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➣ System oriented support and education server
➣ Singlets looking to learn about DID/OSDD are welcome
➣ Safe & welcoming environment
➣ Self-assignable roles
➣ LGBTQIA+ area
➣ Support / Venting area
➣ New friendly and active staff open to suggestions
➣ Fun events and activities like art challenges
➣ A static, manageable trigger list

> remodeled and under new ownership <
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Birdgeoisie Birdgeoisie
Trigger list???
The server has a really stupid long trigger list full of so obscure or too commonly spoken of triggers and it's kind of:/ I can't talk about anime in this server anymore because someone put it on the blacklist lmao. It's probably just the members putting everything they hate on that list so people won't talk about it. Like seriously, when the hell are people gonna send videos of clinking china or watch a full-ass Peppa Pig episode in there? Triggers are things that trigger panic/anxiety attacks, not something you hate or feel slightly squeamish over. It doesn't make sense and they really need to shorten it or people won't even want to talk in here. I also got chased out of the bots channel for trying to edit a Pluralkit bio. Really annoying and this server really needs work.
Top Ramen Top Ramen
The server has nearly 500 members and is oriented towards a group with a history of childhood trauma. The amount of triggers there are going to pile up. We ask that users only add genuine triggers to the list, as staff we aren't going to push to ask if a trigger is "really triggering" and try to give people an opportunity to create a safe area for themselves.

There's also the uncensored area where the blacklist *doesn't* apply and you can talk freely.
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punch punch
Trigger list is....a little sus
Other than this it seems like a pretty kind community, but the trigger list goes overboard. I don't mind trigger lists, they're useful and I have triggers myself that that kind of thing can help people avoid unfortunate topics.
That being said...this server's trigger system is so large that it eats up discussion on EVERY channel. You see things like (these are not hyperbole, these are actual things I saw) the word "rainbows" being censored in a positive channel. I also saw the phrase "hh" being called out for being triggering as "repetition" despite the person doing the calling out using the typing style of Sollux from homestuck, which, in and of itself, also includes repetition (of the letter i). It's so obviously ridiculous once you're there and seeing seemingly ridiculous words being blocked out.

I understand certain people have triggers that seem strange out of context sometimes, so it's not judgement for that kind of thing at all, I'm uncomfortable around homestuck and ballerinas because those remind me of bad people, so I get it. I don't get outright making you censor every menial topic ever for people who likely aren't even there in the conversation, given it's a huge server.
If not for this it seems like it'd be a great friendly community though, so take it with a grain of salt...if you're cool with this kind of thing being in servers, I say go for it, but if you're not, then it probably isn't worth it.
Top Ramen Top Ramen
This community has nearly 500 members and a good portion deal with childhood trauma, there's going to be quite a few triggers and its going to pile up. We don't push people to explain why something triggers them and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to specific things. However, if someone as asked to censor something for repetition and it was 3 or less characters, I apologize for that. Our rule of thumb for that specific trigger is more than three.
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🖍✂ 🖍✂
Toxic Moderators
Notes Beforehand:
-Joined on an alt account for this review as I don't feel safe being on my main.
-I left on my own, I had no strikes, this is just an honest review.
I'll start with some points from their own description:
1.) "+ Safe and welcoming environment"
2.) "+ support centre where you can vent freely"
3.) "+ Friendly mods with open suggestions"

1.) I have never been in a server that felt so hostile in all my time on Discord. I've been yelled at, made fun of by mods, and generally made to feel unhappy and unsafe to speak.
2.) The venting is heavily restricted, even with proper censoring mods will come in and stop any venting topic they feel is "too much". This includes people who are venting Together and trying to heal being told to stop talking because it's too much for "other people" to handle. If it's in a channel meant for free venting, and it's censored, it shouldn't be a problem.
3.) Never in my life have I met more disrespectful and close-minded mods. Most of them are dating so they will Not let anyone talk about problems between them, they overrule any community suggestion they don't like even if the community as a whole had many more positive votes than them, and they constantly break their own rules. They will avoid censors, they'll be as passive aggressive as they want to be (mostly Injustice system), and bully their own server members. They try to defend this with "don't tone-police me" while tone-policing every other server member, in a server of neruodivergent people that each have different relationships with "tones".
Here is a post with some information about the server: https://fucko-gucko.tumblr.com/post/189689559329/didosddiscord-warning-post

I sincerely hope things have changed since I was a member, but I doubt they have. If you are looking for a safe and inclusive server, this is not it.
Top Ramen Top Ramen
The moderator in question (injustice system) is no longer a member of this server and we've recruited new ones in place. We're hoping to rebuild the server and community into a friendlier and less toxic environment. We apologize for the experience you had in our server in the past.
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God of her toyhouse world God of her toyhouse world
Love it!
10/10 would recommend this server to anyone who is fine with huge servers. Great mods and great place to make friends! The trigger list is amazing and easy to read
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