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Un serveur RP Discord sur les royaumes de feu !

Bien le bonjour, jeune guerrier ! Je te présente notre serveur, LRDF - Le règne des charognards.

Dans ce serveur, il y a a ta disposition :

- Un staff sympa, qui sera à l'écoute de tes suggestions.
- Une chouette communauté active qui n'attend que toi pour faire un bon roleplay.
- Une intrigue passionnante ou tout le monde peut faire pencher la bascule !
- Des salons pour faire connaissance avec d'autres gens.
- Une nouvelle race de dragons mystérieux, les ailes des Ténèbres.
- Tu peux être encore plus puissant comme dragons si tu est actif !
- Des évènements réguliers !

Prêt a venir changer le monde ? L'aventure n'attend plus que toi !
Diese Welt gleicht der unseren jedoch gibt es einen entscheidenden Unterschied: Manche Menschen können sich in Tiere verwandeln. Sie werden Wandler genannt. Die meisten wissen jedoch nichts davon.
Aber trotzdem müssen Wandler irgendwo leben und lernen. Deshalb ist diese Schule extra für Wandler gemacht. Hier lernen sie sowohl den normalen Schulstoff als auch wie sie in der Wildnis überleben und wie sie ihre Verwandlung kontrollieren können.
A friendly, free, and fun Star Trek play-by-email role playing game (PBEM RPG). Pick a character, choose a duty post, and join a crew. Join our server to ask questions, meet our members, and learn more.
Welcome to the Unity!
We have a few features in our small little world.
-Roleplay with almost any character (No anime or God Tier)
-NSFW for those rascals~
-A welcoming community
-Fortnite gaming (If yer into that)
-Plus More!
Join the family to see the rest!
Das ist ein Roleplay Server indem es, wie der Name schon sagt, um die Weltherrschaft geht. Man wählt sich ein Land aus und erstellt Freundschaften usw.
"The Fate of the Clans is in your paws, choose well."

Based on the hit series, Warrior Cats, by Erin Hunter, our original RP is based on Dawn of the Clans arc.
~It has been two generations since the original five leaders, Thunderstar, Riverstar, Shadowstar, Windstar and Skystar brought their tribemates to the Forest Territories. Tensions grow as the tribal bonds that kept harmony fade away with each generation. Blood is on the horizon, how long will this fragile peace be maintained?~

We're an active community of members that are on daily, chatting and roleplaying together. With people from all timezones, there is never a quiet moment on our server. As we are still relatively new, we're hoping to gain more members to grow!

Please note, the actual roleplaying is reserved for our forum, http://fateofthewarriors.forumotion.com/forum, the discord is only for OOC talk and RP planning. But the site has no minimum word limits, and we are welcoming of all ages. Don't be intimidated, everyone is super welcoming!

Are you interested in book discussions? Warrior cats fanart? Funny videos? Pop culture? We have special channels dedicated to all this, and more. Our goal ultimately is to make friends and roleplay!

So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, join us!
Join the (unofficial) Paper Mario: Origami King discord, where you can talk about Paper Mario and its newest installment. Share your opinions about the game with other members and have fun using our bots with a lot of different commands!
Terra Nova

Map: Ragnarok

Harvesting x4
Taming x10
Egg hatch x20
Maturation x25
Mating .50
(About 4 hours from incubation to maturation on large dinos)

Player stats
Health stamina and melee x2
Oxygen fortitude and crafting x10
Movement x3
Weight x50

Tamed Dino stats
Health stamina and melee x2
Speed x2
Weight x50

Player level 105
Dino level 300

Boosted fishing and fishing drops will include more items

Day circle x.4
Night x2
(40 min days and 10 min nights)

No active event to boost breeding mutations. We like to earn them around here.

Boosted engrams points. Still got to level to unlock them.

Unlimited respects

Fast crop growth

Fuel consumption rate decreased.

Stacking mod x10

Starter pack

Terra Nova is a chilled rp pve ark server with pvp events. We have a great community that is super friendly. Our admins are active and host events throughout the week and over the weekends. There are weekly quests to keep yourself busy with random pop up events. There is alot of great builders and breeders to trade with in game currency. There is a adminshop and a admin bank. There is no tek or metal buildings on our server. We have kept some if the useful tek items, such as cryopods and cryo fridges, dedicated tek storages and metal vaults.
As the name suggests this server is for lewd ERP as well as simply being a crackhead and/or a simp/simpette for your emo queen (me)

This server is still under heavy construction so join if you:
~Know which discord bots to use and how to set them up!

~Are hellbent on promoting this server and seeing it grow!

~Know how to manage servers like this one and wanna help out!
The land of Eozone was once unified under the Dantis Dynasty. However, 300 years ago, it all came crashing down. In the years since, the land has been split among several great rulers. Vasanna, the Winter Reaper, appeared in the south, transforming the land into an icy tundra. To the north, the Silverdell family rose and built the kingdom of Asmoecia. In the midlands, the kingdom of Fawreddog built itself on the ruins of the fallen Dynasty. For a time, things remained this way. But recently, a new figure has risen from the Crimson Peak, positioned in the northeastern wastes. Lyos, The Crimson General appeared, bearing primordial fire on his back. Fearing his flame, Vasanna has begun growing her territory, and her frost encroaches closer upon Fawreddog's capital, Zlialgate, every day. It's ruler, Cigfran O'Rcoed, prepares rapidly to fight back the encroaching ice. Meanwhile, King Jonathan Silverdell watches vigilantly, preferring peace until hostility is met outright. Lyos' army grows by the day, but none can be sure what his intentions are. Who will stand over all of Eozone? And who will you help to win?
Welcome to Fallout: A United Wasteland! Here, we have a welcoming and friendly staff. We have factions from Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 76! Due to Discords limit, we only have locations from 3 and 4, which add up to over 300! Join today and forge your own story! We are also LGBTQ+ Friendly!
The 23rd of October 2077. A normal day, or so it seemed. Nuka cola revealed Nuka Cola Quantum for the first time and the children of Pre Dawn elementary embarked on the bus for a field trip to lamp light cove. But little did they know, that their world was about to end. At 6:47am on that fated day, someone dropped a large number of atomic bombs on America, the land of liberty and freedom. But one corporation was prepared. Vault-Tec created vaults. These vaults were underground havens from the wreckage above.

Your story begins 215 years later. The world has emerged from its shell and your survivors begin their journey.

With the country in peril, all have come together as one. Sharing their needs for help, and to strengthen one another against the many cruel beings of the world. Welcome to the wasteland.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Undying Lights is a new PMD roleplaying server. With upcoming events, some of which reveal this RP's lore, we hope players will have a fun time here.
Welcome to the future of Dragon Ball Z! Where Goku and friends in their great influence have paved the path for a strong select group of heroes to rise up and band together in an ultimate organization against Universal Threats.

The Universal Correction Forces (UCF), a group comprised of the strongest warriors in Universe 7. Frost Demon, Human, Saiyan, Tuffle, all banded together to secure the safety of Universe 7 for many generations to come.

However... This doesn’t mean just about anyone is willing to play hero. So long as your intent isn’t to bring catastrophic doom to the universe, you may as well be a saint to the UCF. Conquering planets, running an Empire, being a famed Hitman, whatever your heart desires. Will you be a hero or a villain..?

We have many races to rp as!
-Frost Demons

And many more to come, including custom races which can be created by anyone.
A FiveM roleplay community with administration that cares.

We have
- Custom Cars
- Custom Scripts
- Custom Map Mods
- A caring and devoted community
Hello trainer!
Welcome to the Bonic region! This is a region based off of extreme biomes and temperature changes!
There's 3 sections; the temperate zone, cold zone, and hot zone.
In this server, we'll be working on the region as a group- we hope you join us soon!
This is a RP server for Fire emblem. It will take place on Zenith. Your character will be summoned into this world. You can be any character you want to be from Fire Emblem canon. The world will be based around Fire Emblem Heroes.

Hello, and welcome to the Ultiverse! Explore the fifty Earths in this vast system, where every Earth is unique in its own way. Explore Earths of the medieval era, far future era, or Earths of the Steampunk genre and Fantasy genre. With so many Earths, there is something for everyone.

Also, play as the characters you want to be. Nearly any character you can create is one allowed, as you are free to use your creativity to make the exact character you desire. You can create abilities, personalities, and backstories unique to the characters you want to play as.

You can also create your own businesses with your own unique locations, giving yourself a stronger presence in the Ultiverse.

With a large server, you'll be able to find other members to play with who hold similar interests, something you can do through the Queue feature of the server-private O.R.I.A.L bot. Start your own story in the Ultiverse, and maybe make some friends along the way. The Ultiverse is yours to explore.

The Eternal War

If you want to play in a more story-driven server, the Ultiverse also holds the Eternal War story, an open story free to anyone who registers to join. In this story, play your character as one of many fighters united in the Blue Sun Alliance as you battle the ZeOrder, who wish to instill their own empire in the Ultiverse and demolish any individual freedoms and unified democracies.

Make friendships with brothers in arms, roam The Peak base, and fight to your last breath in intense and complex battles across the Ultiverse to remove the dominance of the ZeOrder.

If you want to be in command, you can create a military of your own, and lead the charge into battle among your brothers and sisters in the fight for freedom.

Everyone has a story, and everyone has a purpose. Whether you're a lone adventurer exploring different planets, a rich CEO of a business living the good life, or a warrior fighting for freedom against the ZeOrder, everyone has a place.

Now, all that's left is to find it.
• Torne-se um shinobi em: Naruto: Shinobi Legend「RPG」🇧🇷

• Comece a história de seu personagem

• Evolua

• Combata o mal ou junte-se a ele

• Combata a Kara ou junte-se a ela

• 7 aldeias diferentes para participar

• Vários clãs diferentes

Venha participar de nosso RPG, estamos te esperando.
Welocome to Forgotten Souls. We are a Warrior Cats role play server. We will post daily announcements and wsther conditions. We will host weekly and/or monthy events.
**││││ ** ✵ ✦ .         .     🌙
**││││** |       ✦
│││✦ ✽
│✦        T e │O f r e c e m o s  ╴ 🌙
✦ ° ✿ ❁

**╲⠀╲⠀╲ ╲ ╲ ** ★ °
⠀⠀╲⠀╲⠀☆ ⠀╲ ╲ ⠀⠀⠀ ❁⠀⠀ ✿
⠀☆⠀ **╲⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╲**⠀⠀★ ✦
⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀★ ☆ ✽

╰➣ 🎲╭ Staff tranquilos y responsables

╰➣ 🏮│Autoroles

╰➣ 🔪│Rolplay al estilo undertale

╰➣ 🕊│Variedad de bots

╰➣ 🌱│Una comunidad sana

╰➣ 🎉│Eventos diarios

╰➣ 🐉╰ Sorteos que aumentan tu poder

⏧·₊̣ siéntete bienvenido💐₊̣̇.
┊┊┊┊                        °
┊┊🌙    *
┊☆  °
Hi! This is a tbhk (toilet bound hanako kun) Roleplay! You can add your own oc's into this universe, too! You also get to share art, memes, and make friends!! ♡♡♡
LGRP est un serveur gta rp qui écoute la communauté et qui est actif H24.
Welcome to the Ark of Tomorrow,


The current year is 109X, a year known for its rising tensions and conflicts between factions encompassing different ideologies. In a world desolated by calamities, both man made and naturally occuring as a result of a crystal based mineral known as “Originium” (A powerful conduit of electricity when processed with more potential than gold and an unstable authigenic mineral composition capable of being molded in a carbonic level).

The survival of humans and Ancients (Bipedal human like animal hybrids) alike has been a constant struggle, not only to find suitable regions to escape from sudden underground releases of energy (Both in the form of heat and kinetic force) but to also avoid contracting a very infectious disease; one created by contact with “Originium” in its raw form by circulatory breathing or by contact with afflicted bodily fluids.

“Oripathy” as it has been named, is an extremely vicious disease, one that consumes the host from within by growing crystal protrusions inside organs and blood vessels. Once infected, there is no cure and one can only delay the process by medical treatment.

If that was not enough, such a situation has caused a segregation of classes never seen before in the world of “Terra”. One that is still ongoing . . .

In fear of contagion and lack of understanding, those who are healthy have developed extreme reactions towards those who have been infected or those of lesser societal standing. It is not uncommon to witness discrimination or violence against the infected, often times it is supported by mobile cities (Cities constructed over massive complex vehicles with the purpose of escaping calamities) and their government officials to hide other issues that plague the general livelihood.

However, not all share such a mentality-- Many groups have risen and fallen with the intention of aiding those who need.

One of the most influential groups at the present is a company created on an isolated island: “Rhodes Island Pharmaceuticals”. The company treats the infected in exchange for their services. Both a medical research facility and also a private military contractor, it has become a name well known haven for the afflicted.

“ All those who aspire for a better life, be them from the slums or from high society, no matter where they came from-- All that we require is that one dedicates themselves to making a difference, a single wish to improve reality one step at a step. Those of you who are here and hear, we welcome you with open arms. “

What role you will play in such a tale is one only you know, how will you make a difference?


Welcome to our Arknights server,
We are happy to have you onboard with us, if you are here you can count on the following:

💠 - Friendly staff, we are more than glad to prioritize fun over anything else.
💠 - Lively discussions about literature (Arguable), the definition being lackluster.
💠 - Zote is here. (He has me on gunpoint.).
💠 - Jessica is waifu. (Is that even questionable?).
💸 - Active community. (We bribed them.)

Feel free to hop into our server and lets all have fun !