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RonBaldwin RonBaldwin
Good server
Was able to buy accs
Đường Tiệm Cận Đường Tiệm Cận
Yêu Mều
Giúp mình có Mều, oh ze ze
uwu uwu
Mình đẹp
Mình biết là mình đẹp
Nên mình rate 5 sao
Hihi đừng chửi mình ngu nữa mấy đứa láo này
justPhong’sthings justPhong’sthings
Members cute asf
Frosty 月凍瘡 Frosty 月凍瘡
Not a terrible server
So one of the staff members prompted the members of the server to write up a review. I really debated whether or not I'd write one...and, well, you can probably see what the results of that debate are down below this line.

- - - - -

Monster Girl World (ERP) - Roleplay Server
Reviewed by Frosty

It's honestly not that bad. In fact, if you're looking for ERP that mainly involves dominant monster women on submissive human men, look no further. It's got it in the description, and hell, it delivers. Go check it out and make your own judgement.

Why three stars? I've put a lot of thought into this, and for the most part the positives and negatives for the most part feel pretty level to me.

Yes, there's an active and friendly user base. Yes, there's a blatant divide between certain groups within the community. Yes, the logistics are well organized and clearly have thought put into them. Yes, certain rules do not make a lot of sense in practice. Yes, you'll find friends in it who you can share experiences and indulge in each other's company. Yes, you'll probably end up losing some friends along the way because of unnecessary drama. Yes, the posts are full of detail and usually don't contain too much padding. Yes, some find themselves with expectations so high they refuse to interact with those they deem subpar.

If the server was perhaps a bit more inclusive my ratings would be bumped up. It's just a shame that this just doesn't feel like a community I could ever find myself belonging to despite trying my best to.

All in all, the server at the very least deserves to have a thorough look at. At the end of the day it's the community that defines what the server is. The people are clearly well meaning for the most part...and even for those who I feel the slightest bit of animosity towards I honestly can't single them out for any wrong they've done to me. They're good people. The best of intentions are there. Come check them out.
Chīsana Chīsana
Definitely worth the join!!
DODLucifer DODLucifer
The World of Eidamir
Hello my name is Isaac Eagan and I'm a DM within the server of Eidamir. I've recently left my large 400 player Discord to work together with the collection of DMs here. Come check us out and join us in a living world of epic proportions.
Solarise Solarise
Welcoming community and friendly furs
I find this server, after being in it for several months, to overall be a good server. The people are very welcoming and friendly. Of course, it isn't perfect. Sometimes there can be drama, but I feel the moderation team handles it pretty well. I would recommend joining this server and getting to know our team of mods and regulars alike.
Harmony Harmony
It's a super friendly community, albeit it's rather small since it's still brand new (at the time of writing this), but everyone gets along really well! The server is organized very well and is pretty active too. I'm glad I stumbled across this server, and I would totally recommend joining!
Wumbo.mp4 Wumbo.mp4
Worst server, everyone is toxic
The review title says it all, if you act like you're depressed at all, they're make fun of you right away. Everyone is mean and disrespectful. Don't join it, all they do is talk about abortions and they think suicide and self harm is a joke.
Hi I'm Yannick Hi I'm Yannick
Chill and friendly community
Title says it all, I joined this server some time ago just because I was bored and life is always a bit better when you have people around you who can listen to your endless amount of garbage.
Its a small server but the people in here are very active which makes it feel like a stuffed Christmas Eve. with your whole fkin family - it’s great.

Join this server now and become my friend 😎 (Seriously, I need friends)
Grandorus (1st Face) Grandorus (1st Face)
Its been one hell of a great ride in this server
Let me start this off with a statement, I have seen untrue bad reviews of this server, please don't believe them cause those people have long been kicked due to the immature and violent behavior in this server. I have been in this server for a few months, at first I was invited by a great friend named Asuna, I didn't join at first since I don't really join that many servers, but when I joined this server it was just awesome. They had a welcoming squad of people the second you join. I only knew two people at the time both are named Asuna and Vino. Through time I have meant quite a lot of friends since then such as Empress, Flower, Larden, Max, and much much more. If you love games you will definitely love this server because I and other people play games and would love to see newcomers come and join us. We play mainly Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Csgo, and so many more games in store. Asuna and Empress are just the nicest people on the server, they are great owners and admins too. They are online for more than 13 hours a day and are always happy to speak to people. After the months of being in this server I have a have known quite a lot about these people, and they are all just nice and such great people. So please any people who ever wanna join this server, just join it and who knows I might be on playing games, in which you are welcome to join. There will always be a welcoming squad, and admins and staffs are available to help you. So what are you waiting for come now and join this great server and be apart of something bigger than yourself, you won't regret it, Have a good day.
Brass Brass
this is da bomb
this server is like the absolute best
unfunny unfunny
my poosie disintegrated
EGG_nog EGG_nog
I love this place so much
Disregard that 1 star review, that person was just doing that out of spite, and I know that for a fact; he was a troll, and after the owner kicked em they got all grumpy.

After about a week or two of melding into this community, I’ve honestly grown to love it. Everyone there cares for each other, the owners are kind (though can goof around) and it’s almost ALWAYS active. If you want a fun time and possibly new friends, join this server. I’ll be happy to see a new member.
The best Dad and Mom! Also very accepting, and funny!
Black Goku Black Goku
Empress, Flower, and Asuna are the Best!!!!
If you see any bad reviews don't believe them because they were the reason why the server was bad with their toxic mindset but they aregone and there is peace and a very fun environment. If you love playing games then you will love it here and Grandorus will be more than happy enough to play with you. Empress, Flower, and Asuna are online more than 12 hours a day which is just so cool, since they are nice and very welcoming. The other members are really nice as well and I like to socialize with them all the time. People here play different kinds of games like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Csgo, and much more. I love the music bots and all the channels. I will never leave this server I will stay here till I die from old age, if discord still exists by then lmao. I am also a movie critic and a food critic. While you may seem shy to join a server, you should definitely join this one, if you want a welcoming squad of people and a happy environment, this server is the one for you. This is Black Goku signing off, saying this server shall give you a divine and godly experience.
tacotoaster tacotoaster
cool place
this place is cool and all but if you call adversarius "addy-chan" you get free cookies
Blitzle Blitzle
Wonderful server,
I love the server so much! Everyone is so friendly and I really felt like I've known everyone from the moment I came in.
Galaxy6232 Galaxy6232
I love this server!
This server is great. It just needs a few more active people and it will be an even better server!
The_ConquerorX The_ConquerorX
Great server!
👿𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕶𝖗𝖊𝖜👿 👿𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕶𝖗𝖊𝖜👿
Great Owner,Great Server
ChainedZACH ChainedZACH
Amazing Clan/Scrim
10/10 review for scrims, People are super active too which makes the server 100 times better!

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