Hello there browser of Disboard, it appears you have stumbled upon this server ad.

Now you may be asking, why would I wish to join this server with such a long name? Well, I will be happy to provide a few reasons why, and after let me share with you when this server will be taking place along the sonic timeline, and the first Arc of this Grand Sci-Fi Epic.

What the server offers...

-A more Sci-fi Roleplay experience
-A Battle system that works to make fights fair
-Both Canon and OC factions for characters to join
-A changing map that changes depending on actions by characters and their respective factions
-Some nice admins who are more than willing to answer any questions
-Rich lore about the Mobius and the Galaxy as a whole
-A chance for you idea for Arcs and events to happen.

-Be 16+ up
-Be at least Semi-Literate


This little universe of a Roleplay is taking place sometime after the events of Sonic Unleashed, but before the Events of Sonic Colors. However, all canon characters are aged up, so they will no longer be teenagers.

Our current Arc/Act
Act 1
Whispers across the system

Mobius, a planet full of life and mystery has always been a sort of anomaly. A planet so diverse in species, and filled with mystical artifacts that can be found no where else in the galaxy. Long has the planet been left to it's own devices, many civilizations and factions rising and falling over time, but the ceaseless cogs of time may be changing the fate of this isolated planet.

While there has always been tales of Unidentified aircraft, strange sightings, and rumors of so called "Alien" interventions, they were mostly believed to be the talk of insane people who live in the wilds. However in recent times, these sightings have began to increase, as well as strange intercepted transmission in languages never heard before. It is almost as if the vast emptiness of space is beginning to cry out in a million different voices. Something is happening, and the Mobians time of Isolation form the galaxy, may be coming to an end very soon....

Current Factions in the world
-Freedom Fighters
-Eggman Empire
-The Peoples Hand
-The Shahesh Dominion

- Unaffiliated

We do hope to see you in our Server.