It was the year 1985 and Superman made his debut. In the years to follow other heroes would debut and in 1990 the Justice League formed to defeat the alien Starro.

The League and other heroes (Titans, Robins, and so on) continued to rise up and protect our fair planet. Superheroes and villains started to have kids around this time and forge families.

In the year 2019 the supervillain the Joker gassed the Daily Planet; killing all inside but Clark Kent. In response Superman and a newer hero, Magog, began hunting the villain. When Magog found the clown he killed him. Superman was cast out of Metropolis for not doing what needed to be done.

Later that year Magog lead the Justice League into Kansas to fight against the Injustice Gang in Smallville. In the battle, Captain Atom was pierced causing a nuclear explosion all across the American heartland. All the superheroes and villains died in the explosion except Magog. Superman's anger knew no bounds and he fought, and almost killed Magog.

After the battle Superman was put in a sophisticated prison and left to rot.

A fight broke out between the two, after which Superman was arrested and Magog was killed. Now Clark's son Jon must reforge the Superman legacy with the next generation of Heroes.

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