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❝A community Server for my YouTube Channel, here you can Play Games with others, and Post memes for other's laughter.❞


Why should you join our server?

You can join our server, talk to others and make friends. You can play games with our community, and post memes for others laughter, You can generally have a fun time.

You can join If you want to, we aren't forcing anyone, we understand that everyone has their own opinions. It's fine if you don't want to join the server. We have a wonderful community you can talk with. We are a pretty small Server, so joining can help us evolve and become bigger.



◆ Nitro Perks

◆ Events

◆ Public Memes Channel

◆ Wonderful Staff Team

◆ Games Channel for Gamers

◆ Live Stream Channel

◆ VIP Perks

◆ Music Channels

◆ Many Famous Bots

◆ NiX Exclusivly made Custom Bot

◆ Kind Owner

Additional Information

Owner : @NiX
Region : Sydney


You can join this wonderful server if you want to. We are just encouraging you join, we aren't forcing you. It would be kind and nice of you if you were to join and be active on the server!

Have a nice day and stay safe!
Welcome to meme shots this is a memeful community where we collab , grow together and do all kinds of fun stuffs
In Creator Station, talk with a friendly community of creators that help each other grow their channel and collaborate.

Collaborate with others who match your creation style or share ideas to help the community and its creators. Hop into the conversation with a growing and friendly community that strives to provide content that they love.
The Official Music Community Discord by DAMAMAKE.
Here you are able to:
⚫ Share your music (songs, beats, acapellas, sound designs, etc.)
⚫ Receive and give feedback
⚫ Self Promo / Show off your work!
⚫ Collaborate with members!
⚫ Learn tips and tricks of music production / theory!
⚫ Converse with like-minded creatives!
⚫ Have a great musical experience!
We are a fun small server looking to grow and build a fun community that can collab and share idea's as youtubers, if you enjoy content creation and want to grow with other creators then this is the home for you, so come and hang out with us. :)
Here you can find YouTubers who are looking to collab! This server is relatively new so I hope to see you join!
Welcome to yeetmeguy, a server where we play Among Us and Minecraft!

We are a server that features places to play among us and our very own Crossplay Minecraft Server (Java and Bedrock 1.16)
The owner is an Among Us Youtuber with over 1.72k subscribers.
Come join, you won't regret it!

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A server for people interested in music production. We are a small community, so new members will be greatly appreciated!
A server dedicated to metal musicians that want to collab with other musicians, learn from each other, and most importantly, have fun!
You are THIS close to being mindblown. Love music? Want to express your creative side with friendly supportive people who GET it? Well get ready for something completely unexpected..
Endlesss. A deeply social music creation and listening app (currently for iOS) where we collab together in live, online jams! Jump in.
Saad Army is a group I made for my YouTube subscribers and anyone else who wants to join. You can interact with others about lots of stuff. You can also self-promo and Collab with other people if you have your own YouTube channel. This is a great server and you will get new people everyday!
Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in joining the server. We are a music discord server that is always ready to help people around join for a lot of fun and make new friends !! We love you and we believe in you that you can do it! About me, I've been Obsessed with Music Productions and Mixing and Mastering since early 2012. The whole process is relaxing like putting a puzzle together. I make EDM, Hip-Hop Beats, and Rock If you need anything Made or Mixed and Mastered, Collab, or just wanna talk feel free to message me!


Geometry Dash Collaboration Server


Welcome to once again another geometry dash collab server! Here we host weekly collabs! Currently looking for players to join in for the collabs!

Care to stop by? If you aren't a gd player no worries! We also allow things such as minecraft, roblox, fortnite, ect to be posted here!

🍁 Have a great time! 🌴
Hey whats up YouTubers join on over and you can meet fellow YouTubers we accept anyone who looking to grow on YouTube and your more than welcome to shout out you're own channel.
This server is for all people looking for a group to game with. We have both streaming and uploading groups along with channels to help you plan for that. Artists, thumbnail makers, animators, and intro/outro makers are welcome to be either paid or unpaid for their work for this server. Server artwork to be added soon!
Hello, join me and my weird friends and vibe with each other. We’ll be waiting for your arrival. See ya there.
This server is for musicians and music artists to meet other fellow music artists and musicians, and to share there work and collaborate.

Real Musician Server: Tired of joining musician servers and seeing everyone just attention seeking? Everyone posting there music but no one even listening to anyone else's? Nor discussing music? In this server you are guaranteed responses and feedback!

All Genres Accepted: Whether you like to head bang to some death metal, or banjo to some country your welcome here!

Music Simulator Roleplay: Join the game part of the server where you can roleplay as a music artist, or form a group or band, and join a record label or start your own record label! We have our own custom bot for this game!(This feature is now currently discontinued will start it up again sometime in the future)
Are you a YouTuber with 100+ subs looking to connect and chat with other creators? Well, look no further as YCC is here! Here you can chat with other creators and collab on your favorite games! If you would like to check us out here is our server! Discord Boosters get their videos advertised!