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Sirlol Sirlol
The server is great, the staff is helpful, all of the people there are nice, the rules all make sense as well as the fact that they help you with characters
Seungminnie Seungminnie
Friendly Bunch
Despite only recently joining the server I've been approached by a few friendly people and was quickly accepted as the weirdo I was lol. Great server full of great people.
omgyounewb omgyounewb
The Murder Scene
Nice place to talk and make friends. Friendly for nerdy stuff and some awesome people inside.
El El
It’s skinny
You know when you’re sitting inside on a rainy day with tea and happiness. This server is not like that, it’s more like sitting outside on a rainy day with no tea and roaches crawling all around you, but they’re your favourite roaches, your familial roaches. There’s a few smelly hoes that seem like they want to come for you but they just want some breath mints, so either give them some or roach spray them. It’s a great server if you’re gay, a bully or want friends because you have none irl. This server is for you 💛💛
AndyBoxCritters AndyBoxCritters
The best Box Critters server!
So many great Box Critters community members in this server. By far the biggest BC fan community out there! I would recommend this place to any BC player.
milky morning milky morning
This server is pretty cool :)
I like how welcoming everyone here is, pretty much everyone is really kind and it's a nice atmosphere. I can tell a lot of work went into making this server inviting and interesting, every other week there's tournaments or at least something they do as a community and that's really nice. The owner is super epic, too :^)
SilentAssassin SilentAssassin
the admins are a bit crooked especially GaybeteZ and Gayrio ✔ but other than that it's great the people are somewhat nice also it's active mostly during the night since everyone is nocturnal so yeah. 3/5

my server could also use some new members ;)
Connor the Krauss Connor the Krauss
Take it from me
Do you have a meme fetish? Really? Me, too! This has absolutely nothing to do with the server but you should join anyways.
Yellowpanda Yellowpanda
Great server
They have lots of giveaways and a very friendly environment. Free advice and help too!
Vernaux Vernaux
epic so its good and we do tour:white_check_mark: Join the server to find people and servers of interest. Share your Nintendo server for us to enjoy and have friendly Nintendo talks and engagement!


:space_invader: An entire channel dedicated to pixel art!


:trophy: Tournaments with cool rewards! And more...
neys and stuff and it brings everyone together.
Hyper Requiem Hyper Requiem
a shitshow
this server is a massive shitshow run by corrupt admins and the entire thing is a toxic pool. is what i would've said, but this server has gotten better. is it 5 star worthy? no. but it's getting there.
丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山 丂卄卂ᗪㄖ山
They are immature and sexist.
Unbelievable! They are the most sexist and homophobic server I have ever been on. Do not recommend.
ıllıllı 🐺Flurry🐺 ıllıllı ıllıllı 🐺Flurry🐺 ıllıllı
Great server
Shameless self-promotion. This server has a great community and has been a very enjoyable experience.
Henryaco Henryaco
Best Server
This is a server made by a bro for bros. If you want to be a bro😎👍 all you gotta do is hit that join server button and join the party🎉.
฿linkin₲ S₮alk£r ฿linkin₲ S₮alk£r
Great community!
Great group of people all focused on making money! Quality place for like minds to share ideas. Strict drama and bs policy.
Splattifying Agent 2 Splattifying Agent 2
Solid server
Lots of people in here who I would consider friends. People are pretty polite (for the most part), drama is generally kept to a minimum, and there’s enough people who are into different things that you can nearly always find someone who’s interested in your stuff. Also has solid memes.
Matsune Hiku Matsune Hiku
Awesome :3
servidor muito bom, muitas pessoas respeitosas e atenciosas, a gente encontra uma variedade de linguas onde cada um consegue se comunicar com a linguagem de seu pais.
Autumn Autumn
Discord Critters is an amazing and friendly community! Join today to meet new friends, find out exclusive new content and much more!
Dadudadman Dadudadman
Age of Shinobi review
Over the three years of being on discord, this is one of the best roleplay servers I've been on. It has a very rewarding and simple progression system and allows you to customize greatly. You will have fun if you join.
Sine Nomine Sine Nomine
11/10 -IGN
It's a great server, always fun you'll never get bored of it cuz either someone is doing something dumb (most likely Shurq) or is starting a fight (most likley Shurq). Plus there's almost always memes being posted here. (Shurq does not post memes though, he merely steals them. And sometimes accidentally posts them back onto the server) Overall good server, needs less Shurq- 11/10 IGN
Super Noob Super Noob
Very good server
This server is good for reading books. I like how this server has Active Staff. And I heard about the Create and manage your own Book Club. This server is amazing and constantly growing. I'm glad to be in this server

I rate this 5 out of 5 stars :)
Marto Marto
Fantastic Server!
Server has so much to do! It consists of an amazing community, all willing to help out!

I really suggest being active and being a good user in this server.
Erufa Erufa
Muchas esperanzas de el juego! / Many hopes of the game!.
This is a great game that everyone can play, more than all the children and pre-teens who enjoy the game like me. I give 5 stars for this game to progress.
Good luck in the future!
Razal Razal
Muito bom!
Servidor amigavel, com um pessoal legal e interativo, me divirto muito e dou altas risadas kkkkk

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