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>>>We have nice staff that will talk to you about your problems and wont abuse you.

>>>we have the usual bots like carl-bot, Dank memer, groovy bot and nekado bot, all these bots are here to enhance your time while on this server and to provide help.

>>>Welcome our new Fun Chats you can unlock while texting by leveling up and unlocking new chats, 8+ chats to unlock.

>>>We also have a fun leveling system with nakedo bot, while leveling up you can unlock fun chats to use when the server is in its quiets moments or use them with your mates.

>>>Anyone that has been on the server for more than a week can apply for staff and work for us to keep our server a nice and healthy server.

>>>This is a friendly server which means racism and bullying is prohibited in this server and you will be warned or banned.

>>>If your being bullied or harassed ask staff or owners for help, if no staff or owners are online try to fix the situation yourself in a nice way.

>>> VIP AND Booster/donator channels
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C̷O̷R̷N̷ ĐØ₲₲Ø C̷O̷R̷N̷ ĐØ₲₲Ø
this is epic
I have been in this server for almost a year maybe not even almost and its the most active server that ive been on and you can make some coool friends on it so if you dont mid come on by
147 Дней назад
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Best server
It is the best sever I have been in it has a good structure and is very organised With staff roles and non-staff role
210 Дней назад
Bree Bree
A great server than I would definitely recommend to everyone. It's a safe community where everyone has the chance to get involved & have a bit of fun :)).
218 Дней назад
Cody (KK55) Cody (KK55)
I’ve been in this sever since it was made and it has the most friendly staff and members.
218 Дней назад