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Miller65 Miller65
Best Server EVER!!!!!
Angelica is a really nice, and chill person. You really need to join, and help grow this server, approval is pretty fast, but you will have to wait like LITERALLY any other server.
IrishPotato IrishPotato
Very Fun
I joined and they're extremely kind and funny
Always a good time!
I've always had the pleasure of finding some good people to play with. Everyone shows everyone respect which makes for some fun games. Definitely my "Home" server!
Kessy Kessy
My #1!
I've truly never been in a better Warrior's RP. The community is fantastic, everyone is so friendly and supportive. They are the true heart of this RP, always willing to welcome in new members. The server might look scary when you first join but I promise you we are just a bunch of fun loving people who've been throw together in this server to create amazing characters and RP incredible stories. I don't know what you are looking for in a server but I honestly can't think of a better one. Come give us a try!
렌조김 렌조김
Cool people
Really cool people in the server. Though some of them are pussies
Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite
Yo this rp is really hot
This is a nicely crafted rp with awesome people to rp with, it takes place in episode formats and the episodes are fun (except for that one guy with an invincible stand)
Ryuri Ryuri
Super Community
Ich bin erst seit ein paar Minuten auf dem Discord und habe schon ein super nettes Team gefunden, gefällt mir meeega :)
Frosty Frosty
Amazing people very welcoming
Pwincess Katie is Nice, Pretty, and a great friend she's fun to talk to and enforces the rules like a true Domme everyone in the server is really over 18 because she ID's there is even Harry Potter areas which I love you can pick your house and everything over all it's a fun server with nice people and raiders can't get in too easily either which is nice
Cooler Server!
Da es mein eigener Server ist muss ich ihn natürlich gut bewerten :D
Gutes Team + viele Features
MKGamerBussiness MKGamerBussiness
Bester server !
Ich finde es ist ein guter server um mit freunden zu chillen.
Cam Cam
I actually love this server
the staff moderation and owners are so good and.. i do recommended this server if you're looking for a very active community, especially that it's active for it's size as of right now! <3
Good people, good staff, shit owner.
Shu Shu
Mauvaise expérience
La fondatrice traite complètement ses membres comme des chiens. Se faire agresser par le staff pour une simple question!
LeonHeart54115(noRP) LeonHeart54115(noRP)
Nice place for vore and fun
Nice and friendly server, good activity and a lot of different channel full of different kind of vore pictures for all tastes and pleasure
A nice community :)
Messire isse Messire isse
Un serveur amical.
Au détour d'un chemin, je fis mon apparition sur ce serveur qui m'as été présenté par un vieil ami au pseudonyme de "Polack", je fus émerveillé par une ambiance merveilleuse, des personnes agréables et intéressantes ainsi qu'un accueil chaleureux.
Voilà pourquoi vous devriez venir sur ce serveur ci.
Jirschi Jirschi
gut gemacht
reale Spankingfreunde haben hier eine Plattform
keine Fakes die nerven
kann ich nur empfehlen
Love, Roxy. ♡ Love, Roxy. ♡
a home. ♡
this server is honestly my home. the people here are absolutely amazing and they’re like family. i couldn’t be more thankful for the existance for this server so come joinnn ♡
Last Last
Excellent serveur
Ambiance cool, des gens sympa et ouverts (beaucoup plus de discussion en vocal qu'à l'écrit quand même)
FireDoge FireDoge
bag logic and rude staff
got baned after doing what they said to, is posting memes in a channel made for shitposting a sin now? especially in an anime server. really hypocritical staff with an ego. dont go here if you want to have a fun time, stay away from this HyperDimension Neptunia server like its the black death and avoid it even if you have 50 foot prongs to touch it with, as it is full of nothing but WEEB staff who cant handle any criticism whatsoever or being proved wrong. i got the mods name too if you want to call her out on her bad logic, its Mordred
Saber of Red #5376
Vodka Vodka
Un discord cool !
Un discord ACTIF
Lancer Lancer
Banned for absolutely no reason
Ok so i posted a few memes when i joined and got redirected to the meme channel and continued posting memes there, so why tf did yall kick me for doing what you wanted?
UPDATED: me and firedoge rejoined and asked why the kick, and the owner replied with "i know your typ" wtf? what type? and what did we do wrong? we were shitposting on a MEME channel just like you asked, the staff members are full of bs and are hyprocites. Do not join.
Little Kitten Little Kitten
Friendly People, Lovely Staff, And Fun!
A few minutes after I joined the server I had already made tons of friends. Staff makes an effort to interact with everyone and there's always a helping hand. One of the best choices I ever made was joining!

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