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3D lock Hacking & Programming

welcome to 3d lock
A Server where you can learn how to code and learn hacking basics also including some cracking. Here we have:
Friendly staff
Tons of resources
Friendly members
a whitehacking and coding comunity feel free to join
also we are recruiting some helpers if you are interested
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interesting server
interesting place to study and people are really friendly so i guess this server is good for newbie and beginners i recommend 3d lock
LordPhyre LordPhyre
Cool place, is chill.
It's a chill place for coders and rookies alike. The staff is nice, I am nice, owner is nice, that's pretty nice! This review is legit and yes this server is legit awesome! 5 stars cuz that's what the server deserves!
amiral sengoku amiral sengoku
top nice server
i like that server it interesting ............................... im saying to people who like coding join here
Snavellet Snavellet
Good Server
Extremely helpful people and staff, they are funny and they're also helpful. The people in the server always support each other and help each other which made me like this server, it is a pleasure for me to join this server.