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IPyromorph IPyromorph
Great community with helpful mods!
The title says it all, I have not long joined this community but it has opened its arms to me and helped me so much! I would recommend this community to any up and coming streamers wanting to reach their follow goals and make some friends along the way!
LandonSky LandonSky
Have fun getting in
Full of under age minors who don't know anything what so ever. horrible mods, impossible to get into. read the rules as many times as you want, you will still be asked to read the rules yet again because you missed something. but what?! I don't know because the mods are rude and don't tell you. Plus there is hardly anyone online. Do Not Recommend not worth it. There are many servers out there for LGBT with plenty of help and support. and doesn't take more then 1 min to get in. I waited for over 10 hours to get in and nothing. and then when I got a respond and was because I missed something read the rules again. are you kidding me?!
Hidatsu (hiatus) Hidatsu (hiatus)
Very friendly atmosphere for any writing level.
Unique storyline and species, super friendly members, and a lovely staff team. This place definitely had a handle on the whole discord roleplay thing before I ever came along, and I'm so glad they let me be a part of it. There is so many opportunities for your characters to do fun and exiting things, with many more to come! I can't wait to see what the coming months bring us.
The Kingdom of Prussia The Kingdom of Prussia
Amazing people and community!
This sever is full of wonderful role players who respect each other! It’s great to see a community like this! Furthermore, the sever has a perfect story line i’m sure many will enjoy to rp to and read! People are also very active! What more is there to ask? I definitely recommend this group to anyone, without a doubt.
Lesser Dog Lesser Dog
Good server
Good server, fun talk and really good and respectful staff
╲⎝ Lymthom ⎠╱ ╲⎝ Lymthom ⎠╱
Ein scheiß Server mit einem Unhöflichen Team
i entered alot of servers but this one is unique
nice people , nice staff , relaxing , respectful people and pretty much there is everything u need in this server , even if u need to go to the bathroom u can do it there and hide it but dont tell anyone !!
Agnissis Agnissis
Mile spędzony czas!
Całkiem aktywne community jak na taki serwer + szereg fajnych i ciekawych funkcji, których z trudem szukać na innych serwerach. Ponadto serwer jest dobrze wykonany :D
💔Plue💔 •voiceless• 💔Plue💔 •voiceless•
It's an awesome server with nice people, recommend to join 😘😎.
Tearshy Tearshy
i hate this place
tearshy is awful owner
MrGuestium MrGuestium
very epic
Serveur super cool !
Communauté respectueuse, cool, possibilité de progression au sein du serveur et les gérant du serveur sont des génie de culture, ici vous pourrez facilement faire connaitre vos serveur discord mais aussi vos compte sur tout un tas de réseaux sociaux PS : je n'est pas étais payer pour se commentaire ! ; ) conclution : serveur a rejoindre . indispensable et génie de création expérimentale ! GG ! WOW, magnifiquement incroyable !
Frisky~ Frisky~
Uwu soo goood!
A lot of great people in this server. I have fun rping here because a lot of people care!
Kitty Purrfect Kitty Purrfect
Reasons why you shouldn't join The Hidden House
Now, I know some people may say that the server is great! But all of it is just kids going around saying memes and telling people to go " kys " and that is not something you want in a discord server ever, Staff are bad they don't chat much and don't do much work. It's all mixed up and confusing.

Anyhow, That is my opinion...
Ionized✗ Ionized✗
Fantastic server, a great community.
Being the CO-Owner of this server my job is to watch over the members and keep them in line, I've hardly ever had to argue with members or kick or ban them, this community is really friendly, supportive and a great at giving us feedback to improve the server.

I myself love being a part of this server, it is by far the greatest cannon HTTYD rpg server, with just enough limitations on certain dragons so it makes RP fair and enjoyable for all.

You should definitely try this server out, we're active and fun and host fun events, become a part of the main storyline or go off on your own adventure, there really is no limits. ^^
Jekn!cal Jekn!cal
Good starter community
Great little battle royal community starting out. Very active despite member count and no admin abuse which is a plus...
Am zis nu fmm Am zis nu fmm
I like it
I like this server, they have great giveaways, you should join!
Necros Necros
Bardzo spoko community
znalazłem ziomków do grania w różne gry i poznałem bardzo spoko ludzi
XaNoOf XaNoOf
I won!
They did a giveaway with a steam key and I won, great server!
Herr 59M Herr 59M
Best server I’ve ever been in
This server is just brilliant and amazing with fun and understanding people I never thought I’d make so many friends just from a chatting platform but it is possible with this server.
꧁➶༒۞†۩L£₲Ɇ₦Đ۩†۞༒➷★꧂ ꧁➶༒۞†۩L£₲Ɇ₦Đ۩†۞༒➷★꧂
Now this is what you call a server
This place is awesome...has a lot of activities and is helpful, if you are looking for a Royale multipurpose server...this is the one for you!
Sukoon Sukoon
The best of the best
This is THE best server out there, full of fun, giveaways, active and super friendly people. It's have must have in the server list ;)
Drizzy Drizzy
Ittrosion Ittrosion
Pretty cool server...

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