Covenant: A Fantasy RPG
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Covenant: A Fantasy RPG

Welcome to the World of Covenant, a living campaign MMO implemented with easy-to-learn tabletop functions.

We allow you to choose whatever you want to be - a loyal follower of one of the gods, a monster hunter travelling the land to kill eldritch beings, a lone warrior trying to slay the gods, an assassin hunting other role-players to collect bounties, or something simple such as being a travelling merchant. There is a whole world of opportunity and choice available to you.

Our combat system consists of aligning text-based and dice-rolling that stacks characters' stats, levels and bonuses.

We Offer:
- An Open-world Full of Exploration
- Friendly and Fun Staff
- Increasing Lore, Depending on your Choices
- Beginner Friendly Dice Roll and Tabletop Mechanics
- PVP (Player vs. Player)
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The Lich Shibe The Lich Shibe
Ayyy, thats pretty good.
Too be quick and concise, The server is fun until you run into Samurai man, God help me. Oh wait, I chose Discord as my Covenant, fuck. In all seriousness though, if you enjoy turned based Dice Rolling games such as D&D then you’ll likely enjoy this ay. But still, stay away from the Samurai.
248 Дней назад
3 1
Pretty epic ngl
Server is great 9.9/10 the combat system is great and the character creation isn’t as hard as some other role-play servers are. The community is welcoming as well. The only complaint would be that stupid rpg bot but no matter what I will hate the damn bot.
249 Дней назад
Eve Eve
A Developed Place!~
Join in on the fun! This is a server with developed lore, battle system, and all sorts of features.
You can choose from a multitude of gods/goddesses or even go god-less! With many different races that offer different stats.
In each God/Goddess's Covenant, is a different campaign, but you're not restricted to that!

TL;DR: A Unique Concept with Several Options~
258 Дней назад