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Tornado Solutions©

🚨 Selling CADs/MDTs, Discord servers, and various other web systems. Our systems are very cheap, affordable, and most importantly, well-made! We have great ratings from customers! 🚨

▫️ Partnerships
▫️ Network Branches
▫️ Custom Made Websites!
▫️ Penal Codes
▫️ Paid Advertisements
▫️ Logos
▫️ 10 Codes
▫️ Discord servers like RP Servers and Company Servers
▫️ FTO System, Blacklist System, Report System, Twotter System, Web Application System
▫️ Company Deals
▫️ Custom CADs
▫️ Now hiring for all positions on Staff Team

We have extremely good CADs, at good prices.
CADs as cheap as $2.00 USD!!!

We also do giveaways/challenges to win CADs and other cool products!

We are a discord Tech Community for people who needs help with anything related to PCs, tech, programming and more.

Also for you that already know about any of these or want to learn and just want a place to hang out, talk and even help others!

We’re always looking for people to help.
You want to get my own Mod-Menu or just chat with other coders check out my Discord Server.
Unusual PC is a server where you can ask about PC building, fixing, or programming help! It's also there just to chat and have fun about them, or anything!
Apple Fusion - Best Apple News 24/7

Need help with your Apple device? Well you’ve come to the right place! We cover iOS and Apple news, betas, and jailbreak news. We cover it all! 24/7!!! We also have a Apple Fact Friday and Wallpaper Wednesday along with a Question of the Day. Come join us and have fun!!! It’s free!!! Not associated with Apple Inc.

Benefits In Joining The Server (What we Offer)

- 📢 Many Channels to talk about Apple
- 🍎 Apple Fact Friday
- ❓Question of the Week
- 🤩 Wallpaper Wednesday
- 🤖 Custom Bots to make the Server look awesome
- 😀 Reaction Roles
- 💼 Nice and Friendly Staff to chat with
- 🎁 Giveaways
- 😂 Meme Channel
- 🤝 Partners
- 📈 A growing community
- 📜 A self promotion channel!
- 🤩 Wallpaper Channels
- 🗣️ Support Channel

We are a nice and friendly Apple server with many channels dedicated to helping with what ever problem you may have. We are a active growing community for apple and always happy to help and respond within minutes.
Welcome to the Tech Haven!

A safe space for nerds to learn about IT. Come discuss and learn programming, networking, and cyber-security with other IT professionals and hobbyists. We offer support and a number of services for members to use.

Website: https://thetechhaven.com/
Crie bot a partir do zero, com a ajuda desse servidor. Lá você irá tirar dúvidas, aprender comandos, e muito mais.

- Você: "Mais eu sei Java Script".

Ai é que você se engana, não existe só JS (Java Script) de linguagem, lá você vai aprender a linguagem chamada BDSCRIPT, que é uma linguagem para quem é mais novato, com ela você poderá fazer muitas coisas, é serio.

Vamos lá, está esperando o que para entrar?
Did you ever wonder how does programmers make video games ? It is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is join my discord server ! Here we will help you to make your first steps into programming. Maybe you are not interested in programming ? No problem you will be able to play our games, discuss about them and show your ideas to make them better ! I am posting development logs on my YouTube Channel too. You can email me on [email protected] for more information.
Read The Docs est une communauté française d'entraide et de partage centrée sur le développement informatique.

Nous faisons des lives sur Discord et Twitch et mettons quelques rediffusions sur YouTube.
Nous réalisons également des projets sur GitHub, et y mettons généralement le code source produit lors de lives.

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/readthedocs
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT5_SkraBIleO6OSEd_YNIg
GitHub : https://github.com/readthedocs-fr
Howdy, Everyone! 👋

⚡Channel dedicated for Web Developers & Programmers!⚡

If you're not a web developer/programmer or JavaScript fan, don't worry, come on in anyway! We have all sort of people that do diverse things too ! :)

We are a new, kind and professional upcoming community.
Network with other developers, share your project, get helped if you're stuck on a problem or help someone else, collaborate on projects and make friends!

See you on the other side! :) Don't forget to say 'Hi' and wave!
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝔻𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕟 𝕊𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕖𝕣 𝕊𝕪𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕔𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟. 𝔹𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕗 𝕃𝕠𝕣𝕖. ━━━━━━━━━▲━━━━━━━━━

It’s the 1880s in London, the demon slayers are a secretive organization spread to England to establish a new branch. Demons work in secret to control the government, economy, and everything in between. It was once said if you control London you control the world… it seems the demons have taken this to heart.


We have:
⇒ Active Moderators.

⇒ Easy Mission System and Rank Ups!

⇒ An Interactive Community.

⇒ Literate Roleplay.

⇒ Original Plotline!

⇒ Exciting Combat RP!

⇒ Boost Rewards!

⇒ Game Nights!

⇒ Unique Moon Roles!

⇒ Open Moon Roles!

⇒ Original Breathing Styles!

Won't you come and join us? We’re a new community and we’d be happy to have you!
Don't You Wanna Be Code Addict?
Sure You Want,
So Why Are You Still Waiting?
Join Us, Code Together
Location: Turkey
BricksBlocks - Game Development Community
Interested in game development? Want to learn a new skill?
We have:
- More.
Education. Collaboration. Appreciation.
Come join us
После захода на данный сервер зайдите в канал 'Правила', сервер создан для комьюнити кодеров на питоне, другие ЯП тоже приветствуются. На сервере отсутствует рассизм, за признаки рассизма или неуважения к другим религиям сразу идет бан.

Удачи, надеюсь тебе понравится у нас)
Welcome to Earthless
̲ -̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲-̲

〚We are active, growing STEM (Science, Technology, Engeeneric and Mathematic) community. Main topic here is astronomy, but also other science fans are welcome!〛

➤ We have a lot of different channels with science topics (also feeds and facts channels). 💬

➤ We have a lot of nice and funny bots (MEE6, Tatsu, Dank Memer, Yagpdb, Dyno, Statbot...). 🤖

➤ We have a lot of different roles for leveling up (Tatsumaki), invite roles (Invite Manager) and other extra roles. 🆙

➤ We have very active chat. Up to 2500 messages a day (after Statbot statistic). Very large number for U-100 members. ☢️

➤ We have daily events like Daily Space Facts, Guess The Number, Guess The Object... 📆

➤ And a lot more! Join if you want to see everything! 👌
What is the Future Gadget Lab, you may ask? Well, the Future Gadget Lab is comprised of an elite team of individuals who spend their time hanging out together and coming up with new ideas for futuristic gadgets used to help stop the Organization, a shadow government, from gaining power! We spend our time reading books, watching anime, playing chess and coming up with funny ideas!
Hey Join this Server to get these Awesome Features for FREE:
-GFX & VFX(Graphic Design & Visual Effects)
-Discord Services
-Bot Setup
-All Services for FREE
-Chill Environment
-Friendly Mates
-Hireable Admins & Designers.
Serwer Discord poświęcony autorskiemu botowi - Businessmanowi - który jest elektronicznym odpowiednikiem ekonomicznych gier planszowych takich jak np. Eurobiznes czy Monopoly. Użytkownicy serwera jako jedyni mają dostęp do wszystkich informacji o bocie oraz do samej gry.
This is the official Discord support and chat server for Nyro Bot.
Nyro is a Discord bot made by zWolfy in nodeJS to make other happy and able to moderate a little bit for a friendly community.
Welcome to PC Building 101!

We are a great server for chatting and collaborating on anything; but especially building custom PCs! Join if you are passionate about building and want to share your thoughts! You may be considering buying a prebuilt; we promise you building a computer with our assistance is super easy and stress-free!

We have a ton of benefits to offer:
- Friendly staff and many smart techies!
- The fastest-growing PC building community in all of Disboard!
- Many events for having even more fun!
- Self roles to describe yourself!
- Organized channels and a smooth service overall.
- And even more!
Established 5/20/20
Welcome to TechWire! we are a active helping community. if you dont need help and just wanna talk please join! we would love to have you. everyone is welcome!
Server based around cirtus fruits and techy stuff.
You can come here if you need some coding help, or if you want to talk about how good is lemon.