The world of Kisa was born when to beings called Alpha and Omega were born, their infinite war brought about the world. When it was still young the titans came about the world, these titans where the foundation for the gods, in witch they where born from. One day on of the god accidently caused a meteor storm, however these meteors where actually dragon eggs. During the storm a man named Javier found an ancient temple deep within the jungle, with a single chest inside of it, upon opening it his body was stolen by a skull. The skull was the cursed skull of an ancient overlord named Zaris. Once Zaris took over Javier it took over the throne by killing the king, and everyone else who dared to oppose his rule. Over time Zaris's bodies changed so that his body never died yet no one knew the truth of why the king kept changing. The dragon where kept unchecked and they started to take over kingdoms and steal gold, that was until one day dragon slayers came around, and kept them in check. In the year 1243, a prophecy appear, that one day 3 heroes would appear and save the world from a world ending threat. However Zaris killed the one who created the prophecy however it's power was already out trying to find those who fit this prophecy.