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March of the Eagle was founded on the principles of Realistic and Engaging Alternate-History Nation Roleplay, and we uphold these principles ever since the in Sim foundation year of 1780. Every player is a nation, and our nation control system is easy to learn. Join us today, and join our community!
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staplerusHominem staplerusHominem
ww3 nuclear jamboree
lol you nigs reviewed ur own server
big brain move
its not that toxic
its just slowly dying
- The Cartographer
318 Дней назад
Hello. Hello.
Realistic, Educational and Fun
While I am bias as I am a member of staff, I feel that I should still issue a review. In my experience the server has prioritized realism ahead of balance, not necessarily a bad thing. The goal of a lot of people on this server is for a fun way to be educated on history and politics and realism achieves that. Toxicity has been mentioned but it is now on the decline, previously many people toxically demanded the server changed to fit their views, luckily they have left.
331 Дней назад
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Bridge Bridge
Realistic but Toxic
Very cool server meant to encapsulate power struggles between countries. Incredibly good use of realism and relatively well organized with interesting events. A bit slower paced but still quite entertaining nonetheless.

But, definitely not the most friendly community with near constant clashes between members. Could be described as a bit toxic, staff tends to be the most active when it comes to the toxicity which makes things increasingly difficult. Would advise if you do join to just ignore OOC chat as much as possible.
586 Дней назад
realsNeezy realsNeezy
Very cool, thanks Pog
Enjoyable server, gotta be pretty active to succeed, lets you do things on your own, put also pays attention to some realities
lots of available countries and colonies, and the drama is fun to watch
701 Дней назад