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A social community designed to bring together people who love to investigate internet mysteries and oddities of all kinds.
Servidor de gente teóricamente "Antisocial".
Si buscas gente con la que hablar de cosas que pueden no llevar a ningún lado y no tener ninguna relevancia pero aún así construir lazos con gente online este es tu grupo.
Espacio para comunidades de diferentes juegos con usuarios activos donde vas a poder encontrar gente para jugar, incluso algunos hasta ven anime y juegan LoL!
WeARGames is a transmedia fiction and Alternate Reality Game (ARG) production team, and this is the discord server where we talk about what we're working on and what we're playing, as well as just hanging out with our players and Patrons. Occasionally we run short one-shot ARGs/ARRPGs in the server itself, or do events with things such as SmileBot. We're an active community for going on two years, and the server is very laid back and fun. We pride ourselves on being one of the chillest and friendliest (if really, really weird) communities on the internet.
- ╳ Welcome to Error 34 ╳ -
➫ Are you looking for puzzles to solve inside discord?
➫ Do you want to participate in the most stupid and random trivia?
➫ Do you want to debate shout random people over random topics?
➫ Or are you just looking for a safe but very edgy community?

Well you came to the right place, Error 34 is a mysterious, stupid and edgy server, full of so many things that mind can blow. We offer puzzles games ALL INSIDE DISCORD, ranging from noob to arg level encrypted puzzles. We offer weird and random trivia for you to weird out in and get rewards if you win multiple times. We have points and leveling system which you can use to buy stuff as well. We got random puzzles and mysterious throughout the server which you can solve and get random rewards.

The Puzzle Games example":
Holmes Game:
⟼ Solve the provided riddle.
⟼ Search the answer of the riddle online to get a number [it will be described each time what number].
⟼ Translate that number as told.
⟼ Search for it on the server to find the next clue which will guide you further.

Potential Rewards:
➣ Your own managed channel⃰.
➣ Your own emoji added⃰.
➣ Get a message featured⃰.
➣ Special any color and name role⃰.
And Many more!
Your favourite Alternate Reality Game community. We've got all the good ARG discussion and just an overall great server.

cyberpunk-2077, forever has fallen, i am sophie, eckva and many many more!
First and foremost, welcome to ARG Underground and thanks for joining us! This community is a place to discuss anything ARG related! Think you found an ARG? Post it! Already working on an ARG you love and want to share? Post it!
We aim to bring players and creators together in ARGU to make even better games that everyone enjoys, dive in and see what we have to offer!
☠ Ahoy and Welcome Aboard the Vehemence! ☠

Introducing Vehemence, a one stop shop for all your arg, unfiction and internet mystery wants or needs. We unravel the mysteries, decode the ciphers, and piece together stories. We have a home for creators looking for an extra set of eyes, for editing, feedback or puzzle testing. We’re a close community, more friends than coworkers, and always have room for more from veterans to newbies. Join, earn your sea legs and dive into the mysteries
Hola somos Galaxy, una comunidad hispanohablante de Discord. Queremos tener un equipo competitivo de Cs, Fortnite y de Rocket League. Les agradeceríamos mucho que nos puedan apoyar uniéndose. Si queres participar de algún equipo competitivo habla al privado de los dueños. Saludos y muchas gracias a los que se tomen la molestia de leer esta descripción.
A HABIT fan trials where you can play a non human or human character and compete to be HABIT's next dog! There are fun moderators, plenty of opportunity to role play and be involved, and fun D&D style trials to participate in! Entity/nonhumans/humans with powers allowed!!
Welcome curious onlookers and passerbys, to sait your curiosity this group is a group dedicated to ARGs (Alternate Reality Games), their creators, participants and fans. If this is of any interest to you then we welcome you, but remember, there are only players and puppeteers in this world... :)

Here we offer a welcoming server, one where you can roleplay to your hearts desire!

We are accepting of all sorts of people!
We have lots of canon characters and the option to submit an unlimited amount of OCs.
We offer partnerships.
We have a wide variety of channels for whatever you may like and need.
We offer a place for people to share their art on our social media, those being @take_three_alive on Instagram and TTA_Alive on Twitter!
We hope you choose us, we're truly trying to stand out and we are something quite unique!

Our community shall welcome you either way, stay ALIVE!
Solve ARG-style puzzles and get points! Move up the ranks of puzzlers! And of course there isn't any ȗ̶̀n̸̂̾ď̴͒e̴̍̅r̴̓͂l̴̏̃y̸̐͊ì̵̱ǹ̴̙g̵͐̃ ̶͐̎m̴͂̃ă̵͛s̵̛̀t̵̔̒e̵̽̒r̵̛̔p̵͌͝l̴͆̎ȃ̷́n̷͑̈́ or anything, why on earth would you think that?
The Hunt games are special games that can be played inside of discord. These games are puzzle-based similar to ARGs. We have games ranging from very easy to very hard.

For e.g.: In one game you are given a riddle which you solve to gain a number which you search to gain a message which has a clue. You solve the clue to find another message which has a question you need to answer and then you win!
We are dedicated to remaking TribeTwelve to be better than it was! You can come check out the series, talk about other ARGs or Slenderverse series or just hang out! (anyone under 13 years is in violation of discords terms of service and will be kicked).
This is it.
This is an ARG about two people who join as many servers as they can, find us if you can, if you can you can ask us any question.
Your goal is to guess where we might go next, make recommendations, and figure out why we're traveling.
Welcome to my lair! This server is mainly a hub for any ARG activities.
Here you'll find a list of other Discord servers for ARGs which you can join.
There's also roles you can ping to get help with a part of an ARG from someone better versed in various subjects.
Hey, this is a server to try and piece together the mystery of the tiktok and YouTube channel PBHere. We are a nice and helpful server and if you have no idea who pb is still join and learn about this super cool subject!!
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Hi we’re a discord community who likes to solve ARGS and has a fun and inviting community. A server looking to grow and have fun together. We also have frequent game nights where we play things like among us, minecraft, and roblox.
So far we have 10 bots that you can use~
Hope to see you guys in Lampao!
Welcome to OPERATION: PEANUT VENDOR!! We are a semi-ironic small community dedicated to rescuing the old 30's cartoon puppet, The Peanut Vendor from the shackles that restrain him. We hope you enjoy the ride!
RIP. Welcome to RIP, server invite. RIP = popbob, furaffinity website access, bots, usage, RIP, pokeMON, devils. Inspect now, no vetting required. Researched by reddit 3 times.
lugia artist free appearance, lugia pokemon lucario
poke_download with bots that post furaffinity.net
"small talk"

ARG. ARGs, and there is
ARG. ARGs, and there is