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Discord channel for Indians, we play rainbow six siege, COD warzone, Cold war, rocket league and many games. We do custom matches in cod and siege, and we also promote Twitch and YouTube streamers. This server is very friendly and welcoming.
Welcome to hubby resort (*´꒳`*)
╭‎ ‎‏‏‎ ╮

-Among Us, Movies,
Minecraft, Genshin
impact, brawlhalla,
valorant and other
-nitro giveaways
- A nice fun community
and the coolest emojis
with partnership
- It’s also boosted btw ;)
- We do streams on
twitch from time to time
and much much more

╰ ╯
Elite Special Forces
"Death Before Dishonor"


This group has been around since 2013 but our Discord was created last year. Our server adjective about soldiers or gamers who love versions of war games such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counter Strike and more. Here we will have our own army from Private to General. Not only that, here you can share pictures, videos, musical instruments, memes and more! We hope you join us to connect gamers or armies around the world.

▁ ▂Services ▂ ▁
💂‍♂️ Staff Recruitment
💂‍♂️ Logo Design
💂‍♂️ Photo Editing Design

🤖 Fun Bot
👨‍💼 Friendly Staff
⏲️ 24/7
📨 Unique Partnership
📡 Military Stuff


We are co-friendly, respect pronouns, genders, race, etc and majority LGBT! We host among us games every day! This is an extremely fun and funny server. Can’t wait to meet you luv!
We have private servers in Roblox games that you can use and also please be kind to others we don't want a toxic community!
Welcome to the Moonbase!! We are a new and small server, so please help us grow!! Come check out our Shuttles with chatty Airlocks to aid you in your adventures in space!! Find the imposter and stay alive!! We are accepting of ideas, friends, and people of all types!! We want the server to be as fun as possible while keeping an eye out for the occasional unsavory character... Please use mods responsibly!!
Im starting my first server. As soon as i get everything organized we finna turn up. if you ever wanted to be a mod, this would be a good place to apply.
🕑 Hey ti va di fare una partita ad Among Us tutte le ore? 🕑
📣 Oppure cerchi persone con cui fare nuove amicizie? 📣

🌟 Allora la community di Arial fa al caso tuo! 🌟
🔥 Siamo una delle communità più grandi e attive in Italia! 🔥

🤔 Cosa potrai trovare nel server?🤔

✨ Vocali sempre attive! ✨

💬 Community sempre disponibile al dialogo! 💬

💂 Uno staff accogliente e rispettoso delle regole! 💂

🎵 Bot della musica 🎵

✔️ Autoruoli ✔️

🕹️ Bot per minigiochi 🕹️

🤝 Disponibilità per le partnership! 🤝

❓Sei arrivato fino qui a leggere? E allora cosa stai aspettando❓
Are you looking for a interactive community that you join and feel welcomed to? Are you looking for a community of people that have the same interests as you and that you can talk/ask for help/help others in regarding around
-Azur lane
-Genshin impact
And other gaming platforms?

Then THIS community is what you are searching for! 😁We are a small community right now...but we welcome all and any that are searching for THAT one community that'll be fun to be apart of and stick with to support! Our moderation is fair and we are always thinking of new idea's from discord group events regarding what our server is about! So if you are interested and are looking for THAT ONE COMMUNITY to be apart of join now, get your roles, and start enjoying what our community has to offer!! 😄❗❗

(Also this community is also linked to my YouTube channel. The channel name is called Unko and most of my content revolves around azur lane BUT later on I'll will be adding plenty of other games to that content list. But for now I make azur lane content,some of my series are "Azur lane analysis" to where i examine ships and give a thorough evaluation and let you guys know how to play her the best possible way and explain how to use said ship. So if you are interested In supporting that check out my YouTube channel Unko.)

Come one come all. If your a furry and a gamer or just a gamer feel free to join and there's yiff we can give all your yiff needs and we have furbot
new wholesome gaming community, everyone is welcome so come and meet new friends!

Haiii we are a small server looking for more ppl we are real friendly pls join we hope to see you soon.
⚔️ Fortnite Entertainment
🔱 High Class Gaming Is Our Foundation

🏆 Interested in Cash Tournaments, Events & Contests? Join our discord for more information.
👥Discord: https://discord.gg/euvGdVJ

Looking For:
Competitive Fortnite
Creative Fortnite
Competitive Rocket League
Freestyle Rocket League
We are a new small discord server!
We're currently in the process of adding things and we're open to suggestions as well
Here you can chat and meet new people!
.•°¤o【 Cats & Buns Café 】o¤°•.

.•°¤o A small community for animal crossing new horizons (more games to come!) o¤°•.

~Things like treasure island raid, trading, giveaways, vent chat, games, etc.~

.•°¤o A loving community filled with nice people who accept others as they are, bully and NSFW free :). We want people to feel like at home o¤°•.

~Also we love cats and bunnies :)!~

.•°¤o Please read the rules and enter the most recent giveaway! We are hoping to see you soon! o¤°•.
Kamisama's is a place for Roblox Islands Players to Join! We have giveaways and fun bots to play with. We also have bump rewards etc available in wide ranges! Join us today!
Sunshine Gaming is a new Discord server that is meant to bring the best gaming experience to you! We feature many different gaming channels to ensure you can find players to play with you!

We have an amazing staff team ready to help you out with any questions and problems.

Join today, to get your game on!
This is Universal Gaming Arena where in we offer happy gaming with all the members, and we also host different events with prizes. We are also treating our members are our family.

This server is a mix of a gaming community including;
-getting to know new people
-to be comfy!