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Xbox 1 zombies community. Helpful in doing easter eggs and high rounding 😁
Welcome to the Foxtrot Task Force Main HQ! We’ve been watching your work on the field, and you are a damn good soldier. Head over to training when you’re ready to begin climbing the ranks. Also, be sure to read #rules so you don’t mess up. Overall, we hope you enjoy your time in the server 😄
Servidor de call of duty: moblie para cualquier persona que hablé español, para encontrar clanes y con quién jugar
† friendly
† active
† dark humor welcome
† weebs
† gamers
† lgbtq+
† nitro/rp/skin giveaways
† nsfw
† custom games
† shy people welcome
† art channel to show off your stuff :D
† movie/anime nights
† safe space if needed
† minecraft/minecraft dungeons, darkest dungeons, LoL, valorant, call of duty, overwatch, apex, master chief collection, fortnite, eso, path of exile, and more!
if u wanna play some video games, or if u wanna talk to people, or maybe if your looking for a life partner then join ;) i hope u enjoy your stay.
( 𝘽𝙆 )"𝘽rass 𝙆nuckle " is a North America server for CODM and a CODMW clan. The goal is to recruiting players, making them the best players they can possibly be, while also maintaining a fun environment. We highly encourage everybody to join our server, eventually be noticed and to rise to the top as a family.
Wyked Gaming was founded late 2017, this server is for all of us to interact and communicate together to hopefully befriend someone else just like you. Make sure to follow our links below for all of our social media to stay updated. Check out our channels to start a conversation…

Wyked Gaming is based on Fortnite, & Call of Duty. Striving to be the BEST team in North America make sure to show love to one another

| Connections__ |

Our Never Ending Discord link -https://discord.gg/rMBxyR9

Our Official Twitter Account -https://twitter.com/wykedgaming

Our Official Instagram Account-https://instagram.com/wykedgaming

Our Official YouTube

Our Official Twitch Channel-https://twitch.tv/wykedgaming
╭─━━━━━─╯ Call of Duty mobile - NRV ╰─━━━━━─╮
► Serveur communautaire
► Staff à l'écoute pour aider les membres😃
► Tournois réguliers
► Nous améliorons constamment le serveur et le faisons grandir grâce à la communauté ! 📈
►Nous proposons aux membres qui recherchent des clans & scrim des salons dédiés 💪
► Nous proposons aussi des grades en fonctions de vos rank en jeu 🐸
This is a chill discord server that features many games. You are free to advertise your YouTube, twitch. Instagram, etc. just not other discord servers.
Forged Games is a all in one stop, complete with a non-toxic community, and plenty of games to fill you gaming desire.

- A friendly community open to anybody, and everyone!
- We offer a complete collection of games to choose from, so you never lose interest!
- Our server is complete with plenty of community games, and discussions to talk and have fun with!
-The games we have
Rainbow Six Siege
Call Of Duty
🎮 We are relaxed, friendly Call of Duty Mobile server! 🎮

• We have friendly moderator/admin team that are willing to help server members! 😃
• We offer users that are looking for Clans & 1 vs 1 & Rank up together!💪
• We offer latest Call of Duty Mobile news and leaks!📰🗞️
• We offer meme channels, server currency and channel where you can show off your rewards and more!🐸🥇
• We have custom emotes!🔥
• We are constantly improving, growing server!📈

🕹️We are looking for friendly users who are looking to grind together, share useful information to achieve the rank you want and the rewards you desire!🕹️
The Metal Uprising Halo Clan,

is returning this Holiday Season when Infinite Drops! We also have turned our Clan Discord into a Clan Recruitment HUB so you can spread your recruiting Network even further! We also have a Battlefinder Channel.

(Competitive) ⚔- TMUR Halo Clan will have a Competitive MLG and raid Battalion! We already have 2 MLG Coaches waiting to teach you how to play competitive Halo!

(Battalions and Sections) 🛡-We have sections within each Battalion that you can choose that suit your play style as well as a casual battalion just to play with your friends!
We will also be introducing TMUR Sangelli Battalion and UNSC Battalion for Roleplay skirmishes and action!

(Ranking System)arrow_double_up -Your rank in the Clan will Depend on your rank in our Discord so the more active you are in-game and in chat and voice channels the quicker you will rank up. We have over 160 levels of ranking with over 20 ranks ( So far)

The metal Uprising Reforged
Come check us out!
Hey my honeys! 🐝 You can call me Rhe | 24 year old PS4 Variety Streamer | Top notch personality, mediocre gaming and a semi pretty face 🖤
Welcome to Call of Duty: Mobile Marketplace!

We are dedicated to providing secure and respectful services with integrity and accountability using both proven and innovative methods. Our goal is to make CODM Marketplace the place of choice to buy and sell securely. In this server, we promote honesty, integrity, and openness in all we do.

What we offer:
- Multiplayer and Battle Royale Boosting services
- Cheap CP services
- CODM Accounts for sale (High-End, Average, Low-End)
- Middleman services
- Giveaways (including Battle Pass and Free Cod Points)

Feel free to stop by and check our offers!
Are you in need for some squad-mates on the Brand New Hit Battle Royale: 'Call of Duty: Warzone'? Then come and join the biggest Call of Duty: Warzone LFG server! The community is growing extremely fast, and as a result, we have already gained over 10,000+ members teaming up to kick some butt and get some wins! Our community is extremely kind and we have players from ALL regions, all platforms and all kinds of experience with gaming!
We are a community based around a streamer named @toxicyoshie. Everyone and anyone is welcome we have fun movie nights, chill talks, and much more. Come stop by to see all the action.. see you there!!
SUB2 is an interactive server that is focused on enjoying gaming and youtube all while also focusing on growth and development, if you’re looking for this, head over to SUB2!
Are you looking for teammates in the new free battle royale game Warzone... that aren't bad at the game? Or maybe just teammates to fuck around with? Well no matter what skill you are, this is the place for you.

We offer:
Teammates for warzone
Friendly community and staff
Active chat with lots of joins everyday
Nitro boosted server, meaning lots of custom emotes.
great community features like a meme channel and more!

The staff team is dedicated to give you the best experience in our discord! Join to be a part of a new, growing discord and regiment. Help by supporting and sharing (:

Привет ✌ Хочешь завести интернет друзей? Не знаешь чем заняться скучным вечером? Тебе к нам! ⚡ Наш сервер для общения. Мы все очень дружелюбные и общительные создаём свои семьи, каждый вечер играм в различные игры (мафия, ПД, слова и тд), а также есть чаты для различных совместных игр (Например, Колда) 🤩 МЫ ЖДЁМ ИМЕННО ТЕБЯ, ПОТОМУ ЧТО ТЫ УЖЕ НАШ ДРУГ. Заходи, с нами не заскучаешь ❤❤❤

🚫 Обязательно прочитай правила сервера 🚫
🚫 Возраст от 16 до 23 лет 🚫
Wir sind ein deutscher Community Server für Call of Duty: Warzone, wo es um Spiel und Spaß geht. Bei uns findet ihr Leute zum Warzone zocken aber hauptsächlich nur PC, da wir sehr viele Konsolen Spieler aktuell haben und die meisten Ingame Reden wollen und das fuckt jeden PC Spieler ab. Ich spreche aus Erfahrung
Are you looking for a community with a little bit of something for everyone?

We are Dominators, a NA org started on codm. We have 5 clans in game, one of which is on the top 100 ranked clan leaderboard, and another that is slowly rising to the ranks. Our members range from casual players, competitive players, and everything in between. We've got competitive codm br/mp teams, a runescape division, and in the works of branching out to different games. We are one big family with over 130 members...oh & always recruiting!

We are ever evolving and growing. We have community events, host competitive leagues, have a huge selection of server emojis and text/voice channels to hangout in.

Swing by and say hi! We'd love to have you be apart of our #DФMFAMILY!
Are you looking for a highly competitive CODM Organization?

*Welcome to The Aphelion eSports CODM Division*

Aphelion eSports (AE) is a Mobile Gaming and Esports organization built up of a number of communities and teams which all connect together to make up our growing network.

We also host multiple events and a seasonal League!
🎖️Official Greek Speaking Warzone Server

Play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and the famous Battle Royale Warzone. Find teammates from ALL platforms around Greece.

🗣️Language:🇬🇷 (Ελληνικά)

🔹 900+ Μέλη✔️
🔹 Crossplay (PC,PS4,XBOX)✔️
🔹 Στατιστικά για Warzone✔️
🔹 Ranking System για όλα τα μέλη✔️
🔹 Φιλική κοινότητα✔️
🔹 Φιλική υποστήριξη από mods✔️
🔹 Ποικιλία σε Text Κανάλια✔️
🔹 Greek Voice Channels✔️

Join Us!!✌🏻