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Marble High School [Archived]

Marble High School [Archived]

[Literate Server Only]

The school of Marble High School is a prestigious high school academy with multiple students in your town. However, that is only what it looks like on the outside.
Truly, Marble High School is a place where the most recent atrocities happen, murders, kidnapping, suicide, that's where it all is.
It is most known for its Principal, and the tale of the one who had survived the trenches of the Principal's grasp. Those who are called down to the Principal's Office never return.
In this plot-line, you will face a variety of "bosses" ranging from teachers to students, and each "boss" having their own way to manipulate the students, the people around you, and you yourself.
Welcome to Hell. This is where your school life ends.
What we offer:
>Bots to test out!

>School Roleplay!

>Friendly Staff!

>Emotes! (You can suggest some if you'd like.)
>Classical Anime School Life!

>NSFW is allowed!

>Story telling! Choose your own storyline. (Your actions have consequences.)
>Game night! (Town of Salem, CAH,
Come and join us.

{Disclaimer}: This roleplay is not what it seems. Involves touchy subjects such as suicide, murder, and envious intent. Join at your own risk.
 Literate only. (Semi-literate is also allowed)
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Vin has to be the coolest owner
Ok let’s be honest, my boy vin...he’s pretty amazing? His server? Gorgeous. His plot? Exciting. Hotel? Trivago.
332 Дней назад
brokenboi_ brokenboi_
Awesome server!
When i joined this server, I thought that i was never going to fit in, due to my sucky roleplay, but because of the great staff, and awesome owner, i was able to write more that i could have ever imagined! The server storyline is incredible, and i love the little twists it has with it, and every member is awesome and friendly, sometimes a bit quirky at times. You should definitely join this server if you are looking for an amazing story and cool people!
343 Дней назад
Toast Toast
Fucking Awsome
This is great, I've been in it since 2 and this server us beautiful. I'd smash

10/10 - IGN
391 Дней назад
Awiceee! ^>^ - (Alice) Awiceee! ^>^ - (Alice)
Really nice community minus one member who was very ableist towards my disabilities, but apart from that there all very loving and caring, and it's one of the few warm and happy communities on discord.
434 Дней назад