Lots of self assignable roles
-Friendly,and active staff and members
-Lgbtq+ friendly.
-We do partnerships
-Weekly Topic pings
Ελληνικός server που δημιουργήθηκε να φέρει την ελληνικη κοινότητα μαζί, με σκοπό να προσφέρει διάφορα θέματα συζητήσεως τα οποία θέματα θα συζητηθούν μεταξύ της κοινότητας. ο server επίσης προσφέρει channels για άτομα που ενδιαφέρονται για το gaming!
**We need more Right Wingers!!**
✿ ✿ ✿ In Politicophobia you will find ✿ ✿ ✿

✿ Many many self assignable roles representing a wide variety of political, social, and philosophical ideologies
✿ Private chats for broad political ideologies to share ideas
✿ Rules to prevent interruptive shitposting
✿ Meme, media, non-english, and holiday channels
✿ People from all over the political spectrum to discuss and debate with
✿ A plant theme (we aren't environmentalists)!

✿ https://discord.gg/XAzNEQx ✿