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Welcome to The Lounge, a comfortable place for all whether you're a NSFW connoisseur, a full blown furry, a furry or not that's into erotic roleplay, or just someone who likes anthro NSFW! On top of that, The Lounge is also a simple hangout place in case you're not TOO into the porn channels, so we have something for everybody!

In The Lounge, we have:
- A nice, friendly hangout community with a gaming chat channel, art channel, and of course, memes!
- A simple but easy-to-understand category of NSFW, so you can easily post whatever sort of spicy lewds you find without much hassle!
- Some roleplay channels incase you want to hang out with your own characters in our setting, Tupper included!
- No worries about having your voice be lost, as our server is quite small so there's none of the hassle that comes with having 2000+ members!

We hope you'll come and Lounge out with us here! See you soon!