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| Welcome to Aussie Depressed Teens |
We have nice staff that won’t be abusive

we have fun bots that have currency, music, gambling and marriage bot, birthday bot and new arcade bots including aki, idle miner etc.

>we have counting to 16000, one word stories, memes and edgy chats we also have venting and depressed chats for when your in the mood... we also have a server counselor to talk to in private.

>their is leveling in this server and you can work your way up and also gain permissions when going up roles

>anyone is open to applying for staff

>racism and bullying is prohibited

>You can report people if they are being mean or cyber bullying you to staff or the owner
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Bree Bree
A great server than I would definitely recommend to everyone. It's a safe community where everyone has the chance to get involved & have a bit of fun :)).
Cody (KK55) Cody (KK55)
I’ve been in this sever since it was made and it has the most friendly staff and members.
Predators Marshal Predators Marshal
Depressed Aussie teens
I have been apart of Depressed Aussie teens for a few months now and the community is quite friendly. This server is honestly great to come and have a chat in. Would recommend:)
Chrissie_ Chrissie_
My review?
This is a great server everyone is so nice good server to join if you are looking for some people to talk to whether you are happy or sad :)