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Ah, I see you have stumbled across my server while in your search for a cool place to chill at. You must be tired! Come on step inside my hotel, we have a great staff and we are the best place to rest at. So take a looksie inside of my (SpoooOOoOOopy) hotel!
We are a positive upbeat community. We are looking for new members. Our server has a variety of features.
★ Self-roles such as sports, interests.
★ Open server suggestions channel
★ Friendly community
★ Events: karaoke night, or movie night.
★ Fun music bots
★ Partnerships always open
★ Constant server updates
★ A memes channel
★ Vc channels
★ 40+ self roles to choose
★ YouTube and twitch advertising
★ A lot of cool server bots
Come join us. We hope to see you see you. 😁

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Autoregistro | Nudes | Selfies | DD/LG | Libertad | Verificación
Eventos | Social | Seguridad | Porno y Hentai

Si estas buscando una comunidad hispana/latina donde te puedas expresar libremente, sobre temas adultos y de sexualidad, llegaste al lugar indicado. Tematicas variadas, Actividades diarias y el poder platicar libremente sin tener que censurarse, siempre y cuando haya respeto, solo mayores de edad, gente como tu. Porque no todo en la vida es Sexo, no se dejen llevar por aquellos pequeños que estan urgidos y creen que hablar de sexo 24/7 es lo que hace de un servidor un lugar para adultos.

Contamos con canales de juegos, selfies, nudes, platicas, arte, porno, hentai y roleo. Estamos renovando y creciendo para brindar mas y mejores canales para todos. Con actividades diarias y gente activa.
Un recordatorio: Toda seccion 18+ esta cerrada al publico y solo es accesible bajo verificacion. Esto es importante para mantener a los menores fuera de el contenido sexual, y asi la comunidad es libre de poder mostrar sus fotos personales. Aqui seguimos las politicas de discord, sin excepciones. No como otros que tienen pornografia libre a menores.
╔═════ ∘◦ ✾ ◦∘ ═════╗
Whalecum to Flying Whales
╚═════ ∘◦ ❈ ◦∘ ═════╝
A non-toxic, friendly fast-growing server.

We offer:
❈Many fun bots
✾Great nitro emotes
❈Memes to taste
✾Eargasmic voice chats
❈Art & Music
✾A ton of roles (85+ AND COUNTING >:D)
❈A Friendly International Community
✾Weekly giveaways
It's totally bullocks luv :')
We're waiting for you luv x

Hello welcome to Bitcoin buy/sell, the place where you can safely and securely sell or purchase bitcoin from Ranked admins. Please do not trade with un-ranked people as it could be a scam, thanks for joining.
Bonjour à tous !🎐
Je fais ce serveur pour parler de tout et de rien à tout le monde !😚
Jeux vidéos 🎮
Soirée jeux 🔰
Loisirs 🥀
Des gens et du fun seront au rendez-vous !!!🤩
Rejoignez si vous n'osez muahahaha !!🤪
( venez svp mdr on ne vous mange pas 🤣 )
We are a meme shitposting server who is looking to expand our numbers. We have:
20 Bots
Dank Shitposts
Homemade Memes
Cringy Memes
Carefully Curated Memes, the bad ones will get removed! (The more of you join, the higher quality this will become!)
Fair and equal rules for all!
Anti-Raiding measures to prevent your fun from being spoiled!
Custom colour roles!

Don't forget to read the rules!
Hello and welcome to the House of Royals, The House of Royals is a dating service where you can make friends and mingle, We are a nice toxic-free community, The server is owned by our Owner James, Also known as King James, We would love to have you and be your friend, Come Join!

We have:
~ Bots
~ Active Staff
~ Self Roles
~ Selfie Channels
~ Nice Staff
And more!
Thanks for joining our family!
🥇『 Welcome to EmojiClout!』🥇

Featuring a List of free Global Emotes which you can use everywhere without Nitro!!
What do we offer you?

► Thicc (and lewd) Emotes 💯
► A big Free Global Emote List 🌐
► Friendly Community&Active Chat 💌
► Self-assignable roles
► Leveled roles to grow in your rank
► A ton of Bots

We also offer Channels for:
~and much more.
🌺 About Us 🌺
We are a server where you can hang out and make friends.
We would love to see you as a part of our community and grow with you.
Everyone is welcome here and our staff will make sure you get the best experience! 💖
Open for Partnerships!

► Join Today and find FREE EMOTES!
Heyo! My name is blade, and welcome to Buncha Peeps!
In this server, we host events, game nights, movie nights, giveaways, and much much more!

We have a venting channel with people available to help you out around the clock!

We have a semi - active community and it's only growing!

If you decide to join, I'll be happy to welcome you to Buncha peeps!
💕A fun hangout for all Steven Universe fans and dedicated to Little Larimar!💕

💕An amazing community!
💕LGBTQ+ friendly!
💕Self-assignable roles!
💕Fun channels!
💕Fun Bots!
💕 A vent channel where you can express your feelings without being judged ❤️

💕Hope to see you there! 💕

💕This server is partners with the Spinel Protection Squad, make sure to join It!
Hello! We run Another Kinnity, a 13+ server for Kin, Fictives, Therians, Synpaths, Coping Links, and more! We have a very active understanding staff team, pluralkit and tupperbox, contests and events, non-english chats, mem jams, and more!
The Kink House is a general BDSM and kink server with members aged 18-40 who partake in a wide range of play. We promote a relaxed, hang out atmosphere where you can build friendships, learn, and play.

--Play rooms and VCs for public scenes
--A littles room for all CG/l play chat and discussion
--Resources for erotic hypnosis
--A Dungeon so that play which skirts the edge is all in one area
--A custom denial game bot which allows you to gamble and trade alongside your fellow denial lovers

--All members are verified using a photo ID (all information but photo and date of birth redacted), no exceptions. This is to ensure the safety of our members and we take it very seriously. If you are not comfortable verifying this way, we absolutely still wish you the best in finding an online community that works for you.
--Upon entry to the server, you will have to review and accept the server rules prior to gaining acces to our Coat Check room. Here you can meet our admin team and some of our long-term members while your age verification is pending. The other purpose for this room is so we can get to know you and determine that our server culture and you jive.
--We are not a server with a billion bots, levels and economy, 100 self assignable color roles etc. We certainly aim to have fun but gimmicky things designed to attract a huge server population won't be found. We prefer quality connection and discussion over a large quantity of members.
🎮 Nieuwstad Roleplay is geopend! 🎮

Nieuwe website: https://dutch-players.nl
Oude website: https://oud.dutch-players.nl
Android apps: https://www.dutch-players.nl/playstore

Dit is de officiële Nederlandse Discord server van de Dutch Players community. Dé Nederlandse Discord server met eigen dedicated servers, eigen Discordbots en meer!

Kom voor o.a.:
👨🏼‍🎨 - Unieke huisstijlen voor jouw projecten
💎 - Nitro give-a-ways onder actieve leden
🛣️ - GTA FiveM Roleplay, Zombie Apocalypse en Oorlog servers
🦕 - Modded Ark: Survival Evolved PVE & PVP servers
🧟 - Uitdagende 7Days to Die PVE & PVP servers
🚚 - Gezamelijke TruckersMP Konvooien
⚽ - Nederland goed in voetbal? Wij praten erover!
🎉 - DAN & LAN-party's (inclusief evenementen).
🤝 - Je hebt keuze uit ruim 300 emoji's die je overal kan gebruiken (💎)
🎨 - Kies je eigen rolkleur.
🏓 - Kies zelf voor welke onderwerpen je een melding wilt ontvangen.
🎵 - Meerdere Nederlandse muziekbots met de leukste muziek!
🔞 - Kindvriendelijk, maar op eigen verantwoordelijkheid. Kinky NSFW kanalen beschikbaar voor volwassenen.
🏳️‍🌈 - LGBTQ+ vriendelijk

Onze Discord wordt door een enthousiast team geleid. De teamleden worden ondersteunt door enthousiaste bijdragers en samen maken wij er de gezelligste Nederlandse Discord server van.

Lees meer over ons op 🌐https://dutch-players.nl of https://oud.dutch-players.nl

💪🏼Partner worden? Jij kan bijdragen aan de gezelligste Nederlandse community! Join snel onze Discord!


> 🍯 | active
> ☁️ | low-moderated
> 🦋 | egirls n eboys
> ☔️ | self-assignable roles

📎 https://discord.gg/8vqUrhC

** NEED Partner Managers **
Welcome to The Human Psyche! We are a fun and relaxing community that focuses on self-discovery and psychology.
What we have to offer:
• Weekly events voted on by users (Game nights, Movie nights, Vibe nights, Typology Lectures, etc.)
• Discussions on MBTI, Socionics, Enneagram, philosophy, and mental illness/disorders
• A large list of roles to help distinguish yourself (200+)
• An abundance of resources for research
• Support🌷
• Fun emotes
• Organized Channels
• Laid-back & understanding staff
• Ran by real psychopaths who will adhere to your hybristophilia
Blendr is a growing community of CSGO players looking for a friendly community, somone to play with, or just to make friends with.
DISCORD’S PREMIER BDSM COMMUNITY! All kinksters welcome! We are an 18+ community focused on fostering lasting kink partnerships and hot play in a safe environment, education, and a sense of supportive community. We welcome kinksters of all stripes and feature special events for DDlg, M/s, D/s, Petplay, and more.

»⭐Factory 3.2⭐«
Chciałbym Cię zaprosić na serwer Factory 3.1.

> 》Co Ciebie do nas sprowadza?《
Pewnie szukasz dobrego serwera do poznawania nowych osób oraz do dobrej zabawy, a nadal nie możesz znaleźć idealnego dla siebie? Mamy dla Ciebie serwer, który jest idealnie stworzony dla Ciebie!

> 》Co oferujemy?《
● 🗣 » Mnóstwo miłych osób, które z chęcią dobrze Cie przyjmą na serwerze.

● 🎉 » Dużo giveawayów na niesamowite nagrody!

● ⚡ » Dużą aktywność ze strony administracji i użytkowników.

● 🌹» Wiele kanałów do zabawy.

● 👑 » Porządną administrację.

● 💥 » Dużo ciekawych rang i odznak!

● 💎 » Bardzo ciekawe eventy!

● ✌ » Możliwość poznania nowych bardzo miłych osób!

● 🔥 » Kanał, na którym możecie wybrać sobie rolę poprzez kliknięcie w reakcje!

● 🔰 » Możliwość nawiązania z nami partnerstwa!

● 💰 » Możliwość wykupienia własnego kanału głosowego jak i tekstowego za walutę serwerową!

● 💕 » Na serwerze panuje duża aktywność więc jeżeli się nudzisz wbij do nas pogadać z nami!

> 》Krótki opis serwera:《
*Serwer Factory 3.1 to serwer stworzony z myślą do poznawania nowych osób. Na serwerze panuje duża kultura jak i miła atmosfera wobec nas, więc śmiało możesz zaprzyjaźnić się z innymi członkami serwera. Administracja organizuje mnóstwo giveawayów jak i eventów dla członków serwera. Na serwerze nie znajdziesz: dużo wulgarnych osób, niepotrzebnych pingów oraz niepotrzebnych kanałów.*

Jeżeli nadal w to nie uwierzyłeś to wbij i się przekonaj!

This is a chill server where you can post and share art, memes, and everything in between! We have a great fan base! we hope that you decide to join the server and help us grow!
┌────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┐

Yo this is a new, chill server that invites peeps to gather and make new friends. We thoroughly enjoy memes and pop culture!

Server includes:

⋆ Chill as hell staff
⋆ Self-assignable roles
⋆ Open arms for all cultures, race, sexuality, and gender
⋆ A creative corner to express art of all forms
⋆ Welcoming to several types of discussion and fandoms
⋆ NSFW section ( 18+ )
⋆ Meme central

Come join and have fun! 💖

└────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────┘


𝙩𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙡𝙚 𝙩𝙬𝙞𝙣𝙠𝙡𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙡𝙚 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧..

[Cutesy/Aesthetic Design(13+)]


[Chill Staff(Hiring)]


[Boosts(goal: level 1)]

[Share your art, etc.]

[Contests and Rewards]

[Unique Emotes and Environment]

𝙮𝙤𝙪'𝙧𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙧𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧 𝙄'𝙫𝙚 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙨𝙚𝙚𝙣!

So why not give us a try..?☆

Welcome to ❦Artemis❦, this server was created in the idea of comfort for members who join, a place where you can regularly go and talk to friend. We have a very welcoming community and are good friend.
We offer
-Tons of self roles and colors
-Many bots and channels to play with
-High protection
-Some toxicity
and much more
So, why not join us? We're always down to chill and make new friends.

*Note:* Our last server recently got heavily raided so we made and new one with high protection against things like that and are restarting.
˜”*°•.˜”*°• xCommunity •°*”˜.•°*”˜

Hi! Welcome to xCommunity, a themed server, focusing on discussing different types of fandoms!

What makes us so special? Well, we got

-2 Amazing Owners with lots of experience in running servers
-Anarchy channels, where NO RULES apply >:D

We have more, ofc, but come and check us out!