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:kiss: **SEXY TIME** :kiss:
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**Sexy Time** is an own content nsfw/community server driven by the people, for the people. The own content lewd/nude sections are strictly restricted to people over the age of 18. The server is regularly updated and thrives because of a community like no other. We let our server do the talking. What are you waiting for? Come join us!

━━━━━━━:hearts: **What we offer** :hearts:━━━━━━

[ :underage: ] NSFW own content sections where members post their own pictures, nudes, teases, videos and gifs!
[ :white_check_mark: ] SFW content sections where members can post music, food, pets, selfies and their creative work!
[ :heart: ] Introductory channels where you can introduce yourself and meet other similar people!
[ :scroll: ] Plenty of roles that are both SFW and NSFW in nature (over 200 of them!)
[ :girl: ] Plenty of gorgeous e-girls.
[ :boy: ] Plenty of handsome e-boys as well while we're at it.
[ :globe_with_meridians: ] A talkative none-toxic community that thrives on being the absolute best at what it does!
[ :fireworks: ] We have plenty of bots some of which include: waifubot, trivabots, pokecord and nsfw bots as well!
[ :calendar: ] Server events which are both SFW and NSFW in nature.
[ :ok_hand: ] Regular server updates to keep the server fresh and interesting!

**Pings:** @everyone @here
**Invite:** https://discord.gg/frfjAhB
**Artwork:** https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/406391798106161153/407866465275084800/Banner_discord_thingy_wooooo.jpg