Welcome to The Naughty Corner
A place that welcomes people of all race, gender, and identities
Here at the The Naughty Corner, we have a wide selection of channels dedicated to sharing memes, chilling out in VC, and even sharing nudes and suggestive photos of yourself.There's even channels and VC's dedicated to hooking up and having a little bit of naughty fun.
We have a role assignment process that's as easy as the click of a button. With roles that help you, and everyone else find what they are looking for.
To gain access to these channels and opportunities, you'd have to submit yourself through an easy and simple verification process that in no way puts your identity at risk.
Of course, even without verification, you will still be able to enjoy the meat of the server, just not the NSFW side of it.

-LGBT, all identities are accepted.

-Those just looking to chill, play games, and generally just make friends

-Or those looking to hookup, date, phone sex, or even trade nudes