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💜✨Welcome to Creativity, the fastest growing server on Discord as long as you don't look that up! 💙✨
Here in this server we become friends and talk about ideas, art, music, film, gaming and much more!

If you are a(n):
Actor/Actress ✨
Artist ✨
Animator ✨
Cook ✨
Composer ✨
Designer ✨
Game Maker ✨
Graphic Designer ✨
Musician ✨
Photographer ✨
Pixel Artist ✨
Programmer ✨
Stylist ✨
Writer ✨
this is your place to shine!

Hope you like tetris! Because we are planning to do a tetris championship. But we need more participants. Would you care to join?

Also, beside all the artwork things, we will play games like Among Us etc. And not to mention, WE HAVE A CINEMA (sort of)

We are planning watching films, animes etc. together! With the help of Netflix Party of course :)

Also we have friendly members that you can talk with about anything! We might be a small server for now, but we will improve ourselves with your ideas 💙

You definitely won't regret joining us. Don't miss the chance of being here!