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just m just m
Robot Fucker is a little wanker
IronWolf IronWolf
Best pub around!
I’ll be straight with you fellows- I joined this server, like many others, not knowing what to expect, and not really expecting much. I’d heard good things about it before, and seen it’s ranking, but those things are easily misleading. I was amazed when I got here. Right off the bat I was welcomed, got into multiple conversations, and got help finding my way around the server. There’s almost always chat here, everyone is super friendly, you even earn real monetary value just for chatting! This is my new favorite discord server, and to be honest, I don’t ever see myself leaving! Great experience, 11/10 would recommend, and hope to see you folks in the pub!
General_Mudkip General_Mudkip
Mudkips Christmas Army
Its a good server. thats all i have to say
Shard Shard
Epic Server!
This server is epic and has great staff. Roleplaying is super fun here and I love how the server is set up. Definitely recommend this to any Warriors Roleplay fan!
cath dokuro cath dokuro
the actual best fecking scp roleplay server out there
exactly the name of the review
the co-owners are understanding and so are the admins and mods
has a walmart outside of the facility =10/10
id be nice to have you!
join us you probably wont regret it
Quiet Fae Quiet Fae
An amazing server!
Friendly and full of silliness no matter the mood!
Pirate Pirate
Totaly awesome!
Not sure what more I can say other then place just rules! it's awesome, so much fun! you can have all sorts of characters in all sorts of really cool plots that are just really awesome to get into to. There is so much happening here that you don't really get bored. I love it!!! If you join, you should totally come RP with my little babies somewhere on the huge map xD!!
MasterZ MasterZ
It might look a little daunting when you fish join but the staff are fantastic, the members are amazing and the whole concept is really special. There is always something happening and just so much RP to get into, if your old or knew it's the perfect place to go. Gotta love the absolute freedom to explore and create and it isn't just the same ol' same ol', there are all sorts of things here I've never seen before in a RP. Highly recommend!
Sav'O Sav'O
Amazing Server.
Server is great man. Interesting events too and lit cuss battles.
Diesel43000 Diesel43000
Une très bonne ambiance avec les peux de personnes ainsi qu'avec le créateur
✧kaiya✧ ✧kaiya✧
very good
10/10 would recommend! very friendly staff & community. join this server if you want to make new friends~
Frocolate Frocolate
Great Place To Advertise, I'm Defiantly Not The Owner, The Website Told Me To Do This.
[YT] Moonthewolf2004 [YT] Moonthewolf2004
Great server
I really think they did well with this server!
Phoenix Phoenix
Great Server 10/10
10/10 would fu-er I mean Ok jokes aside this is a great server 10/10 would like again
_ - x Astolfy x - _ _ - x Astolfy x - _
Love it <3 ;)
SinsVenom SinsVenom
I came, I saw, I came again.
Pretty awesome place, cool bots and active staff to boot. 10/10 would Roleplay again.
💎SilentProdigy 💎(YT-EZR) 💎SilentProdigy 💎(YT-EZR)
Really friendly
Great staff, look forwrd to scrims
Garrett Garrett
I cherish this server and the people in it
I have no life. I'm online all day everyday. And there's no one else I'd rather talk to while I do it then the people in this server. They're just really good people and I owe them a lot. Also Aeb got vac banned from Csgo LOL.
Aristaeus Aristaeus
Listeners but also enforcers.
Adminstrative server that listens to suggestions. Usually very kind and loving, but strict when required. Also very passionate about the Marvel Movies/Comics and loves memes.
Thomas Thomas
Laid back discord with calm and relatable people.
Been with these guys for multiple years and can always be myself around them. We don’t hate, we don’t discriminate (only if you are a furry) Jokes aside, very awesome community.
Akento Akento
Un serveur qui est très bon !
Je vous recommande ce serveur ! Si vous voulez parler avec des personnes sans compter votre temps, franchement allez-y n'hésiter pas, vous n'allez pas le regretter ! ; )
Aristaeus Aristaeus
Kind and patient community
The people on here are great and lovely. They're also quite patient. Could need more active Adminstrators, but they ones that are already here are lovely, and of course, everyone has lives so I can't blame them for being inactive.
I received my payment in 1 day, great support, just a must have server.

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