. 《《 Honey Bees》》 .

**We are a new and growing community of gamers, weebs, and much more.**

☆We hold a selection of giveaways and events.☆ ~ This includes art competitions, events in games, etc. Along with that, we have a variety of bots to play with and emotes that you can use to have just as much fun in our server as you would gaming.

°We are welcoming partnerships!° ~ If you want to partner your server and spread it's influence, we are always taking other servers into consideration for our partners, so don't be afraid to check out #🌸「partnership-info」🌸 and dm one of the owners.

•A laid-back admin team.• ~ We aren't very strict but will act upon our set punishments if the admin team deems a violation unacceptable.

♡We are always accepting new members and listening to your suggestions!♡ ~ Any ideas to improve the server will be considered and discussed.
. 《▪▪▪ Join us today! ▪▪▪》 .