《Hey Everyone welcome to Elfin Erp Workshop aka Idyllic Resort! We are a 18+ ERP server》

༓☾ NNN Challenge ☽༓
❄️ 「 SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EVENT: College Dorm Party 」 ❄️

On Santa's naughty list? Come join us in our special server event featuring a Christmas college social party. All are welcomed though you must have an approved character to partake in role-play of course. There you can meet many other ERPers and or people to just socialize with. The holiday spirit not appealing to you? We got you covered with the dozens resort related channels to satisfy all your sexual and romanticized fantasies. Why not give us a shot!

☆ Welcoming to ALL individuals with varying literacy’s! One liners to multi-paragraphs~ ☆
- Event Nights (ex. Karaoke, Rp events, Movie night)
- 100+ emotes
- Almost instant character approval
- LGBTQ community

✫・゚・。Come in and relax by the beach and at our new 5 star hotel! You can choose to be a resort guest or even a resort staff! We have countless positions you can be, from life guard or cafe maid, card dealer to personal butler. The list is endless! Join us and share with us your kinkiest fantasies in the form of a role play with other members. We have plenty of fun channels, bots, and a friendly team of moderators that were carefully selected, no more rude and useless mods that can’t solve any uprising conflicts and confusion during you stay!。・゚✫

Our Backstory:
It’s the year 2545, the clash between heaven and the underworld seemed to be never ending. All life on Earth had deteriorated from the centuries of conflict between the two dimensions. However, there was only one region that was inhabitable by both humans and mythical creatures. Many of them settled in the area after chaos broke loose, it was protected by a magical barrier created by the Queen of the Heavens who sacrificed herself to save the remaining lives left. As a result both man and monsters lived in harmony to commemorate the Queen, building a celestial palace which is used as a luxury spot by its inhabitants. Cat girls could work as maid at the hotel’s cafe or even spa employees to satisfy their weary guests. Vampires could become bartenders to serve their needy customer at our hotel bar. Of course you may also choose to be a hotel guest and enjoy the feeling of bliss, you could even pay to get a personal maid or butler to order around during your stay. The region contains a gorgeous beach with crystal blue water, a lighthouse for you explorers, and a pier for all you foodies and shoppers!

✫・゚・。So what are you waiting for? Come join us and satisfy your neediness or if your simply just bored and need friends to talk to!。・゚✫