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✦✧✦✧ ♡ Friendly Server
✦✧✦✧ ♡ Safespace for Littles, Doms & Pets and more.
✦✧✦✧ ♡ All Gender Accepting
✦✧✦✧ ♡ Active Voice and Text channels
✦✧✦✧ ♡ Assignable Roles
✦✧✦✧ ♡ Accepting Community
✦✧✦✧ ♡ 16+ Age Range

This servers main intent is shitposts and memes. DATING IS OPTIONAL. You have a lot of free speech here. We may not have a lot of members but we would highly appreciate it if you’d give us a chance.

-Added self roles
-Recently added nsfw for 18+ members
-Multiple fun bots
-Rank system

A chill chat community meant for having fun. Join us on our conversations if you're bored. Active chats and friendly community!

❤️️ Welcome to Erotic Furs ❤️️
❤️️ We've got lewds, yiffs. All in one and specific.
❤️️ A perfect server for Edgy Fluffs
❤️️ Fun!
❤️️ Hot!
❤️️ And much more!
❤️️ Welcoming new members! ❤️️
❤️️ Come and Join us! ❤️️
Dans ce serveur plusieurs choses sont au rendez vous comme de la pub yt, pub discord, partenariats, développement informatique tel que des mod minecraft, des bots discord...
👌A Small growing discord server that has everything you want or could ask for 👈

😎 - a small growing community
😤 - spam channels
💣 - bots
💋 - a variety in porn channels
👀 - Anime General/Ecchi General
🎮 - Gaming/Technology discussions
💯 - a loooot of emojis
🎵 - Music General
🃏 - Politics
🎭 - M E M E S/shitposting

Everyone is welcome. There's hardly any rules other than being 18 or older.
Warning: This server is not a hugbox
========☆HEADSPACE PLANET☆========
☆HiiHii!! welcome to Headspace planet! Our server in 16-25, there will be no exceptions! HeadSpace Planet is a server for mainly littles and caregivers, but this server is for everyone, no matter your race, sexuality, gender, or background. We are very small and we will try to have events every weekend if possible!! Our staffs is very nice and we try to make server active!!☆
========HEADSPACE PLANET========

☆We have lots of bots to play with!!
☆We have great people!!
☆We have great emojis to use!!
☆We have roles to describe yourself with!!
☆We have events every week (if we can)
☆We are trying to be active (Whenever we can)
☆We have channels to explore from and are willing to add more if reccomended!!
☆We have vc channels to join!!
☆We have a little school for littles to turn in assigments and level up!
========☆END OF FUN☆========

========☆Get Verified☆========
☆you need to do an intro!
☆you need to get roles!
☆And enjoy your stay at our lil planet^^
========☆End Of Get Verified☆========

☆Please boost our server!! we need 7 more people to boost it to get level 2☆
A welcoming server that anyone can join.
- Has an array of bots
* Game bots
* Multiple music bots
* Image bots
* Color bot
* Etc...

Peace & Tranquility is a server for people who want to make friends, a place where you can talk free of judgement, and a zone where you don't need to be afraid when you vent. We're a family you can log on to when you need to talk, or just enjoy yourself.

Hope to see you soon!
** *** *** *** ***
Activities Available:
-Idle RPG
-Idle Miner
-Music Room (Powered by Groovy)
What we offer

- Absolutely Nothing

-A podcast in which you can take part in, (takes place every Saturday 7 AM US EST)

-Memes that are shit

-The Vietcong Invasion

-The communist manifesto

-Nuclear launch codes

-Fine Art

-Trump’s MasterCard details

-Obama’s last name

[ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvGl6H0BixrZRjpKvvVbQxw ]
This server provides everything you need!
~~Free roles of your own
~~A lot of rp (there’s even a crossover rp)
~~First members become admins and mods
~~If you want to play any game with other people there’s a channel for that
~~Nice admin and mods (I’ll make sure)
~~Make yourself at home, there are multiple channels of everything
~~Suggestions channel to help us make stuff like new roles, new channel, and new emojis
~~We will surely make you have a fun time in this server
~~good rules
~~art to be featured and many more
Fajny serwer z miłą atmosferą. Jesteśmy zawsze chętni do partnerstw. Wbij bo potrzebujemy aktywności.
Do you play games? Are you looking for an active community? Want events so you can sing your heart out? Giveaways? Gaming Tournaments? Do you draw? Like to watch anime?

If you into any of these things: The Beacon might just be the place for you :)
It's a gaming and social community where we chill out, have discussions, play games: Destiny 2, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Paladins, Magic the Gathering etc. on NA, EU, Asia and Oceania servers. There's also music bots, anime/ movie nights, and giveaways on the server!

No, you don't have to be a gamer! You can just be here to chat, share memes and talk about your day :) We have active voice channels as well!
Hey, are you bored? Don't have any servers to talk in? Maybe you like games? That's great! Because you can join "Super_XDGuy's Gaming Hangout"! What do we have here? Well:
1. We love memes and gaming
2. We have organised server rules
3. A ton of text channels and bots for any taste
4. Very nice administration!
Join this server and Enjoy Your Stay, i hope you're gonna like it!
Hello Everyone,

We're a Gaming Community looking for any members to join.
We're still reasonably small and looking to grow so it becomes a second home for everyone, we don't mind how long you've played games or how bad/ bad you are, everyone is welcome no matter what! So come along and help us grow, we can't do it without you.
- We run our own Arma 3 and Minecraft Server
- Our friendly admin team will help you with ANY issues
- 1200+ other like minded people
- Very good at weeding out the toxic people
- We value your input to help us grow

It's been 100 Years after the fall of Muzan. The Demon Slaying Corps still remain in case of a new threat emerging. Their worries were right, as a new Demon Lord emerges from the depths. The Demon Slaying Corps, now in retirement seek to bring out its older members in order to defend humanity once again.

This is a new chapter for human-kind. The Demon Slaying Corps was now under the Hanatono name, a new family entrusted by Ubuyashiki after the death of Muzan. The Hanatono strived to keep their Demon Slayers trained, and pillars ready to fight what ever demons that may awake.

Create a character and rise through the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps, or fall under corruption and obtain the Demon Lord role for your self!

>Free Form
>Anything is welcome'd!
>Everybody is welcomed
>Become staff
Canadian Hangout
Owner: Canadian Supreme
Canadian Hangout is a Canadian run, majority Canadian server for people to meet new friends and chat! We are an ever growing community, so don't feel shy to stop by and say hi!

-->Tons of bots to play around with!

-->Meet new people!

-->Learn about Canada!

-->Discuss things such as star wars, halo, anime, star trek, etc.!

-->Custom roles!

-->Friendly staff!

-->An actually active owner!
🐹ˎˊ˗ hello! welcome to our sleepover, we have snacks!
🌸ˎˊ˗ a super new and small community!
🌸ˎˊ˗ minimalist/cute theme and adorable self roles!
🌸ˎˊ˗ fun interactive bots to pass the time on!
🌸ˎˊ˗ i hope youll come over to our sleepover, thank you!
Hello! Welcome to Hinata/日向!

We are a friendly social community which strives to give you the best experience whilst in the server! Chat with others around the globe, or perhaps go to the chill lounge and relax at the end of the day! There is always the social category. You can check for new songs or perhaps look at memes or look at cute pets! uwu. Oh, you like economy bots? Feel free to use our economy category then. Also, don't forget, keep the community peaceful! Don't disturb the peace! c:


Features and entertainment:

-A main channel, where people talk about various topics.

-A chill lounge, where you can talk 'n chill after a hard day and overall have fun.

-Media access, with people posting various pictures of different topics, or perhaps their surroundings or other stuff!

-A music channel, where you could search for some good music posted by other users.

-Different bots, from Dank Memer to Unbelievaboat.

-An economy category, where you could also buy roles with Unbelievaboat, or perhaps get random rewards from time to time.

-A great community overall, giving you a warm welcome when you join and making you feel welcome.

-Various events and gamenights!


We strive to give you the best experience, both our community and our staff team. If there is something wrong, please contact a staff member to let them know. Because we want to keep this community peaceful! c:

♡Certified Cuties is back and ready to be better than ever.♡

♤A wonderful dating server for all you discord cuties out there.♤

☆Friendly people all around and 24/7 Moderation☆

◇Enjoy the server!◇
Welcome to Discord Server Central {DSC} where you can list all your various discord servers, advertising platforms, streaming platforms and social networks

We are the home of DSC - an easy to use advertising bot that broadcast 2k+ server bump advertisements to 200+ servers


Join today whether it is to post your server or invite DSC bump bot, we have mature yet friendly staff on hand to assist

This server is an International place for lewd lovers to come together and Stick around to gain friends, hang out in our many channels and active voice channels.
Sit down relax and also finding ur dream girl/guy. We have many lewd bots, to use and have fun with. Almost 400 members here. Please check out our server!