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Zerinus Zerinus
Great server
Great group of people who are a lot more welcoming and less cliquey than a lot of other servers.
Crayen Crayen
Mew all day, and mew all night. Everyone is nice and the leaders are the best! Go there for all your cute-boi needs! <3
Moxie*Star Moxie*Star
The owner is always ready to help, willing to work with a story idea, and people are active almost every day. It's not just a bunch of people erping all the time too. There is actually people role-playing with out erp.
marshieおお marshieおお
This server epic as heck
The server is amazing many friendly and wholesome people who are very accepting and nice unlike some servers that dont have good staff and friendly people the main owner did a great job in the server there are also many great self assignable roles, Voice chat and active general i very much reccomend this cool wholesome server with amazing people!!!(the main owner is adorable and wholesome btw uwu)
itsthefuturezura itsthefuturezura
good ass server 10/10
As soon as I joined here, I felt welcomed honestly, it made it feel like i mattered here, and everyone here is nice and understanding. Additionally it's always fun to play games with everyone and chat about our lives in general. It is well-run, has good people, and is active most of the time. It's a great place for me and others.
smelt4 smelt4
Discord Critters
Great server, great people. Have a blast in this server and I always feel welcome when I’m talking to staff and other members.
Mqnic_ Mqnic_
Mqnic_, LNB
Yo, I've been in this server for a few months (6 or so), and I will say... This is quite hot. This server has respectable people who make up a respectable community. Not to mention that everyone here is exceedingly kind and active. There is nothing more to ask for.
750 750
Box Critters Is amazing!
The best Discord server I have ever been on. Everyone there Is super nice and friendly. The team members are good. I think some of them could improve themselves.
Greenless22 | DogeGod Greenless22 | DogeGod
This game is amazing
Ever since RocketSnail announced this game I was so happy that the original creator of club penguin was making a new virtual world. So I logged in to try it and it looked amazing! Everyone was walking around and being nice and it was super good community and then experiment 2 came out with a bunch of items and the all the critters were mixing and matching it was great to see items in this game and I can’t wait to see what experiment 3 brings! 10/10 BEST GAME EVER
SrKakaNw SrKakaNw
Melhor servidor
Servidor top, staffs gods, entretenimento, é aqui onde passo a maior parte do meu tempo sz sz
ɢʀᴀᴄɪᴇ ɢʀᴀᴄɪᴇ
amazing :)
love the server man aerhgaerghghgrshjsgrthsrtgrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
mddrums mddrums
There is a lot of potential with the game in general but with the discord being so active, it strengthens the community and will help the community grow as a whole. Been part of it for a few days and can say that I don't plan on not being part of the community any time soon. Really great!
pregananant pregananant
A bit fat but still skinny
There may be some moments when it makes my weave be snatched but other than that it’s all gewd
Tallan Tallan
Great server, Great community, Great game!
"Discord Critters" Is A server for the game "Box Critters" by RocketSnail, Creator of "Club Penguin/Penguin Chat". In this server you'll find a friendly community ranging from old players of club penguin to new players of box critters.

Things you'll see here are:
-Updates for the game
-Item codes for the game
-A friendly community
-Wonderful staff

If you like all of those things, Join today!
CaloNord CaloNord
Gaining Momentum!
More people are joining by the day!

From anime and TV shows, to discussing new strategies for games, there is always someone online to chat with. Not being a big fan of text, I'm lucky to always have someone to Voice Chat with in the community and NSFW chats.

With how open they are at taking suggestions for the server, more chats/ideas are being added daily.
Purge Purge
My favorite server!
The owner was the nicest friend I ever had!

The community is pretty friendly :3

The server is just as amazing as the owner himself!
BulletBoy BulletBoy
Me Encanto!
Cuando mis amigos me contaron de este juego de hamster , en primer lugar no le di importancia...pero cuando lo teste me encanto Es todo muy cute!!!! >w< espero que sigan con este juego:3
Otterocket (JOKER MAIN) Otterocket (JOKER MAIN)
Honsestly a good server. Releases weekly (sometimes daily)codes for hats. Very nice and kind comnuity
cyniford cyniford
Great server and amazing community
Being 100% honest, this is one of the best Discord servers I've joined. The community is incredibly cool and always a blast to talk too. If you're a fan of Box Critters or are interested in the game, don't be shy to join as everyone is very welcoming to new players. 👍
TheseLions TheseLions
Ich finde gut, dass es für sogut wie jedes Game einen eigenen Channel sowie Rang gibt !
Das Team ist super nett und auch gut organisiert.
Allerdings gibt es noch nicht so viele User mit denen man chatten kann. Ich denke der Server hat mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient.
Traphiix Traphiix
5 Sterne verdient.
Guten Damen und Herren meine Tage,

ich finde diesen Community Discord wie für Gamer geschaffen.
Man hat freie Auswahl an massig Channeln und es ist sehr wohl für jedermann geeignet, da dieser Discord nahezu jedes Spiel berücksichtigt.
Alles in allem sind dort nette Leute unterwegs, doch leider ist nicht immer jemand zu sprechen, da es noch nicht so viele Leute drauf gibt.
Mich würde es persönlich sehr freuen, wenn dieser Server mehr Aufmerksamkeit bekommen würde.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
~ Traphiix
L3W1SGaming L3W1SGaming
Absolutely Amazing!
This server is packed with amazing stuff! You can see upcoming/new items coming to Box Critters, and many more! I definitely recommend joining this amazing server if you love Box Critters and want to make many great friends! This is an amazing community and I hope that you join if you're reading this!
Dleck Dleck
Helps of people to interact with u got music and stuff it if u break the rules u get muted just watch out and to get verified press the ok hand
Noname25 Noname25
Also Very Biased Opinion
Server is big cool everyone join or ur gay. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . this needs eighty characters

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