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|✨ VALHALLA ✨| A lewd community up in the heavens, beyond the pearly, golden gates. Join us for an eternity of fun~ Join in for one hell of a time either chilling socially or even roleplaying! Did we mention the huge porn vault as well? Hush hush.. |✨18+✨|
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ray73zh ray73zh
Kinda good but terrible if you want to actually erp
I've actually been in Valhalla for exactly a year and I've been kinda a lurker just looking at general and the NSFW general. And with that I can tell you that if you want to actually erp this is not the server for you BUT if you just wanna chat and chill and game sometimes with some very mild people then for sure join
10 Дней назад
fourty fourty
It's not really a erp server, despite what the tag says.
So, let's say you join and you want to roleplay: There's no place to advertise roleplays. Instead, you need to ask random people if they want to roleplay. There isn't a role for it and there's no way for people to indicate if they want to roleplay or not.

Also, it feels like there's some kind of ban-quota or something because the mods seem to be on a rush to ban someone for whatever reason. Even if you're a lurker, you'll get banned even if you've never left a message on the server. Or, you'll just get banned in the middle of a conversation because you said something a mod disagreed with. Then, whenever someone is breaking the rules the mods seem to have no idea of what's going on until weeks after the person breaking the rules has already gotten bored of the server and left on their own.
88 Дней назад
Moa Moa
Horrible experience as a long-time member
I had been a member of Valhalla for longer than at least 2 months as I remember. Recently I had changed my profile picture to the default one for reasons, just for a little bit.

By coincidence, I was pinged at the time for about 5 times and commented on the ping. When I did that, a mod called me out on my default profile picture and "kicked" (banned) me. This is what happened. Not to mention the passive aggressive behavior the mod had when kicking me.

https://imgur.com/NaqFx0A (I am Moa in the image shown)

I do understand that people who join with default profile pictures may be potential trolls or spam bots as the trolls/spam bots most likely do not care about what their profile pictures are as their only reason to join servers is to grief.

So what the problem with this is, is that..

1. I am not a troll (there is no evidence of me trolling on the server from the time I had been there so therefore it is very unlikely that I will in the future) and also not a new member (without a profile picture) that could potentially be a troll, therefore they kicked me for false reasons. To me it is tragic to see that this is how they manage their server.

(Proof within the message history that I had been a member all the way back to 2019-05-21. You can join and see for yourself)


2. If you join the server without a profile picture, you will immediately get kicked by a bot called "Maid-Chan" and be asked to change it (get kicked, not banned). I did not get a warning from it or even get a chance to change my profile picture. When I got kicked, I wasn't even kicked. I was banned. Every time I tried to join back, it would tell me I was banned.

Please try to at least do your commands right so that I get "kicked" when you do a kick command instead of getting me banned.

3. I had no way of contacting the mods after I was banned. I tried joining by an alt to get in contact with them but they had banned me by my IP-adress too. They left me no way to contact them since they have no personal website, or any other way to get in contact with them other than their own discord server or mod-users (whom I did not know the names of so I had to contact my friend to get their ID's for me in attempt to explain my situation and get them to unban me).

I had to get people to contact them for me in order for them to unban me. When there are bans like this, how are people even supposed to get in contact with you if they get banned mistakenly? I suggest you make a mail, a personal website or something of that sort.

4. I also suggest that you check for how long they have been on the server and their message history if you see something like this again (to see if they are a troll or not, or have recently joined) on the server before you impulsively "kick" (ban) them. Please develop your way of managing your server.

5. There are no rules of the default picture "rule" in the rule channel.


329 Дней назад
Kami Kami
aN HonEST critiquUE
Let me start this review by saying that Valhalla as a server is fine. The place needs a substantial amount of work before it can be considered amazing, but it is indeed a working server nonetheless. However, the server is not where my problems and main critiques stand.

I've had issues with specific members of the moderation team in the past, but just recently did these problems and issues come to a boiling point. My main critique comes from having an inflated ego and thinking my opinion matters because I'm a very smart person, with an iq of several thousand according to my mother. I'm a hypocrite and can't drop minor issues. Because of my ego and suspension I'm going to make a several pharagraph review on why my opinion is the only right one and how I'm so much better than everyone else in the world.

That is also a common occurrence with many of the Moderators within the server. They believe that no decision they make can be unjustified or wrong, much like myself, which is why I hate them so much. It is painfully apparent that a lot of them often have the ability to kick/ban/suspend go to their head, and so at the snap of a finger, they will display that they have power over you within the server just like I do in my own server, but because I have no power here it makes me mad.

Not to mention that many of the Moderators don't necessarily care about these issues and would rather turn a blind eye because, like I said, many of them believe that their team of Heaven's Angels can do no wrong. Just like me but im better than them so this is an issue.

I would like to also say that I brought up these concerns to the owner, however I feel like my critique and concerns about his team was ignored. I think the owner is a good guy, but honestly, dude, you should really just make me a mod so I can sit on a high horse and do the exact same thing I'm critiqueing your server for.

In the end, the server is fine, a lot of the people are cool, and the place shows great promise. But in my opinion, there's a reason many of the people on the current team have been demoted before for their past actions, and there's evidence that they're not improving in the slightest. Which is why you should just make me a mod.

A critique for the moderation team:
Please try to handle critiques more maturely. You can hate me for this, you can shit-talk about me behind my back all you want, but just know I'm a jerk with an over inflated ego. I'm inciting drama.

For those interested in joining the server, if the mod team is identical to how I moderate servers I mod in. I have some tips:


Also if I get punished for this critique that'll be unfortunate. I'm a special fragile little thing, not seeking attention at all, please let me mod this server.

Inb4 this review gets bombed with dislikes (comma too, even though that's just a bad use of a comma)

333 Дней назад