✦──────✦Welcome to Dank V⚫ID✦──────✦

We are a very friendly community that has a great staff team that helps out everyone whos in need and host daily giveaways and heist. Feel free to ask our staff anything if you have any questions that are reasonable at anytime

✦──────✦Dank V⚫ID✦──────✦

🐸│We are a Dank memer base server with

✪│Daily giveaways which includes (Daily pepe) (Daily dragon) (ETC)
✪│No level req giveaways
✪│Daily heist everyday (over 4M weekly)
✪│Robbing/Heisting Permanently disabled
✪│Fun events Coin bomb,Heists, etc
✪│Friendly staff and members
✪│Boost Perks (Rewards when boost)
✪│A list of multipliers (In Dank memer)
✪│Accept partners
✪│Looking for staff


We do recommend you to consider joining because we except everyone and would love to see you around. If you do join we hope you enjoy your stay and the server is up to your standard. We wish you a very happy day