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[FR] Serveur français :) Discussions sur tout et rien, écrit et vocal, vous pourrez aussi trouver des gens avec qui jouer ;)
Welcome to Rafed, we are a Muslim server with the majority Shia but we welcome all Muslims because we are not Shia nor Sunni were all Muslims under one god (Allah SWT) and we follow the same prophet, prophet Mohammed SAW.
A roleplay server set in an crimally insane asylum. Play as a staff member(nurses, doctors, psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist, psychotherapist, guards, lifeguards) or a criminally insane patient! We have a friendly community and everyone is welcome and hopefully you’ll fit in!
18+ mentally | Small tight-knit community | Custom roles and channels | Weekly server events | Regular VC

OUR GOAL: Foster a community where people from all around the world can come together to have meaningful conversations alongside some banter
On this island of madness where it can be a person eat person world everyone is a castaway, no one is familiar with each other, yet... Every day new islanders are brought to the mystery island Of Restless Isles by an unknown force. The uncharted island has many undiscovered secrets to be discovered. (We are looking for new staff members and Roleplayers of all kinds! So come on and join, give this newly born server a chance! This is an NSFW server be warned!!)
Dragon Age RP based on the events in Inquisition.
It is 9:45 Dragon. Fen'Haral's agents have left. Those who remained are free spirits.
Currently despite the Grey Wardens having proved themselves in the fight against Corypheus, suspicion is still rampant.
The RP setting involves Grey Wardens and those whom they consider allies.
A semi-private no-bullshit 18+ only furry community without drama, kids, or gimmicks. We've been around for a decade. Join us and see why.
[FR] WORLD SERVEUR est un serveur ou tout le monde est social et le staff aussi.
Le staff est tout le tant présent 24/7.Diverses commandes pour écouter de la musique, plusieurs chattes vocaux et textuels.Avec une modération automatique.(SERVEUR français)

Hello! We're a server that focuses on roleplaying as your own, non-canon SCP. or foundation staff! All you need to start is to submit a quick bio for your character and wait for it to be approved, then, go ahead!
Would you like to join LU$T?

We currently tryna make this server bigger and strong
So we need your help
We are a Friendly Community ♡
Fun Voice Chats and Games ♡
Colour roles and self assignables roles ♡
Music & Fun bots ♡
Helpful Staff and Admins ♡
NSFW and Aesthetic ♡
We are a server dedicated to helping people how to socialize and make friends. We also have channels where you can talk to others to create bonds.
This is a really friendly server with amazing members and nice moderators! <3
We all have had meaningful experiences so come and have a conversation about them. Our goal is to enrich each other's lives by having a place we can share a story or just have a good laugh. We hope to welcome you to Our Home and we hope you can make it yours as well! Please be drama free and you must be 21 or older.
💗 Official Discord Partner.
💗 Wonderland is a home to the diverse, out-going, curious, weird, and fun society!
💗 Tight knit community, growing faster than ever.
💗 The best place to meet and make new friends! 9000+ members.
💗 Gaming ✦ Movies ✦ Music ✦ Anime ✦ Events.

**Age requirement is 14+.**
beulenfun is a Discord server dedicated to the beauty of the male body. We have a wide variety of channels filled with thousands of pics, GIFs and videos - ranging from the æsthetically alluring to the downright explicit. Our collection is ever-growing, with members adding great new content every day.

New members are always welcome! This is a NSFW server, so 18+ only, please. (Please note: access to our more sexually explicit channels requires a simple age verification procedure.)
Join us for daily legit give aways which are updated everyday 🎉🎉.
We give away Discord Nitro , Netflix , Pornhub , Minecraft accounts , steam games and keys , LoL accounts , spotify and many more stuff 🎉🎉🎉
My Diabły i Anioły zapraszamy was na nasz zajebisty serwer dużo zabawy 😏 świetni ludzie. Nasz serwer jest jedyny taki więc jak nie wpadniesz to się nie dowiesz 😏
/!\ PAS DE PUB /!\

Hey ! Bienvenue à toi petit Newbie ! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
Voici la Gakuen Alice Commune ! Le serveur ou TOUT est possible ! (^ↀᴥↀ^)
Viens vite ! On a des Howallons ! (˶ㆁ▽ㆁ˶✿)

✧ Un RP cohérent avec une histoire très travaillée
✧ Aucune obligation de RP pour rester
✧ Apprendre à RP sur place est possible
✧ Lire le RP des autres sans RP soi-même est possible
✧ Une communauté ouverte à tous les types de propositions
✧ Tu n'as que 2 obligations : Respecter les règles et les autres, et te présenter en arrivant ! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Le serveur est encore jeune, mais déjà bien actif, et les membres sont sympa ! (≧▽≦)
Si tu as le moindre soucis, tu peux en parler à la gérante qui t'aidera du mieux qu'elle peut.(^ω^)
En plus, le serveur ne se limite pas à l'univers Gakuen Alice tel que le manga le présente ! Ce qui le rends unique c'est :

✧ Une catégorie Central Town pour y faire tes achats, tu peux même proposer des articles !
✧ Des timelines différentes pour voir cet univers sous différents jours (passé / présent / futur)
✧ Des secrets du serveurs à découvrir en montant dans les rôles !

Dans ce serveur, tu peux y faire des RP secrets qui n'ont pas de limite dans les salons adaptés. Tu peux même RP avec uniquement les membres que tu choisis ! Tu auras ton salon rien que pour ça !

/!\ Et en plus, très bientôt /!\ : Un BoT maison pour gérer les personnages du RP, leur sous, leur inventaire... et avoir un peu de fun !

Alors viens vite ! Ça coûte rien de regarder ! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)
Welcome to Vocalize! In this server, we hold auditions to allow people the opportunity to get themselves a role. Bronze Tier, Silver Tier, Gold Tier, Amethyst Tier, Ruby Tier, Sapphire Tier, Emerald Tier, and Diamond Tier are the roles you'll be auditioning for. Diamond Tier is the highest Tier you can achieve, and it shows the server how good of a singer you are.
- Auditions are held frequently!
- We hold events like karaoke, competitions, and more!
- We give honest feedback.
- We love everyone, we don't discriminate!
- This is NOT a dating server.
- Singers are encouraged to join, but ANY other musician is too!
- This server is new and fresh!

Just join us and wait for our next audition holding! We can't wait to see you.

my multifandom server has many fandoms you can talk about (plus ones you can add) as well as really cool people so you can make tons of new friends!

→fandoms currently in the server:
•sally face
•my hero academia/boku no hero academia
•rick and morty
•vlog squad
•detroit: become human
•commentary crew
•gay baby gang/banana bus squad/misfits
•tyler, the creator
→there are a lot and if you suggest one, it'll be added :)
We're a friendly and active server with some nice bots for you to play with, we also have our own server currency system, and we've got some pretty cool people here for you to be friends with!
We are not a Swedish server, we're just named Göteborg.
We Out Here
The Wacky Chat is an eventful server where many people, probably like you, come to chat and share many, many things. There are memes, there's art, there are chats, there are mascots, there's everything you'd want in a Discord server! So what are you waiting for? Join!
This is the Fur Heaven server, a welcoming community full of awesome furries! Have fun and enjoy!

>Wide variety of self-roles (e.g. nickname colors, species, sexuality, etc...)
>Welcoming members and staff!
>Very secure against raids!

Every user is required to take a reCAPTCHA, then verified by the staff to ensure the community is as fun and kind for every member as possible!
[]====-|-[SCP Foundation] [RP]-====[]

Hello there, this is a server that is primarily about roleplaying or imagining yourself in the setting of the mysterious and ambiguous SCP Foundation. In the server, there are a multitude of roles that can be chosen from when you join and get registered. The choices are many, like being a Security Guard, Researcher, or even a member of an entirely other organization like the FBI.

Even if you're not really the type of person that would like to role-play, or just an overall fan of SCP Foundation in itself, well good news. As this server also serves as a place where you can chat or discuss such topics and others with other people you meet in the server.

All in all, we hope that we can help give you people a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Well, I think that about wraps this advertisement up. So until then, farewell.
Friendly and responsive staff that are online most of the time.

Lots of choices and freedom in what you can do in roleplay.

Functions as both a hangout and roleplay server.
We are a community for anything emo/punk. We are a very wholesome community with auto-assigned roles specifically for the bands you like to listen to! Join and connect with people who like the same music as you and more! /o/