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heyo~! if chu lookin for a wittwe boy slave, join and dominate me >~<
you can do whatever ya want from me. degrade me, use me, abuse me, etc.

• I prefer fit guys between 16-19. Bonus if they are actually loyal and looking for a boyfriend but if not, that's fine (even tho you'll get something special if you actually wanna like me romantically not just sexually uwu).

P.S. no girls or submissives.
All homeschooled kids and teens are welcome to chat, play games, and just hang out. We have occasional game nights, contests and members from all over the world, Please be patient with us 🤍

Check out our new server: nsfw lounge!

We are a fairly new server, but we hope you can meet new people and enjoy yourself!


Have fun 💕
This is a safe place for all people with different political opinions to talk! We have reaction roles, so people can figure out where people stand politically We also Debate channels to debate with anyone, and Discussion channels with specific channels and topics! Join for more
full sexy chat
raat rangili
din rangili
sexy chat 24/7
Welcome to Marble-Head Point! In this sleepy seaside town, everything is not as it seems. During a sunday afternoon, the world suddenly changed, switching to a weird upside down type of world. Questions begin to fly around as the world spins, and fairy tales are born again.

Welcome to Marble-Head Point, Ohio.

Set in the early 18th Century in a small area Players can be Captain and command a ship and it's crew making sure everything gets done, or Crew that help operate a ship and try to strive to become a Officer and maybe a new captain to help escort your Captain's ship. Trade is a thing and possibe to gain money from to get repairs, new cargo, or a better ship. Naval Battles happen between PvE or PvP and can get intense.
⭐You have stumbled across the nest of Eggwin.⭐

You may ask what is Eggwin nest?🤔

It is a fun 😆, meme 🐸 and chill😌 small discord server.

You also, probably wondering what makes us different from all your other Discord servers?

✅ Easy to navigate 🗺️

✅ Not much rules 👮

✅ Isn't compact with Bots 🤖

✅ Have a unique leveling up system ⬆

✅ We do special activities like Discord raids, tournaments and lot of other stuff. 😝

We are small in working progress Discord server but one day we will rise to the top.

*. :rose: ˖ ✦ :rose: ¸ .✦ :rose: . ˖✦ *  . ✦ :rose: ¸ . ﹢
° ˖ :rose: ・ ·̩。 :sparkles: Marove University :sparkles: * ¸ .✦˖ 
° :﹢ ˖✦ * :rose:  .  * ¸ .˖✦ * :rose:

You have been accepted into the college of your dreams to pursue your dream career. You are encouraged to make connections and grow. This is a safe place for OC's to have fluffy slice of life moments as well as pursue their degree. They can make friendships, romantic relationships, etc. We encourage creativity. This is a new trial server so we ask for your patience.

What makes us unique?
- Organzied server with bots and self assignable roles.
- Friendly staff that work efficiently.
- clubs, activites, classes, dorms, and much more.
- Tupper and color-chan
*We're new, stop joining if your gon leave right away*
What we bring-
· Safe space for lgbtq+ ·
· Some dark humor ·
· Hentai ·
· Also a wholesome sfw channel ·
*We are still building our server so suggestions are always welcomed!!*
New Reality City
【💎】Ok, Agora Irei Apresentar Um Pouco Do que Temos Em Vosso Servidor.
【💎】✩Staff Ativa, Competente e não abusiva;
【📍】✧Vagas Na Staff;
【🌈】✧Bots Muito Bem Configurados;
【🌀】✧Temos Certeza Que Você vai se Divertir Muito e Fazer Novas Amizades;
【💎】Um RP e ERP Bem Moderado e Nada OP;
💎】✩Diversão Garantida

e aí, Curtiu o Servidor? Ah, Pelo Visto Sim Né? Então Entra Aí Vai!
DISCLAIMER: If caught Joining and Leaving instantly, you will be PERMANENTLY banned from Skid Den’s Discord Server as we do not have room for server jumpers/nitro snipers.

This server focuses on making sure that you can defend yourself agains Online Hacker (DDoSers, Password Hackers, Doxers) and make sure you are safer then the average person online.

Website: https://skidden.org
Just a nice place to hangout ^_^ no toxicity here!! Also, when you join, read the rules. We have had many times where someone or others break the obvious rules. Like, how (even though it’s disabled) only the Owner and Admins should use the @everyone ping. Someone (who’s not an admin) spammed the @everyone ping. That happened at 6am too 😀👍 Anyways, enjoy the server lolzies.
ᴅᴜᴍʙ sǫᴜɪᴅs
Dumb Squids is a Hype and Crazy place for everyone
We offer:

▎Helpful Staff

▎Fair But Fun Rules

▎Lots of channel for any interest you have endless amounts of fun

▎Giveaways with crazy prizes and custom roles!

▎Fun and active members! A great place to make more friends!

▎ We also have lots of bots including Dank Memer, Discord diner and Jade.. And many more!

▎Voice channels and fun game events

▎Join to find out more!

The Children is a discord server that’s friendly to everyone, if you’re friendly to us. We’re here to make you feel welcomed, and a safe place to have a good time with your friends. Make friends, and feel free to talk to us whenever! Once we gain more members we shall be hosting events!
║▌│█║▌│ █║▌│█│║▌║
𝙨𝙘𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙘𝙤𝙙𝙚...
━━━━━━━━━Accepted: Displaying ad━

━━━━LORE ━━━━
Welcome to High Peak City, home of the heroes association. But also home to scum and villainy.

The year is 2042 and the heroes association thrives off of government donations and sponsorship as the threat of powered Villains and giant monsters grow ever present. There’s also a new academy that has been built, made to train people with newly discovered powers. To train them to become the next generation of Heroes

━━━━ ━━━━
You’ll be able to choose if you want to play a hero, a villain, or a hero in training.

━━━━What we offer ━━━━
• friendly staff willing to help you get started and listen to your suggestions and answers your questions
• Active owner
• Lots of role-play channels with many more on the way
•Staff positions available
•Open partnerships
•Any writing level accepted
•Plot holes to be filled

━━━━INFO ━━━━
Invite: https://discord.gg/FdJbvsM
🎉Hello we are Gas Palace, a server focused on well farts (and other bathroom stuff!) We have a plethora of things.🎉

​​-A friendly moderation team.⭐️

-NSFW channels.⭐️

-Roleplay channels.⭐️

-Active members. ⭐️

-Reaction roles. ⭐️

-Fun bots/Nsfw bots.⭐️
You can show others your art, get critiqued and much more! (this server is inspired by Wholesome artist server)
Here at the skelington cult we summon our lord and savior cathulu by talking in channels and having a death defying time