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ATTENTION TO ALL HEALSLUT SORAKAS AND CHAD DRAVEN MAINS The Soraka Sorority provides an experience unlike any other! Our server is as new as it can be and active at all times so the earlier you join the better chances you have of growing in the community. We host custom tournaments with special prizes that may include server perks and possibly mystery skins :slight_smile: JOIN NOW AND BECOME A PART OF OUR SORORITY! WILL YOU BE THE VERY BEST?!

We Offer:
Event Nights

Active Members

Level Roles

Fun Bots

And Much More

Join and enjoy your stay with all other summoners!
Welcom to the MELON DATING server!

Make friend!
Have fun together!
Be social!
Play Games!
Get a relationship ;) !

☂Active server
☂Low Moderation
☂Nitro giveaways
☂Simple server
☂Active staff
╔═══.·:·.☽✧ ✿ ✧☾.·:·.═══╗
╚═══.·:·.☽✧ ✿ ✧☾.·:·.═══╝


➳ Gamers Squad is an anime/games based community for weebs, artists and gamers!

➳ We strive to make our server a welcoming place where everyone is excited to meet new people & make friends!

➳ Discussions centers around anime, manga, arts, gaming, , and anything that you can think of!

➳ Gamers Squad is always updating and evolving based on members' suggestions and is still growing!


What We Offer:
✿ levels you gain as a reward for chatting
✿ Bots to satisfy your needs: (WaifuBot-Mudae-Pokecord-Tatsumaki--etc.)
✿ Engaging events
✿ Friendly Community & Staff
✿ Fun Bots

───✱.。:。✱.:。✧.。✰.:。✧.。:。.。✱ ───

Gamers Squad is centered around making friends and building a strong family.

What are you waiting for?!
Come and join the family NOW !!

P.S. Guns are loaded for any toxicity. Beware.
[We are looking for partnerships]
Cool server to hangout in and have fun, we have decent staff and auto mod available. We usually hangout or lurk so feel free to text and we would hit you back when we are online. Did i mention we have egirls?

In Aries Hub we have:
-Custom roles
-Friendly staff
-Selfies channels
-Verification to prevent catfishing
-16 Custom emotes made just for this server
-A very organized layout and anti raid systems

What are you waiting for? Come take a look :3
Hey and welcome to The Void!
The Void is a brand new dating and hangout server looking for members! (and potential staff :p)
We would appreciate it if you would give us a try!
Thank you and enjoy your stay on The Void!
This server is just amazing and there are a lot of thirsty girls and boys so join and talk in general
Diamond +18 Discord Community
Diamond is an 18+ community with it's main purpose Self-Improvement while having a lot of fun doing it.No barriers of expressing any kind of sexuality or personality trait. Just a cool place
What we offer:
∴ Amazing chat dynamics.
∴ Great Banter but no irrational hate.
∴ A multitude of channels with different themes where you can find yourself in such as:
➣ Creativity Beauty Sexual Discussions
➣ An extensive selfies section
➣ Weekly awards
➣ Public and Private nsfw channels.
➣ And of course a ton of fun.
What we absolutely require:
🔞NSFW LOUNGE 🔞 is a place for you to chat to like-minded cute/sexy e-Girls and e-goys
😍 2:1 Female:Male ratio!
😍 DM Hot e-girls e-boys
😍 View and share your nudes with one another
😍 Chat and relax
😍18+ ONLY
A whore house and a place to play video games.
We have Self Roles and NSFW channels
Over 100 emojis
A new verified system
Come and stay for awhile
If your lonely/looking for friends this is a great place to go. We're very friendly and most of us are single ;)
🎀 A 𝐒𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥-𝐍𝐒𝐅𝐖 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦 Server 🎀
【Join a mature and sex positive server and make sure to invite your friends!】

➸ C h i l l ~ Enough Said
➸Friendships~ making friends with same interests
➸Dating~ make worth wild bonds!
➸NSFW & Nudes~ post or have a look!
➸ Verifications ~ super easy
➸LGBTQ+ ~ We involve and support everyone
➸Easy-roles~ simple set up, no mess no fuss
➸Partnerships~ lets grow together!
💞Welcome to the Kawaii Kingdom!💞
💞This server is about NSFW stuff and meeting other people!💞
💞Plus we love anime as well!💞
💞We have meme, anime, music, gaming channels and nice people in the server!💞

➼❱ 160 members and we are still growing!

➼❱ Active Staff

➼❱ Huge NSFW Collection

➼❱ Dating channel

➼❱ Friendly people

➼❱ Share your art

➼❱ Partnerships

➼❱ Memes

➼❱ Cool Emojis!

➼❱ Active VC**

➼❱ Games
Hello and welcome to the House of Royals, The House of Royals is a dating service where you can make friends and mingle, We are a nice toxic-free community, The server is owned by our Owner James, Also known as King James, We would love to have you and be your friend, Come Join!

We have:
~ Bots
~ Active Staff
~ Self Roles
~ Selfie Channels
~ Nice Staff
And more!
Thanks for joining our family!
Introducing KAWAII TOWN a cute safe place to
relax and chill. We will bless you with our wholesome
active chat and cute emojis. Welcome to our family!
ღ | Dating
ღ | Anime
ღ | Cozy active chat
ღ | Self assignable roles
ღ | Cute emoji's
ღ | Anime night
ღ | Minecraft server
ღ | Economy
ღ | Egirl's
ღ | Eboy's
ღ | Lv 3 Boost perks
Here at sunset Hills we're trying to build a community and a place where u can come and have fun with your friends or even meet new people! we have plenty of bots to help u have fun and hope u enjoy the server :)
╔═══ -ˋˏ .·:·.⟐.·:·. ˎˊ- ═══╗
☾ Welcome to 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐨𝐮𝐭,
a brand new server to the
discord community! ☽
╚═══ -ˋˏ .·:·.⟐.·:·. ˎˊ- ═══╝


__**Our server includes:**__

**❦» Friendly Staff ༄
❦ » Game Nights ༄
❦ » Active Chats and VC ༄
❦ » Self Assign Roles ༄
❦ » Staff Applications ༄
❦ » Level Up Tiers ༄
❦ » Nitro Giveaways ༄
❦ » Partnerships ༄
❦ » Fast Growing ༄
❦ » Make New Friends ༄
❦ » Many Bots ༄
❦ » 100+ emojis ༄
❦ » Looking for partnerships managers ༄**


__**Server owners:**__ ** Hoe papa ᴮᴼᵀ#7777 Hoe Mama#6969

Bar Pass Club!
Welcome to the Bar Pass Club, where you can come join to make new friends, chill out to some music, and maybe grab yourself a drink! Our community and employees always love meeting new faces and make sure you'll feel right at home!

─ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─

⋆★⋆ Max Level Server Boost! (Level 3 -> 34 Boosts)
⋆★⋆ Pastel ranks with additional perks!
⋆★⋆ Many global emotes!
⋆★⋆ Many interactive bots!
⋆★⋆ Very active and friendly Bar Pass Club Staff and members!
⋆★⋆ Unique giveaways + events!
Welcome to g e m u !
A community made for those who enjoy gaming, anime and much more!

We are LGBTQ+ and furry friendly, have bots for your entertainment and a separate NSFW and dating section (18+ ONLY!!).

We host giveaways for every milestone we reach and we're always up to play some games or discuss anime.

Join us!
Hey there! Looking to start a relationship? Why not do it here!
No stupid 18+ only crap, it's all ages from 13 up to 25! If you're a female looking for love, I bet you will find your guy in just a few days, or maybe even hours!
We have:
-Friendly staff!
-Fun bots!
-Everything is free!
All you have to do when you join is read the rules and get roles
We don't just let you find True Love! We can also help you find the kind of relationship you're looking for! JOIN NOW!!!
💜 ONE OF THE LARGEST PORN SERVERS ON DISCORD delivering you with your daily dose of everything NSFW, we're an 18+ server with over 30k members!
Want to advertise your nudes? Come over and see how to verify with us!

💜 Nudes 💜 Giveaways 💜 Dating channels 💜 Public roleplay channel 💜 LGBTQ+ and furry friendly 💜 Over 80 porn/hentai channels 💜 Friendly community 💜 Our own bot
✧ :・゚➽ welcome toー ♡ E-Garden ◡̈ ଂ ﹀﹀﹀﹀
︶︶ ⸝⸝ 🌿

. . │ welcome everyone to our server ! we offer a friendly and accepting community. look below for more of our features ! ✧˖°࿐

。↷ ✧̥₊˚‧☆ミ what we offer :

∘˚ ➴ ꒰ ☀️ ꒱ ┊non-toxic community
∘˚ ➴ ꒰ 🍡 ꒱ ┊lots of cute emotes
∘˚ ➴ ꒰ 🌱 ꒱ ┊giveaways
∘˚ ➴ ꒰ ☁️ ꒱ ┊self-assignable roles
∘˚ ➴ ꒰ 🌸 ꒱ ┊and more !
ㅤ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶˗ˋ .*_✧₊˚.❁