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Years of fighting and conflict have come and gone over the years on Mobius. From ancient chaos-fueled water deities flooding cities, to wars against evil armies of robots, the planet and its denizens have had their fair share of adventures.
After the end of the Eggman Empire's previous takeover, with the Doctor and his armies being forced into hiding to regroup, things have been mostly peaceful. This is likely to change soon, but for Sonic, his friends, the Freedom Fighters, and the rest of Mobius that wishes to maintain peace, its nice to finally be able to take a breather and enjoy life without threat of magic gemstones being used to destroy the world.
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This is a brand-new Sonic roleplaying community that strives to bring together the enjoyed aspects and characters of Sonic-canon into a world where they can be used in rp and narratives without the usual constrictions of Sega's confusing continuity or inconsistencies.
We have a list of canon characters to choose and audition for, OC creation, a chao garden, and all the works you could ask for in a newly established Sonic roleplaying community!

So what are you waiting for? Take a dive through that warp ring and get started!