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Hiya! Welcome to ScriptlessTales, we're always open to partner and if you ever need anything ask our admins (details are below)

♡━━━♡ What We Offer ♡━━━♡

♬• LGBTQ+ Roles + Pronouns
♬• Furry & Scalie Community
♬• Growing Roleplay Chats
♬• Server Partnerships & Commissioner Advertisement
♬• Artist / Writer / Photographer Chats To Get Critiques
♬• Open Dungeons & Dragons Campaigns
♬• Welcoming Environment For New Users + Bi-Weekly Server Updates.

♡━━━♡ Introduction ♡━━━♡

We have many supportive channels so if anyone ever has any concerns you may contact the owner Blue_Oasis#7098 before or after joining!
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moshi moshi bossu moshi moshi bossu
Dear hearts and gentle people
Everyone on this server is really sweet and loving. Whenever I'm online I feel like I'm with the closest friends and family. on top of the people, the server is really well organized with a ton of different things to do
peepee poopoo peepee poopoo
Very nice
This server is really nice and accepting, it has a great community and lovely members. Problems get dealt with quickly and you can share experiences in multiple channels. Surely recommended!
MrBlindBunny MrBlindBunny
Very accepting
I have been on the server from when it practically opened and feel that it is a very accepting place, It has its ups and downs but in all honesty it is worth joining and the people are lovely.
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Rykrysanth Rykrysanth
Crappiest server ever
I did what was told and I was blocked. Screw this server.