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Conservative Republic

We are the Conservative Republic, This is a place for conservatives to be conservatives and have discussions and debate and just chill and chat. We strongly oppose Socialists, Democrats, Communists, Monarchists, Theocrats, Totalitarians, Fascists, Liberals, and Progressives. We are currently not accepting anyone from the Left. The Conservative Republic Includes Capitalists, Republicans, Conservatives, Traditionalists, and many more Right-wing ideologies. We have a large and strict rule system, and if you get in trouble we have our own Court system.
Also, we have a large hierarchy ranking system and you must Respect Administrators and Moderators and don't act like a total Dick. You must be at least 15 years old to be in the Conservative Republic and We strongly follow Discord's TOS. Make sure to read the rules and give yourself some Ideology roles. Have fun :)
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Gouda Gouda
Great Group of Folks
I love this place! The staff are great, the conversations are thoughtful, they have roles to help others know your position on a lot of issues and spark conversation, daily polls on current events, and much more!
TommyJ TommyJ
Account Too New
Account has to be 10 days or older to join. This isn't listed anywhere so I wasted my time reading rules and assigning roles.
VinnilaFrenchToast VinnilaFrenchToast
Amazing Server
This server has an outstanding staff and a welcoming community. Zero tolerance of the farthest political leanings. But also it's not an echo-chambers. There is plenty of moderates and some Centre-left members that you can interact with. Along with a diverse population of Right wingers it's the place to be if you want to chat, talk politics, or debate. Couldn't ask for a better server than this.
joe333 joe333
good server
good server, really good people, not many fuckboy lefties, and its an all around good place for conversation and all that shit you feel me?